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IDW offers graphic novels on Barnes & Noble Nook

IDW offers graphic novels on Barnes & Noble Nook

201112011152 IDW offers graphic novels on NOOK

DC isn’t the only publisher betting big on the new generation of tablets — IDW has made more than 30 of their GNs available for the NOOK, including Darwyn Cooke’s Parker adaptations, and works by Joe Hill, Max Brooks, Anne Rice, and Eric Shanower. Unlike DC’s exclusive with Amazon, this doesn’t seem to have pissed off any retail partners…yet.

Continuing to lead the charge of digital comics, IDW Publishing proudly debuted a collection of graphic novels for the new Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet, the company’s fastest and lightest tablet with the best in HD entertainment. IDW’s initial NOOK entrée features over thirty complete graphic novels, including award-winning books and works by bestselling authors.

“We’re excited to partner with Barnes & Noble to bring IDW graphic novels line to NOOK,” stated Jeff Webber, IDW’s director of ePublishing.

Bobby Nash’s DEADLY GAMES! Nook Edition Now Available At Barnes & Noble.

Bobby Nash and BEN Books are proud to announce that Bobby’s latest novel, Deadly Games is now available as an ebook for the Nook Book from Barnes & Noble for the low price of $3.00. You can purchase the Nook Book Edition of Deadly Games! through Barnes & Noble’s Nook Book Store at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1107149904?ean=2940013554849&itm=2&usri=bobby%252bnash

DEADLY GAMES! is also available in these other formats:

Print Direct Sale – $11.99: https://www.createspace.com/3704764

Print at Amazon – $11.99: http://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Games-1-Bobby-Nash/dp/0615553435/ref=sr_1_17?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319831122&sr=1-17

Kindle ebook – $3.00: http://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Games-ebook/dp/B005ZN8VPS/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1319820451&sr=1-3

Smashwords ebook – $3.00: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/101814

Plus, you can always ask your favorite bookseller to order a copy for you.

For more information on Deadly Games!, please visit BEN Books at http://ben-books.blogspot.com/ or Deadly Games! author Bobby Nash at http://www.bobbynash.com/.

Barnes & Noble Announce Nook Tablet; Launching With Marvel (and ComicMix) Graphic Novels

And the other shoe drops. Marvel Entertainment announced today that the long-anticipated Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble will offer readers access to  a digital library of Marvel graphic novels.

“This is a huge opportunity for Marvel—and the entire comics medium—to reach a wider audience than ever before thanks to Barnes & Noble’s exciting new NOOK Tablet,” said Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “Barnes & Noble is committed to offering customers a broad array of Marvel graphic novels, both digitally and through their massive in-store selection, which can only help bring fans into our exciting world of Super Heroes and unparalleled storytelling.”

Users can purchase digital copies of their favorite Marvel graphic novels through NOOK Bookstore™, with a selection including such hits as Civil War, Invincible Iron Man, Captain America, Thor by JMS, Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers, Marvels and more! These graphic novels will also be available on the highly-acclaimed NOOK Color™.

“We’re excited to bring NOOK customers the largest available digital collection of graphic novels from Marvel Entertainment,” said Theresa Horner, Barnes & Noble’s Vice President of Digital Content. “The high resolution of our VividView color touchscreen makes the action virtually jump off the page, and takes graphic novels to a whole new level of entertainment.”

This is as good a time as any to note that ComicMix also has graphic novels available for the Nook platform, starting with the Harvey Award nominated EZ Street by Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley. More titles will be announced shortly.

Sean Taylor’s Show Me A Hero only $.99 for Nook

Sean Taylor’s Cyber Age Adventures opus, Show Me A Hero is now available for the Nook at the low price of $.99. You can learn more at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/show-me-a-hero-sean-taylor/1103852669?ean=2940011330957&itm=8&usri=sean%2Btaylor

“That’s 500+ pages of my short stories from Cyber Age Adventures and iHero Entertainment for less than a measly buck,” said Taylor in his press release.

