Emily S. Whitten Interviews Jess Harnell

Wakko Warner

As I mentioned last week, I got to interview some fantastically talented folks while at Awesome Con DC 2015; and now I get to share the first of those interviews with you. I started off my weekend by talking with the wonderful, warm, and funny voice actor and singer Jess Harnell, who graciously took time out of his busy convention schedule to chat with me behind the scenes; and let me tell you, it was a treat!

If you’re not familiar with Jess…well, you probably only think you’re not familiar with Jess. Because if I mention, oh, say, Wakko Warner of Animaniacs, Captain Hero of Drawn Together, Ironhide of the Transformers movies, Chilly of Doc McStuffins, Grim of The 7D, the Sewer Urchin of The Tick, or one of the other 274 credits on Jess’s IMDB page, I’m pretty sure you’ll realize you’ve heard this man in all kinds of TV shows, movies, and video games. And if you somehow haven’t…you really should. He’s immensely talented, and a super nice guy to boot.

But why spend time here with me when you could be watching and listening to the man himself? If you want to see Jess do a few of his famous voices (and all four of The Beatles!), and learn more about his early days in show biz, how he got into voice acting, his cool convention and fan experiences, what it’s like being a voice actor in Hollywood, how he came up with the idea for his band Rock Sugar, and more, check out our video interview right here!

(And if you can’t watch video for some reason but would like the audio version, it’s here.)

And if you watch the video or listen to the interview and don’t come away knowing that Jess is super talented, and a really cool dude (seriously, I love this guy. Can you tell?) then I’ll eat…um…I’ll eat…um…Jess’s hair!

Well, okay, maybe not. That would truly be a feat of epic proportions. But I will be very surprised.

So go forth, be amazed by this awesome dude, and until next time, Servo Lectio!