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Terror At The San Diego Comic Con

Just about everybody over the age of 12 who had gone to
the fabled San Diego Comic Con over the past several years has perceived the unbelievably massive overcrowding as an accident just waiting to happen. Well, this year it finally happened.

As reported here and elsewhere, last Saturday a
confrontation between two attendees ended with one being stabbed in the eye. It seems the perpetrator took exception to the guy sitting in on a panel just so he could get a seat at the next panel. Quite frankly, that’s a common occurrence at the San Diego show.

The attacker was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. That deadly weapon was a pen, but, according to the police, the
pen was used in a deadly manner. Barring additional, heretofore unrevealed
information – like, the victim was wielding a Klingon Daqtagh – this seems like a reasonable charge. I’m sure it’ll be plea-bargained down to something like community service at a Soylent Green plant.

There’s only so much security you can provide when you squeeze an eighth of a million people, most wearing gynormous backpacks, into a confined space that restricts movement. If you’re not willing to be in line for the better panels hours and hours early, you will not get in. And there are
dozens and dozens of those; trust me, I’ve been on more than a few. Last couple years those of us who participate in panels have been hustled into “green rooms” afterwards in order to escape the crowds.

If it’s panels you’re looking for, in San Diego you’ll be lucky to attend two a day while spending the rest of your time standing in line.

Those lines exacerbate the difficulty of getting around.
This isn’t restricted to the panel rooms: signings and appearances in the main
room (p.k.a. “the dealer’s room”) or in Artists’ Alley promotes exceptionally
dangerous crowd conditions.

Doesn’t San Diego have a fire marshal’s office? If so, what the hell are they smoking? They couldn’t get away with this in most other cities; I’m reminded of the first two New York shows put on by Reed Exhibitions that were corralled by New York’s bravest.

It’s a no-win situation; the San Diego Comic Con has outgrown its facilities, and it may have outgrown manageable reality. Lucky for us comics fans, it’s been years since the San Diego show has really been about comic books anyway.

Kubert Batman and Hawkman art for Comix4Sight auction at Chicago Comicon

Kubert Batman and Hawkman art for Comix4Sight auction at Chicago Comicon

Now that San Diego is over, we can look ahead ten days or so to the next convention.

At the 2009 Chicago Comicon, Comix4Sight has joined forced with Wizard Entertainment to hold a charity auction the evening of Saturday, August 8th.  The goal is to raise sufficient funds to help cover the costs of John Ostrander’s
treatments in his battle against glaucoma, and it is John’s expressed wish that should we raise funds
above his needs, that excess money is to be donated to The Hero Initiative to help them continue their great works aiding comic creators in their times of need.

Artwork has begun to come in for the auction, and we’ll be showing you stuff prior to the auction. We start off with this piece by Andy and Joe Kubert.

Win a free ‘Coraline’ DVD!

The nice folks releasing the Coraline DVD today (based on the award winning book by Neil Gaiman, doncha know) have given us a free copy of the DVD to give to a ComicMix reader.

As we’re too dang busy between now and San Diego to grade essays on “why I should get the free DVD of Coraline“, we’ll just make it simple: Comment in this thread, using a real email address when you log in (because that’s how we’ll contact you if you win). Contest open only to people living in the United States. Don’t forget to check out the film’s current site.

In the meantime, here’s a little clip from the DVD extras…

Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hollywood pushes south for San Diego

Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hollywood pushes south for San Diego

A semi-deep thought re: San Diego: I can’t be the first person to make this observation, but if they keep spending more and more time promoting movies and TV shows, regardless of whether they have anything to do with comics or not, we’re going to have to start calling it the San Diego Comic Cannes.

Lord knows it’s how everybody else seems to be treating it, including this week’s Entertainment Weekly. The coverage is promoting it like the major film festival it is, only without all of those French people.

We’re even going to have our own geek version of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Sure, Angelina has Lara Croft and might be there pitching Salt, and Brad Pitt has Inglorious Basterds coming out next month, but they’re nothing compared to the new power couple of Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool and Green Lantern) and Scarlett Johansson (as the deadly Black Widow, which is a cue to run that picture.)

‘Doctor Who’ movie with David Tennant coming?

‘Doctor Who’ movie with David Tennant coming?

That’s the latest rumor kicking around everywhere across the web– that there might be a new Doctor Who movie that, if the rumors are correct, would star David Tennant as the Doctor and that the movie will be officially announced later this month at Comic-Con in San Diego, like everything else in the world.