Here’s what some of the critics said about Sean Taylor’s Show Me A Hero:

“…More fully-rounded, more realistic and, as a direct result, more human than all but the best superhero comic book work.”
—From the introducton by Dwayne McDuffie

“Sean Taylor’s stories focus less on the obvious trappings of the genre, instead homing in on the conflicted, flawed human beings for whom greater-than-mortal powers don’t convey greater-than-mortal morality.”
—Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor, Marvel Comics

“Show Me a Hero delivers a series of stories that are dangerous, intriguing, fun and lathered with that sense of character readers will be sure to love. Once you’re done reading, you’ll know you read a well-crafted, fully rounded piece of work.”
—Dan Jurgens, author of The Death of Superman

“Hitting a heavy beat on the ’human’ in superhuman, Taylor’s stories pulse with a visceral reality. The biggest villains his heroes face might be their own bad habits; their greatest challenges are working through relationships—not surviving the battle. Show Me a Hero lives in the place where modern fiction meets mythology.”
—Barbara Randall Kesel, author of Alien vs. Predator, WildC.A.T.s, Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales

“’Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.’ Sean Taylor takes F. Scott Fitzgerald to heart in a selection of stories that reveal the high price even super heroes often pay to do the right thing. If there are any tears in these riveting tales— and, I’m afraid, there are—they do not diminish the courage of Taylor’s champions or the power of his writing. These are the quiet pains that stay with the readers and, hopefully, help them appreciate the heroes in their own lives.”
—Tony Isabella, author of 1000 Comic Books You Must Read, Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse

“I’ll sum it up as simply as I can: you’re going to care. That’s what Sean does with his characters and the stories they inhabit. He makes you care.”
—Erik Burnham, author of A-Team: War Stories, Ghostbusters Infestation, Nanover, Civil War Adventures

“Show Me a Hero is not about powers, costumes or catchy code names. It’s about heart and soul, and the choices that make heroes out of ordinary lives.”
—Bryan J.L. Glass, author of Mice Templar, Thor: First Thunder

“A lot of writers talk about trying to introduce superheroes into the real world, but Sean Taylor does it better than most. Perhaps because his stories don’t just have plot, they have a point. They’re not about a series of circumstances and events, but about how those circumstances and events make the people living through them feel. You may not like every story in Show Me A Hero, but I defy you to finish one and be indifferent. You may love them or hate them, be inspired or unsettled, but they’re going to get inside your head and gut and make you think and feel.”
—Paul Storrie, author of Gotham Girls, Justice League Unlimited, Captain America: Red, White & Blue

“Sean Taylor’s work is gripping, sincere and relevant.”
—Dwight MacPherson, author of The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, American McGee’s Grim

“Full of dynamic action and a range of intriguing characters, Sean Taylor gracefully delivers moments of dimension and depth in his stories that explore what being heroic is truly about.”
—Stephen Zimmer, author of the Rising Dawn Saga and Fires in Eden Series

“What will certainly surprise new readers of Sean Taylor’s work is how mature and entertaining the story lines are, not to mention the amount of realism he injects into each and every one of his characters. If you’re on the fence about super hero fiction—if you think it’s just kid stuff—then pick up Show Me A Hero and find out how glad you’ll be to learn you were wrong.”
—Tom Waltz, Editor, IDW Publishing; author of Silent Hill: Sinners Reward, Gene Simmons Zipper

“Instead of the all-powerful visitor from another planet or the millionaire with crimefighting devices that cost more than my house, Taylor shows us a more human hero—and more often than not, a less than perfect one. Show Me A Hero reminds us that heroes come in all shapes and sizes as it takes us down the less traveled path to see just what defines a hero.
—Bobby Nash, author of Evil Ways, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Deadly Games!

“Guaranteed to pull at your emotions—a must read!”
—Shane Moore, author of the Abyss Walker series

“Show Me a Hero is a great mix of super hero stories that appeal to every reader—dark, sweet, strong and funny, each story has a unique take on the super hero setting. Taylor has done a fantastic job, enticing me every step along the way to draw me into the worlds and become passionate about the characters.”
—Christina Barber, author of Seely’s Pond and Spirits of Georgia’s Southern Crescent

“Sean Taylor’s stories are in-your-face, emotional, and immediate. In this collection, he examines from all angles the odd yet undeniable impulse that drives some people to put on a costume and fight crime in the streets. No kid stuff here—this is serious, intelligent drama and deep, human introspection spiced with plenty of action and intensity (and often a nice twist along the way). Well worth your time.”
—Van Allen Plexico, author of Assembled! and the Sentinals series

Sean Taylor’s Show Me A Hero is published by New Babel Books and is available for the Nook at the low price of $.99. You can learn more at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/show-me-a-hero-sean-taylor/1103852669?ean=2940011330957&itm=8&usri=sean%2Btaylor

To learn more about Sean Taylor, visit his website at http://www.taylorverse.com/.

[Press Release]: Bobby Nash’s DEADLY GAMES! Is Now Available At Smashwords

The digital edition of Bobby Nash’s novel, Deadly Games! is available at Smashwords for the low price of $3.00. You can purchase the Smashwords Edition of Deadly Games! at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/101814

About Deadly Games!
They played the most dangerous game of all and death was only the beginning…

Six years ago, Police Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West were instrumental in the capture of notorious master criminal Darrin Morehouse. Their story played out in the media, rocketing both Bartlett and West into local celebrity status.

