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The 2008 Razzies: ‘Love Guru’, Paris Hilton and Uwe Boll big… winners?

The 2008 Razzies: ‘Love Guru’, Paris Hilton and Uwe Boll big… winners?

Yep, while everyone else is obsessing over the naked men tonight– Oscar, not Hugh Jackman– let us not forget the awards handed out last night, the 29th annual Golden Raspberry awards. Here’s the press release:

At least someone loved THE LOVE GURU. Voters for The 29th Annual RAZZIE Awards spread the dis-honors around this year, but gave several of their berry biggest trophies to one of 2008’s most notorious box office losers, Mike Myers’ misbegotten, far-from-mystical “comedy” THE LOVE GURU. In addition to being named the year’s Worst Picture, GURU also received spray-painted gold for its screenplay and Myers as Worst Actor, in intentionally tacky ceremonies held on “Oscar Eve” at the Barnsdall Theatre in Hollywood.

But the former SNL star wasn’t the year’s biggest RAZZIE winner/loser. That dis-stink-tion belongs to “sex-tape-celeb-utant” Paris Hilton, who tied Eddie Murphy’s hat-trick from 2007, taking a record-tying 3 trophies in a single year. For her “starring” performance in Worst Picture nominee THE HOTTIE & THE NOTTIE (which Hilton herself executive-produced) the air-headed heiress was gonged for both Worst Actress and as part of the year’s Worst Screen Couple (along with co-stars Christine Lakin and Joel David Moore). And for her mostly-left-on-the-cutting-room floor cameo in the “slasher musical” REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA, she was chosen Worst Supporting Actress.

Others roundly RAZZed in the 90-minute Oscar parody included Pierce Brosnan as Worst Supporting Actor for his tone-deaf turn in MAMMA MIA! The year’s third-biggest grossing (and most disappointing) movie INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL “won” as Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel and world-class worst movie-maker Uwe Boll took both the 2008 Worst Director RAZZIE® (for 3 titles) and a well-deserved special Worst Career Achievement dis-honor.

For a complete list of this year’s “winners” click here. And congrats, it was a tough field this year.

Paris Hilton and Stan Lee Creating Comic Spoof

MTV’s new Splash Page comics blog has some bizarre news about a partnership between Stan Lee and Paris Hilton. Let that sink in for a second or two.

Apparently the oddest dynamic duo are working together on an animated superhero spoof show for MTV. Details:

“We’re developing that right now and just going over scripts and drawing my character,” Hilton told us. “I fight crime.”

The infamous party girl will soon be seen in the upcoming twisted musical “Repo! The Genetic Opera” where she lampoons beauty-obsessed celebritities as a plastic surgery-addicted brat, and Hilton proclaimed her next target will be the capes-and-cowls crowd.

“It’s not like your typical superhero,” she promised of her Lee-created character. “It’s me basically as a superhero, so kind of using makeup and compacts as weapons. It’s kind of like a spoof on a superhero.”

SDCC: Geek Chic Jumps the Shark?

SDCC: Geek Chic Jumps the Shark?

There are no shortage of reminders of the lack of attention span in today’s culture, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there’s already some murmurings that "geek chick" has "jumped the shark." At the very least, those are two phrases that are well beyond cliché.

The Hollywood Reporter gives some thought to the sentiment that this year’s massive Comic-Con marks the moment the tide shifts away from all things nerdy, with the ominous mention that — gasp! — Paris Hilton is doing San Diego. (No, not the whole city.)

There is talk that despite the high numbers of conventiongoers, or maybe in spite of them, Comic-Con as a measure of geek cool may have reached a tipping point.

Critics are pointing to the scheduled appearances by tabloid mainstays Paris Hilton, who will join Thursday night’s panel for Lionsgate’s "Repo! The Genetic Opera" as well as host a party, and fellow party girl Kim Kardashian, who is supposed to hit DC Comics’ party Friday night before appearing at a "Disaster Movie" panel Saturday. When Comic-Con becomes fodder for the Us Weekly crowd, has the event nuked the fridge? Folks wonder.

"This may be the 2012 of Comic-Cons," said one comic writer-turned-screenwriter, referring to the year on the Mayan calendar that signals the end of the world.


Seriously, one "writer-turned-screenwriter" (whatever the hell that means) made an off the cuff remark and now the comic book renaissance is ending?

On This Day: National Nightmares Paris HIlton and Britney Spears

On This Day: National Nightmares Paris HIlton and Britney Spears

The stars collided, conspired or what have you on this date, for it can be no coincidence that it is both the birthday of hotel heiress Paris Hilton and the anniversary of the beginning of the end for pop-star Britney Spears. Yes, today in 1981, Paris was born. Who knew that little bundle of joy would grow up to be an amateur porn star, a failed pop singer and a national (hell, global) punch line?

But today, one year ago, was also when Britney Spears, following a one-day stay at rehab, shaved her own head. Hey, that adolescent rebellion stage had to kick in at some point, even if it was latent. Readers, beware the ides of February (ok, two days after the ides), lest your babes grow up to be paparazzi fodder.

Stan Lee and… Paris Hilton?

Stan Lee and… Paris Hilton?

From Film School Rejects : Stan Lee told NY Post columnist Cindy Adams he’s planning to make an animated cartoon TV show with Paris Hilton. “A hip comedy in the superhero comedy-adventure genre. We get on very well. This is a charming, very likable person. Sophisticated. Great comedic sense. A fine voice. And seriously hard-working. Totally unlike whatever the public is led to believe. And she has input. She attends every meeting. What we plan to do is truly tasteful.”

