Tweeks Scratch 9 Volume 1 & 2 Review

We love cat videos, superheroes, and comics, so when we met Rob Worley at Long Beach Comic Expo and he introduced us to his Eisner Award-Nominated adventures of a cat named Scratch how could we not pick up both Volumes 1 & 2?

So, Scratch is a cat who hates baths, but loves his human, Penelope. He’s your basic ordinary house kitty until he’s kidnapped by a mad scientist (whose name you’ll see Anya has problems pronouncing) and ends up with the ability to team up with any of his nine previous lives when he gets caught in sticky situations.

In Volume 1, The Pet Project & Cat Tails, you get to meet Scratch and his friends, but in Volume 2, Cat of Nine Worlds, things get crazy when a new cat, time travel and 9 magic stones that when brought together give ultimate power are brought into the picture.

This is a great series for kids (Anya says ages 4 – 12, while Maddy thinks this is all-ages fun — especially for cat lovers). Watch our video review for the deets!