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Big Finish Offers ‘Doctor Who’ Subscription Deal

Big Finish Offers ‘Doctor Who’ Subscription Deal

Big Finish, the United Kingdom’s audio drama producer, announced that the weekly dramas built around the Eighth Doctor and Lucie adventures are now available for pre-order.

This third series stars Paul McGann as the Doctor with Sheridan Smith as his companion Lucie Miller. It boasts a guest cast including Nigel Planer, Andrew Sachs, Miriam Margolyes, Colin Salmon, Samantha Bond, Stephen Moore, Phill Jupitus and dozens of other big names. The series also features the return of the Wirrn, the Krynoids and those eight-legged freaks from Metebelis 3.

The full series of eight two-part adventures are being offered now and for those who buy them online will automatically receive them as downloads as well.

The downloads begin on Saturday March 7 with Orbis: Part One, followed the next Saturday by Orbis: Part Two. Each two-part story is priced at £10.99 but you can get all eight adventures for just £60 if you subscribe to the whole season.

Subscribers will be given a personal RSS feed that will notify them when downloads are available.

Tennant to be Time Lord on Screens Both Big and Small?

Tennant to be Time Lord on Screens Both Big and Small?

The Sun in the UK is reporting today that David Tennant’s negotiations to return for a fifth season as Doctor Who may include a guarantee that he star in the much-rumored feature film. The contract being dangled before the 37-year old actor is reported to be worth £1.5 million.

An unnamed source told the tabloid, “For ages, BBC Worldwide held the rights and were planning to make a movie, but it got held up and former BBC1 boss Lorraine Heggessey decided to bring back the TV series in 2005.

“But everyone is keen now and the fans are clamoring. Part of David’s conundrum is that he wants to do films, so this looks like it would solve both issues.”

Peter Cushing in 1965 and Paul McGann in 1996 both starred as the Doctor in previous film versions. Tennant is already committed to four specials and a Christmas story for airing in 2009.