It’s good that Paris is getting involved in comics — I was wondering who was going to write fill-in issues for Jenna Jameson.

MIKE GOLD: The Darknight Contrarian

MIKE GOLD: The Darknight Contrarian

I used to have a reputation for sometimes being kind of negative. That comes with the career in radio and “journalism,” and I’ve worked at overcoming it. But, like most childhood pleasures, not using a skill doesn’t mean you no longer know how to use it.

For example. I have come to the conclusion that the Paris Hilton affair has become a legitimate news story (it didn’t start out that way), and that she got screwed.

After listening to a bunch of experts and pundits and reporters, it seems pretty clear to me that Hilton is doing time for being Paris Hilton – people in similar situations, and, sadly, there’s no shortage of them – would be given community service or pay a fine or be under house confinement. Being locked up at the taxpayers’ expense for such a violation is nearly unheard of. And, yes, in California as well as most of the rest of these United States the sheriff is charged to run his prisons as he sees fit.

Hilton was busted for violating her plea agreement. As such, she was real stupid. Hilton is despised for being an “artificial” celebrity, as if there’s any other kind, and for being a whinny spoiled brat. I understand; she is a whinny spoiled brat. But that’s not against the law; if it were, I’d have a much, much easier time going shopping here in Fairfield County Connecticut.

So Hilton is serving time not for breaking the law but for being a high-profile stupid whiny brat. She has my sympathy; fair is fair and, as she said while she was being hauled off to the slammer kicking and screaming for her mommy, this is not fair.

For example. Everybody seems bent out of shape about the conclusion to The Sopranos, including ComicMix’s own John Ostrander.  I think the ending was fine. Not great, not awesome, but exactly on the money.
This is a show that lost its raison d’être the moment actress Nancy Marchand died, back in 2000. Her character, momma Livia Soprano, was the story’s anchor. Without her, the plot never was as compelling, nor was it as understandable. It was reduced to its core element: Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, the family of Made Men.

And that’s what the ending was all about. It didn’t matter if Tony got wacked in the restaurant in front of his family. If it didn’t happen then, if could just as easily happen the next day or the day after. Being a mob boss is not a “safe” job – Al Capone ran his mob for about seven years, and was only a functioning operative in that mob for a total of about a dozen years.

Here’s the proof: midway through that final episode, Anthony Junior became Christopher Moltisanti, which, as we all know, is what his father should have wanted all along. He got the mob-connected job in the film business, he got the mob-connected car, he’s always had the mob-connected father but now daddy finally delivered for him. Life goes on with the Nelson Family of New Jersey, and what goes around stays around. Nothing changes.

And, sadly, that’s what The Sopranos had been about.

For example. George W. Bush.

I’ve got nothing.

And, come to think of it, neither does George.

Mike Gold is editor-in-chief of ComicMix.

Bring on the funny!

Bring on the funny!

By now you’ve heard about all the new teevee shows announced by the networks. Here’s some new Comedy Central shows you might be able to look forward to, as a while bunch of new shows are going to pilot:

Root of All Evil, a courtroom show in which comedians argue that their client is the root of all evil. The show would pit Paris Hilton against Dick Cheney, or chick flicks against video games. Lewis Back is the judge.

Held Up, in which a bank teller is held hostage by two teams of robbers and a comic version of the Stockholm syndrome ensues.

An animated Larry the Cable Guy show, as if Larry wasn’t animated enough. Here he’s the co-owner of a cable TV channel whose other owner would prefer to program classier fare.

Michael Ian Black Doesn’t Understand, starring you-know-who in a sketch show/

Night Writer from one-time Saturday Night Live head writer T. Sean Shannon.

The Watch List, which features material from up-and-coming Middle Eastern-American comedians.

According to TV Week, Comedy Central also has production deals in the works for David Alan Grier and JoKoy.

Braintrust Question: Spider-Man 3

Braintrust Question: Spider-Man 3

Every so often I come across a question that even I cannot answer. It saddens me to admit this, but there are times when it happens.

But now, I have an invaluable resource that I never had before — ComicMix readers.

So every once in a while, when we come across a question here that even our crack staff can’t answer, we’re going to throw it out to the floor and ask you, as we know that collectively, you guys are smarter than we are and know many things that we don’t.

So here’s our first question. Take a look at this shot from Spider-Man 3, about four minutes into the film.

See the girl at the far left? You see her on screen for just a few seconds, so it’s tough to tell, but– is that Paris Hilton?

I’m really hoping not, because I really don’t want to have to start covering Paris Hilton stories here…

Please post your answers in comments. Any documentable proof would be nice.

April’s Fool round-up

April’s Fool round-up

Man, I’m disappointed in you guys.

We were expecting lots of joke entries from all over the web — you know, Joe Quesada buys Forbidden Planet, Jenette Kahn buys down coat filled with Donald Duck’s feathers, Classics Illustrated adapts Portnoy’s Complaint, Rob Liefeld reads an anatomy textbook — but no. Nothing from the regular comics haunts.

C’mon, I know April Fool’s day was the same day as Palm Sunday, but we all know it’s all Jews in the comics industry anyway. (And stop trying to convince us that Macdonald isn’t a Jewish name, Heidi.)

Luckily, we were able to find a few items:

And we tried to do what we could, but sadly, we accidentally put a real piece in with our April Fool’s coverage. We’re sorry, and promise to do less real news next year.