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Airship 27 Productions‘ Ron Fortier shared the back cover for the New Pulp Publisher’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes anthology series, Consulting Detective. The new volume four is scheduled to premiere in late January 2013. Design courtesy of Rob Davis.

Also, Fortier will join other Holmes writers and fans on episode 145 of the Earth Station One podcast, coming later this week.


Calling Secret Agent X!

Cover: Will Meugniot

Airship 27 Productions publisher, Ron Fortier shared a sneak peek (above) at a page from the New Pulp Publisher’s upcoming second volume of All-Star Pulp Comics in his weekly Flight Log at www.airship27.com.

All Pulp will post more news about All-Star Pulp Comics #2 when it becomes available.

Artist Will Meugniot provides the cover (at left) to All-Star Pulp Comics #2 featuring Ki-Gor’s lady love, Helene teaming up with Derrick Ferguson’s pulp adventurer, Dillon.


Art: Rob Davis

New Pulp Publisher, Airship 27 Productions‘ Chief, Ron Fortier announced a new anthology starring one of pulp’s popular characters, The Phantom Detective.

“One of those projects now in the works will be our very first PHANTOM DETECTIVE anthology,” Fortier explained on his website in his weekly Flight Log Blog where he shared Rob Davis’ sketch sketch of the character (also pictured above). “If the name sounds familiar,” Fortier continued, “it is because he truly was one of the more popular classic pulp heroes with his own monthly magazine. The thing about him that most people recall is how they would portray him on the covers in a silk top hat and tuxedo. Pretty silly when one thinks about it and the truth is he never ever appeared in that ridiculous outfit in the actual stories in the mag. Rather he wore top coat and fedora with a domino mask just as Rob has drawn him here. We are excited about doing this fan favorite and have assembled what we consider the cream-of-the-crop amongst today’s New Pulp writers to bring you his new adventures.”

The New Pulp Authors Fortier mentioned includes Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Tommy Hancock, and Gary Lovisi. Airship 27’s lead artist and designer, Rob Davis will handle the illustrations.


New Pulp Publisher, Airship 27 Productions has unveiled their new website, the Airship 27 Hangar.



After months of hard work, Rob Davis, the Art Director has finished work on the new official Airship 27 Productions website. Titled the Airship 27 Hangar, the site features two all important links.

The first brings visitors to the PDF store where all Airship 27 pulp titles are available for $3 dollars as PDF downloads for their PCs or various e-readers.

The second brings readers to the Airship 27 Print-On-Demand shop at Indy Planet. Indy Planet is a division of Ka-Blam, one of the leading print-on-demand operations in the publishing world today.

“Now our fans can find all books with one click of their mouse button,” Airship 27 Managing Editor-in-Chief Ron Fortier announced. “These new internet shops have allowed us to drop the prices of our product while maintaining the high standard of quality our readers have come to expect from Airship 27 Productions. These steps insure our continued growth with dozens of great new titles now in the planning stages.”

“Expect our first title of 2012 to be released within the next week,” Fortier continued. “Both Rob and me are very, very excited about the future of Airship 27 Productions.”




Airship 27 Productions proudly announces the release of their 16th and final title of the year; PROHIBITION by Terrence McCauley. 

The year is 1930 and New York is a city on the edge. The Roaring ’20s ended with the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression is only beginning. Banks are failing. Companies are closing their doors. Breadlines grow longer by the day. The only market making money is the black market: racketeering, rum running, and speakeasies.  But when even those vices begin to weaken, the most powerful gangster on the Eastern Seaboard, Archie Doyle, sees the writing on the wall. He launches a bold scheme that, if successful, will secure his empire’s future beyond Prohibition. Beyond even the Great Depression. 
But when a mysterious rival attempts to kill Doyle’s right hand man, a dangerous turf war begins to brew. With his empire under attack, Doyle turns to his best gun, former boxer Terry Quinn, for answers. Quinn must use his brains as well as his brawn to uncover who is behind the violence and why before Doyle’s empire comes crashing down. 
New York based writer Terrence McCauley whips up a fast paced pulp thriller ripe with Tommy-gun blasting hoods, corrupt cops and deadly dames in this original novel reminiscent of the classic gangster movies of old.  “This is pure, unadulterated gangster pulp,” cheers Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “When I first read it, I immediately found myself thinking of all those great black and white Warner Brother film classics starring Edward G.Robinson, James Cagney, Humprhey Bogart and George Raft. McCauley captures the feel and atmosphere of those rambunctious outlaw days when the mobs were battling each other for control of the Big Apple.”
Beautifully illustrated by Rob Moran who also provides the cover as colored by Shannon Hall with designs by Rob Davis, PROHIBITION is a tough-guy blow to the literary gut readers will not soon forget.
AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction for a New Generation!

Now available at Create Space – (https://www.createspace.com/4098079)
Within a week it will be on-sale at Amazon proper and in two weeks at (www.IndyPlanet.com)


Art: Neil T. Foster

Art: Robert Brown

Airship 27 Productions has shared a sneak peek at an interior illustration from their upcoming Dan Fowler G-Man pulp anthology.

From the Airship 27 Facebook page:
Super artist Neil T.Foster is busy at work doing spot illustrations for our second DAN FOWLER G-MAN book due out early next year. Here’s a sneak peek at one of his illos.

Airship 27’s Dan Fowler G-Man Volume 1 is also available here and here.

Look for more news on this new project at All Pulp as it becomes available.



Airship 27 Productions, and Dynamic Ram Audio are very, very happy to announce the release of the fourth Brother Bones audio pulp adventure as read by Mark Kalita with production by Sound Engineer Chris Barnes.

