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A Day In The Life Of A ComicMix Guy

People occasionally ask me: so how do you fill your days working for ComicMix? Here’s what I did yesterday…

After getting up around 10 AM (because I’d been working overnight on various programming changes for the web site) I went into New York City to have lunch with authors [[[Dave Smeds]]] (X-Men: Law Of The Jungle), [[[Aaron Rosenberg]]] (World Of Warcraft, Eureka), [[[David Alan Mack]]] (Farscape: Scorpius for Boom!, Star Trek: Vanguard) and ComicMix contributors Alexandra Honigsberg and Kim Kindya, among others.

Headed off to a post-lunch survey of comic book stores, where I discussed with the owners about DC’s digital plans, and the meeting that DC will be having on Friday between their executives and various comic book store owners. We expect there to be fireworks a bit early this summer.

At one of the comics stores, also caught up with [[[Michael Uslan]]] (executive producer of the Batman films and author of [[[Archie Marries…]]]) who revealed that he’s in town to speak at the United Nations on Friday with Jerry Robinson (Batman artist and creator of Robin and the Joker) to address political cartoonists from all over the world.

Then after a brief meeting with a possible investor, I hopped a subway to Citifield, where I sat in Joe Quesada-provided seats with Peter David and his family to watch the Mets battle the Oakland A’s. Joe was a gracious host, and Peter and I spent a lot of time discussing an upcoming project of his we’ll tell you more about later this week.

It was a looooong game– started an hour late due to rain, and went to 13 innings. (The Mets won on a bases-loaded hit-by-pitch with two outs.) Between innings, I also played chess with Marvel Senior VP of Publishing, Tom Brevoort. I think it’s mate in seven moves, but I’m not sure for which of us yet.

But after the Mets victory, as I headed towards the number 7 subway station, I saw one more comics tie-in– our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man was there, alternately serenading us with Take Me Out To The Ball Game and his own theme song.

Then back here, setting up a few more things for the site before I had to drive a friend to a 5 AM flight. And after I get back from the airport, the morning press releases will be coming in.

So how was your day?

ComicMix Quick Picks: 8/8/08

ComicMix Quick Picks: 8/8/08

The collection of posts that may not warrant a full entry of their own. Excelsio — er, onward and upward:

Billionaire financier Ronald O. Perelman has agreed pay $80 million to settle a lawsuit accusing him of helping to divert $553.5 million in notes when he controlled Marvel. I’ll do a better run-down of the financials after I have a chance to slog through them. Ironically, Perelman had always wanted to turn Marvel into an intellectual property powerhouse in the mold of Disney, but it only happened after he drove Marvel into bankruptcy and bolted.

And speaking of legal matters, Gordon vs. Gordon. It’s a shame when things go bad. I wonder what will happen at the custody hearings.

And speaking of Gotham City going-ons (what a segue!) somebody else has built a working Tumbler. No word on what else he keeps in his basement or his belfry.

Don Heck’s Lovecraft work to finally see the light of day. Ai! Ai! P’tagh i’dw ryall!

Tom Brevoort is attempting to take over DC Comics. Watch out, Paul…

And just because some of you might want to know how to give yourself pointed ears… well, here you are. We’re not responsible for any pon farr, though.

Weekend Window-Closing Wrap-Up

Weekend Window-Closing Wrap-Up

Once again, a bunch of things that haven’t quite generated a post of their own, but deserve some sort of mention…

And before I forget… hi, Mom!

Big Two Head Honchos Together

Big Two Head Honchos Together

Snapped this photo yesterday afternoon:

Some interesting faces there, including Tom Brevoort, Mike Carlin, Peter David, Ivan Cohen, Steve Wacker and… wait a second…

Why, it’s DC Comics President+Publisher Paul Levitz and Marvel’s EIC Joe Quesada, mere feet away from each other. And they say the recent meetings involving Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are historic! (Yes, DC’s EIC Dan DiDio was there as well, and wound up sitting in the row in front of Quesada, but you’ll have to take my word for that as I don’t have a photo.) What could bring all these comics luminaries together? We’ll have the full report later today.

Marvel’s fun with numbers

Marvel’s fun with numbers

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort mentioned he had a problem with the way certain parties referred to the Marvel Universe as "Earth 616" — a designation he mistakenly credited to Alan Moore.  He promptly followed up by passing along the actual origin of the appellation, courtesy of Alan Davis, who notes, "Although credited to Alan Moore, like much of the other Captain Britain folklore it was in place before he joined the book."

Interesting background reading for people who like behind-the-scenes stuff, and far easier for me to follow than Alan D’s analysis of who owns Miracleman