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The Point Radio: Jason Schwartzman Revives MOZART

We jump back into pop culture by wrapping up our visit with Janet Varney including her cut on what makes her JV CLUB Podcast so unique. They we talk with Jason Schwartzman about his newest project, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, streaming right now on Amazon Prime.

This week kicks off our 8th year – and we are back to our twice-a-week schedule in a few days. We start by talking AGENT CARTER with Hayley Atwell and a visit to the set of THE LIBRARIANS!

The Point Radio: Janet Varney – So Much More Than KORRA

To a legion of LEGEND OF KORRA fans, Janet Varney IS Korra, but there’s so much more to this phenomenally talented lady. Her success checklist contains the legendary SF Sketchfest, YOU’RE THE WORST and of course her weekly JV CLUB podcast. We jump into it all in the first part of our interview. Then, take a good look at your friends or family and see if they have quirks which may result in MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDITION. Host, and addition specialist, Dr. Mike Dow, talks about what we will see on the Investigation Discovery series.

Next week marks our 7th anniversary and we’ll be back right here midweek to celebrate with you!

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