The rumors also have former Doctor Who writer/executive producer Russell T. Davies involved in the project, and both he and David Tennant are rumored to be showing up at San Diego… are they showing up for a victory lap, or is there something bigger going on? Hmm… IDW is doing the Doctor Who comic, maybe they know something.

Of course you realize this means (holy) war…

Of course you realize this means (holy) war…

Apparently, some folks in San Diego are upset:

Looney Tunes Last Supper Parody Draws Complaints | Animation Magazine

A parody of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper that features Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang on display at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego has drawn a consistent stream of complaints.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports the painting titled The Gathering, created by Dallas artists Glen Tamowski and put on display a couple weeks ago, has drawn a number of angry telephone calls and unfriendly notes demanding the painting be removed.

I should consider myself lucky. My last supper in San Diego, there were a bunch of us, and somebody took a photo of me in the center of a long table, surrounded by twelve guys, and if you’ve seen what I look like with long hair…

Anyway, have more Easter stuff. And remember… keep smiling…!

Comic Con Founder Seriously Ill

Comic Con Founder Seriously Ill

Shel Dorf, once the letterer of Steve Canyon, and a founder of the San Diego Comic Convention, has been hospitalized since April and word is that he now needs permanent long-term care.

An e-mail from his friend Charlie Roberts has been circulating and is partially reprinted below:

“Wanted to let you know that Shel has been at Sharp Hospital in Kearny Mesa since April……yes, April (!)

“David Siegel called us Wednesday night about this, and my wife Joan and I went down to Shel’s home in Ocean Beach near San Diego on Thanksgiving where his brother Mike is moving everything out. I’ve known Mike since the 1980s, though it’s been some 20 years since I’ve seen him.

“Today Joan and I went with David Siegel to see Shel. He’s lost some weight and is fragile, but we had a brief and friendly visit with him. He’s extremely hard of hearing, and is apparently on pain medication but at least we were able to see him and he was glad to see us. The head nurse told us Shel will never be well enough to go home again, but otherwise he’s stable.

“Mike plans to eventually move Shel closer to a critical care hospital near Mike’s apartment in L.A. The visit to Shel’s was pretty emotional, as the first job I ever had in San Diego was helping Shel with his lettering on Steve Canyon, while Joan transcribed some of his interviews. We lived right around the corner from Shel from August 1983 to August 1987. I also made several trips to LA with Shel as unofficial photographer while he did his interviews, and got to meet some amazing people.

Those who’ve read his interviews or benefited from his early work in launching the San Diego Comic-Con off the ground might want to send him a card expressing best wishes at:

Sharp Hospital
7901 Frost Street
San Diego, CA 92123

Dorf has written about the people he’s met and experiences he’s had at Comic Artville Library.

EZ Street trailer from San Diego

EZ Street trailer from San Diego

A lot of folks asked about the trailer we were showing at the booth at San Diego for EZ Street, so we’re posting it for everyone who couldn’t make it this year– or who couldn’t hear it over the crowds.

This is also a good place to remind people that EZ Street is nominated for the Harvey Awards this year, and that the deadline is this Friday. So if you’re a comics pro who’s eligible to vote and hasn’t yet, we’d like to remind you to vote and to keep EZ Street in mind when filling out your ballot.

Foto News

Foto News

Who got special treatment at the San Diego?

These reserved seats went unused at an otherwise packed panel where last arrivals uncomplainingly sat on the floor. (Photographed after the panel broke up.)






The Truth About San Diego

The Truth About San Diego

Dirk Deppy’s ¡Journalista! opens today with the following quote:

“We’ve put up the superheroes and now we’re on to the people with actual talent.”

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, looking forward to American Idol.

Mr. Sanders is an asshole.

While in San Diego last week, ComicMix podcast producer Mike Raub and I did a quick estimate on the minimum amount of cash the San Diego Comic-Con pumped into the local economy. With 140,000 in attendance, most of whom staying in hotels, using taxis and public transportation, going to parties, using convention facilities, doing a bit of shopping, paying local and state taxes and dining at local restaurants during the four day show, we estimate comics fans spent a minimum of an eighth of a billion dollars in Mr. Sanders’ town – and most likely more than twice that.

What did we get for our money, outside of the Comic-Con itself? Hotel service that was indifferent at best (hotels were sold out; some folks had to commute in from damn near the Mexican border), and lousy restaurant food with incredibly rotten service. I go to over a half-dozen conventions each year, and never was I treated worse than I was in San Diego last week. Mr. Sanders’ city simply sucks.

Then again, if Sanders thinks American Idol candidates have "actual talent," his head’s so far up his ass he probably thinks the food at the Blarney Stone smells good.