Emily S. Whitten: Neil Gaiman’s Recipe for An Amazing Evening

Truth Is A Cave in the Black MountainsThis recipe was originally concocted in August 2010 for the Sydney Opera House’s “Graphic” Festival. On June 27 it was recreated at Carnegie Hall, to the great enjoyment of yours truly. It is a rare and delightful treat, which is only due to be served three more times at present. This connoisseur of unusual cuisine highly recommends that you go and experience the moveable feast in London or in Edinburgh if at all possible. And if not possible, well then, at the very least I can share with you what made this epicurean oddity so enjoyable.

The Truth Is A Cave in the Black Mountains, Original Recipe


Act One:

  • Begin with decadent caramel layer concocted of Doctor Who theme and several excellent original songs performed by FourPlay String Quartet
  • Follow with heady gingerbread slice of Gaiman reading his new, slightly creepy, illustrated version of Hansel & Gretel (out this October!)
  • Bake in thin layer of intermission made of chocolate marshmallow cookies (courtesy of Carnegie Hall’s Citi Cafe)

Act Two:

  • Delicately blend haunting strains of string quartet, complex concoction of elements in Gaiman’s illustrated Scottish folk novelette as it is read aloud, and edgy art of Campbell being projected above the stage at Carnegie Hall into rich textured layer of eerie action, regret, violence, love, and vengeance.


  • Top with delightfully dark chocolate mousse and evilly humorous fluffy whipped cream of Gaiman singing Leon Payne’s “Psycho” to the strains of the quartet’s strings in order to “leave the crowd in a cheerful mood,” before exiting to a standing ovation.

It truly was a unique and delicious evening. This food (and art) critic gives it five stars.