Following the successful previous three tales from Airship 27 Productions’ book BROTHER BONES – THE UNDEAD AVENGER, his fourth entry is titled “See Spot Kill,” and has a gruesome zombie dog prowling the streets of Port Noir.

“Voice actor Mark Kalita totally puts his Master Storyteller hat on this time,” Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier praised. “This is one of those tales that lends itself to a dark rainy night with folks gathered around the family radio to share the chills.”

“Dynamic Ram Audio’s Sound Engineer, Chris Barnes, loaded the forty minute recording with lots more sound effects this time around,” added Fortier. These elements add so much creepiness to the entire listening experience, I know our fans are going to love this.”

Airship 27 Production is selling each of the original stories individually for $2 each as mp3 downloads from their website. After all seven have been produced and released individually, the entire book audio package will go on sale for $9.99, a $4 savings.

Art Director Rob Davis has provided cover images from the illustrations he drew for each story. SEE SPOT KILL is an audio pulp written by Ron Fortier and read by Mark Kalita is now on sale and is the perfect “treat” for this Halloween season.

A brand new edition of the book is available on Create Space, Amazon, Indy Planet and Kindle.

BROTHER BONES – Audio Tales #4 The Scales of Terror is now available for download here.

Airship 27 Productions – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

Other Brother Bones adventures still available from Airship 27 and Dynamic Ram Audio:


Cover Art: Mark Maddox

Press Release:


Airship 27 Productions & Dynamic Ram Audio are thrilled to announced the release of the first ever Captain Hazzard adventure, “Python Men of the Lost City,” as an audio book recorded by actor Joe Stofko.

In 2006 six, writer Ron Fortier realized a personal dream when he re-wrote the original pulp classic known amongst fans because it only produced one issue.  Although released under the house name of Chester Hawks, it is believed that pulp veteran Paul Chadwick was the true author of this Doc Savage want-to-be.

“Finding a facsimile reprint copy years go,” explains Fortier, “I was instantly enamored with the characters, especially Hazzard.  I could also see why the book failed.  Chadwick, better known for his Secret Agent X exploits, wasn’t at all comfortable with high adventure and the book is filled with plot holes galore.”  Fortier sat down, re-wrote the entire book and republished it via Ron Hanna’s Wild Cat Books.  It became an instant hit amongst the pulp community.  “I would challenge pulp fans to read the original and then my re-write,” Fortier chuckles.  “The response I received from those who did this was overwhelmingly positive.  Enough so that I started writing new Captain Hazzard novels.”

Later, Fortier and his partner, Art Director Rob Davis, parted ways with Wild Cat Books to start their own publishing imprint, Airship 27 Productions and quickly produced new editions of the book.  Earlier this year, Airship 27 joined forces with Dynamic Ram Audio headed by Sound Engineer Chris Barnes.  One of the titles chosen to bring to audio life was of course, “Catpain Hazzard – Python Men of the Lost City.”  The audio files run approximately four and a half hours.  There are plans to do CD versions in the coming months and make them available at various cons.

Fortier had high praise for Joe Stofko’s reading.  “Joe’s a professional actor and does a lot of theater.  His reading is full of passion and drama with a hint of the fun. That’s what I loved the most while listening to the tapes.  Joe brings the story to life with his reading and adds a completely different dimension to the experience.  No one could have done a better job with this.”

Now available at the Airship 27 Hangar Catalog site for $9.99! Direct link to the entry.
Print and Kindle Editions are available here.


Cover Art: Laura Givens

Airship 27 releases it’s 15th title of the year.

Press Release:


Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of its 15th title of the year, a rousing new space opera; THREE AGAINST THE STARS by Chicago based writer Joe Bonadonna. Best known for his sword and sorcery fantasies, Bonadonna now steps into a whole new arena to deliver a truly fast paced futurist pulp adventure.

On the distant alien planet of Rhajnara a conspiracy created by the facist Khandra Regime is set into motion to overthrow the rightful Rhajni Republic and instigate a policy of ethnic-cleansing. The conspirators are cunning and it seems nothing in the universe can derail their mad apocalyptic scheme.

Nothing that is but three rambunctious Space Marines from the Third Regiment Company E of the United States Space Marines assigned to Rhajnara with the Terran Expeditionary Force. Sergeants Fernado Cortez, Seamus O’Hara and Claudia Akira are the most unlikely trio ever to don jarhead camouflage and become military heroes. To their superiors they are wild, reckless and incessant troublemakers always in the thick of things. Yet their courage, loyalty and devotion to duty prove them to be the toughest Devil Dogs in the Corp.

Now, with the aid of a Medical Corpsman named Makki Doon, a young Felisian native proto-feline humanoid, these three futuristic musketeers are about to become the one factor capable of exposing the traitorous Khandra coup. But to do so they will have to put their lives on the line one more time and risk all to save the day facing off against incredible odds. To save an empire they will truly become…THREE AGAINST THE STARS.

“This is old school space opera,” cheered Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “From Buck Rogers to the Space Patrol, the classic elements in this book make for a fun read from start to finish.” The book features interior illustrations by the popular Pedro Cruz with a dynamic cover by Laura Givens and is designed by Art Director, Rob Davis. “In the end, Joe Bonadonna delivers an action packed space opera fans of Edmond Hamilton and E.E. “Doc” Smith will not soon forget.”

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

Available now at Create Space – (https://www.createspace.com/4072461)

As a digital PDF download here –

In another week at Amazon & Kindle.
In two weeks from (www.IndyPlanet.com)