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The Point Radio: Jack Coleman And The World Of HEROES

As “HRG”,  Jack Coleman has been an important of the HEROES TV mythology from day one. Now, he talks about HEROES REBORN and what lies ahead for the NBC limited series. Plus Josh Gates is a curious guy and he makes that work for him in his show, EXPEDITION UNKNOWN. Did you know Robin Hood was real? Josh has proved it and much more!

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The Point Radio: How HEROES Was Reborn

Are you caught up in HEROES REBORN Yet?  Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg talk about the transition from the old show to the revival, plus meet two of the new cast members. And Jerry Springer is celebrating the 25th Anniversary on TV. How has he survived so long? You might surprised at how he answers that question,

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The Point Radio: DIG & THE RETURNED More Must See TV

Two more additions to your TV Must See list should be the USA multi-part event, DIG and the much anticipated remake of the acclaimed French thriller, THE RETURNED on A&E. We talk to the producers and cast of DIG about how they grew their story, then actor Mark Pellegrino explains why all it took was Carlton Cuse to get him onboard for THE RETURNED.

BATES MOTEL opens up for season three in a few days, and Main Mama, Vera Farmiga, tells us just how far the show will go this time – right here in just a few days.
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