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Panel Fest Episode 19: Pulpfest 2013 William Patrick Maynard


New Pulp Author William Patrick Maynard reads from his latest Fu Manchu novel, from The Triumph of Fu Manchu at the 2013 PulpFest convention. The panel was recorded by The Book Cave’s Art Sippo.

Listen to Panel Fest Episode 19: PulpFest 2013 William Patrick Maynard here.

From PulpFest website:
Bill Maynard Presents Fu Manchu
They were called scribes, word slingers, hacks, and penny-a-worders. But perhaps the most favored term, especially among the men and women who

labored for the bloody pulps, was fictioneer or, more specifically, a fiction writer, particularly a prolific creator of commercial or pulp fiction. Join PulpFest as we celebrate today’s fictioneers—the authors writing the new pulp fiction—the New Fictioneers!

Our special guest, William Patrick Maynard, will get things rolling on Friday, July 26th. Authorized by the estate of Sax Rohmer to continue the Fu Manchu series, Maynard’s debut novel, The Terror of Fu Manchu, was published in 2009 by Black Coat Press. A sequel, The Destiny of Fu Manchu, followed in 2012. Bill will be reading from The Triumph of Fu Manchu, his forthcoming novel concerning Rohmer’s fabulous devil doctor.

Listen to Panel Fest Episode 19: PulpFest 2013 William Patrick Maynard here.

Altus Invites You to Kneel at the Altar of Sangroo

Pulp Publisher Altus Press has released The Collected Tales of Sangroo the Sun-God by J. Irving Crump. This collection is now available in paperback and hardcover or from Mike Chomko Books.

About The Collected Tales of Sangroo the Sun-God:
The Lost Series Returns to Print! Appearing for only two stories in Clatyon Publication’s ultra-rare Jungle Stories and written by J. Irving Crump (writter of the Og series), Sangroo was among the most interesting of the Tarzan clones.

Never before reprinted, these stories have now returned to print after 80 years.

218 pages, approx. 6″x9″

Printed Books:
Order the paperback from Amazon: $14.95
Order the limited edition hardcover: $29.95 (only 100 made)

Also available here.

The Book Cave Upgrades to Pulp 2.0

New Pulp Publisher Bill Cunningham stops by The Book Cave to chat with host Ric Croxton about all the great projects he has coming out from his company, Pulp 2.0 Press.
COMING SOON: AGENT 13  – see pics on Pulp 2.0’s Facebook page
You can pre-order vol. 1 of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN collection here.

Listen to The Book Cave Episode 240: Bill Cunningham here.

It was a Dark and Shadowy Night.

Cover Art: Alex Ross (L) and John Cassiday (R)
Art: Howard Chaykin

The Shadow Fan returns for Episode 41! This week, Barry Reese talks about Howard Chaykin’s return to the character, responds to some listener feedback, and then dives into the first issue of The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights # 1. It’s another action-packed episode devoted to the greatest crimefighter of the pulp era!

If you love The Shadow, this is the podcast for you!

Listen to The Shadow Fan Podcast Episode 41 now at

Airship 27 Opens a New Hangar

Designed to be a one-stop location for all the news about Airship 27 Productions, one of the leading publishers in the New Pulp Movement, the publisher announced their new Airship 27 Blog.

Says Ron Fortier of the new site, “Not only will you learn what new titles are coming but, but this site will also feature exclusives interviews with many of the talented Airship 27 writers and artists who help make out books the leading quality books they are.  Me, I’m managing editor Ron Fortier and I hope you’ll sign on to our blog ranks and become an Official Loyal Airmen.  Believe when I say the best is yet to come.   UP SHIP!!”

You can visit Airship 27’s new blog here.

Altus Tells Dr. Thaddeus C. Harker’s Complete Tales

Altus Press has announced that Dr. Thaddeus C. Harker: The Complete Tales is now available in softcover, limited edition hardcover, and ebook.

Press Release:

Dr. Thaddeus C. Harker: The Complete Tales
by Edwin Truett Long
introduction by Tom Johnson

Written by Edwin Truett Long, Doc Harker was one of the last of the Munsey heroes who were introduced to battle the oncoming wave of the comic book industry. Dressed in a Prince Albert coat and looking like a Kentucky gentleman, Harker and his crew travel the country selling their cure-all Chickasha Remedies… and encounter crime at every stop. This edition collects the entire series: “Crime Nest,” “Woe to the Vanquished” and “South of the Border,” all from 1940 and complete, remastered, with all the original illustrations. And it’s rounded out by an introduction by pulp historian Tom Johnson which reveals many facts about this previously-unidentified pulp author, along with an exhaustive Edwin Truett Long bibliography.

350 pages, approx. 6″x9″

Printed Books:
Order the paperback from Amazon: $29.95
Order the limited edition hardcover: $39.95 (only 100 made)

Order the e-book from Barnes & Noble (for the Nook reader): $4.99
Order the e-book from Amazon (for the Kindle reader): $4.99

Learn more about Dr. Thaddeus C. Harker: The Complete Tales here.

Mark Ellis Unleashes Sex, Blackmail and Murder

New Pulp author Mark Ellis has released a sneak peek of his new upcoming book called Rag Baby, now available at Amazon.


Bonaparte “Bone” Mizell, formerly of the DEA, has a problem on his hands: Dale Bristline, his 400 lb. client with a beautiful ex-stripper wife needs help dealing with a blackmailer — Brandy’s first husband has returned from the dead and is making outrageous demands…and she mustn’t be told about it.

When drug-dealer turned sex club owner Bristline needs some help dealing with the blackmailer, cash-strapped Bone accepts the case…and he quickly learns that behind the sunshine and laid-back lifestyle is a dangerous jungle, where sex is big business and jealousy can lead to murder. Bone deals with bikers turned bodyguards, scorned strippers and a lovely Latina sheriff, all out to get him – in one way or another.

As a DEA agent, Bone was used to hitting all the wrong places at just the wrong time. Now a cast of bizarre characters and a storm of violence traps him in a mystery that will take all of his resourcefulness to solve – and survive!

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