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Tweeks: Maddy’s Spoiler-free Review of Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard

This week we review Rick Riordan’s latest book, Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard.

Wait, who are we kidding…this is Maddy and this is my review. Anya hasn’t even finished the first Percy Jackson book yet (but if you would like to talk about BuzzFeed & Scream Queens, she’s your girl).

The first book in the Magnus Chase series has Mr. Riordan taking on Norse Mythology as we follow a 16 year old homeless Boston boy on an adventure after finding out his dad is the god Frey. This is a spoiler-free review, so instead of spilling the plot details, I compare this Loki to Tom Hiddleston’s version in the MCU and I tell you about what this Thor likes to binge watch.

Tweeks: Rick Riordan’s ‘Blood of Olympus’ Costume Ideas & Review

hunters_of_artemis_by_taratjah-d6bsr1zAs we approach Halloween, The Tweeks have a feeling some of you still haven’t planned out your costume.   Never fear!  This week we offer up a variety of easy, quick, simple Percy Jackson themed costumes you can probably find in your closet!  We also model our Hunters of Artemis costumes, explain Amazons, and Maddy reviews Rick Riordan’s [[[Blood of Olympus]]], the last book in the [[[Heroes of Olympus]]] series.

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