Today, Morehouse, still a master game player and manipulator, commits suicide while in prison. His death initiates one final game of survival for the people Morehouse felt wronged him the most. At that top of the list are Bartlett and West, who must set aside their differences to save the lives of Morehouse’s other victims and solve one last game before a dead man’s hired killers catch them and his other enemies.

Deadly Games! is a fast-paced action/thriller featuring action, suspense, murder, and the occasional gunfire from Author Bobby Nash, the writer of Evil Ways, Domino Lady, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, and more.

DEADLY GAMES! can also be purchased in print and ebook editions at the following:
Print Direct Sale – $11.99: https://www.createspace.com/3704764
Print at Amazon – $11.99: http://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Games-1-Bobby-Nash/dp/0615553435/ref=sr_1_17?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319831122&sr=1-17
Kindle ebook – $3.00: http://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Games-ebook/dp/B005ZN8VPS/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1319820451&sr=1-3
Smashwords ebook – $3.00: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/101814
Nook ebook – $3.00: coming soon.

Visit BEN Books at http://ben-books.blogspot.com/.
Visit Deadly Games! author Bobby Nash at http://www.bobbynash.com/.

Want DILLON For Your Kindle or Nook?

Starting today and continuing through the holiday season the prices on the first two Dillon adventures available as ebooks have been dropped so that you and your friends can take advantage and get in on the pulse pounding excitement!

First of all, DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL is now $1.99!  That’s right, a measly buck ninety-nine!

Second and even more amazing is that the first fantastic Dillon adventure, DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN is now FREE.

Yeah, you read that right.  The ebook of DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN is now FREE. 

Just follow this handy dandy link to get to Smashwords where you can download them both for your Kindle or Nook or whatever.  Read and enjoy!  Now get outta here and let me get back to work.

Pulp 2.0 Press Unleashes The Terror Of Frankenstein!

Cover Art: Mark Maddox

The 2nd volume in our NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN series, TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN by Donald F. Glut is now being processed by Kindle and Nook and should be available tomorrow for your devices.

In this adventure, the Frankenstein monster is captured by a notorious group known as OGRE and spirited away to their island headquarters. Under the leadership of the Mandarin, they use the monster to further their plans, by kidnapping the lovely Lynn Powell, assistant and fiancee of Dr. Burt Winslow – the man who brought the terrifying creature back to life.

In order to rescue Lynn and stop the creature once and for all, Winslow invents a robot into which he can place his consciousness and control the metalloid. But Winslow doesn’t realize the deadly power of the Mandarin and the hordes of men at his command on OGRE Island.

As always, the price for this volume of pure digital pulp entertainment is a mere 99¢. It is available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon DE (Germany) and Nook.

The cover for this spectacular showdown between creator and creation is our own Mark Maddox. The art can be seen at http://www.pulp2ohpress.com/.

Pulp 2.0 is also finalizing edits for our first graphic novel THE MIRACLE SQUAD which will come out in print first through Amazon/Createspace. Expect this edition to be ready in October, and will feature a ton of bonus features never before seen.

We will also be releasing an ERB THRILLOGY for digital-only and featuring brand new cover art and interior illustrations by Doug Klauba! Three classic heroic novels by the Master of Adventure Edgar Rice Burroughs – TARZAN OF THE APES, A PRINCESS OF MARS and THE MUCKER. Available in a new digital edition for only 99¢. It will make a great ‘Kindle-stuffer” this Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas – Pulp 2.0 will be releasing our 2nd graphic novel – the 25th Anniversary edition of SCARLET IN GASLIGHT. The horror-mystery will be out in time for the holidays and the new blockbuster movie coming out starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. This will be a print-first edition that must go under your Christmas tree. This 25th anniversary edition features an in-depth interview with creator Martin Powell who discloses all of the mystery behind the creation of the 1st meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Dracula.

To learn more about Pulp 2.0 Press, please visit them at http://www.pulp2ohpress.com/.

Addendum –

The sales of this digital edition of TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN are now on hold. Artist Mark Maddox is not satisfied with his work and is revising the already spectacular cover art to meet the exacting standards he wants to set for this series.

Keep checking this space for details on the updated release date.

MARTHA THOMASES: Confessions of an iPad Comics Virgin

Is that all there is?

I finally downloaded a few comics onto my iPad using the updated Comixology app. I mean, I’m on record as being a lover of comics on paper, as well as the comic book shops that sell them. However, I’m also a big fan of prose on paper, as well as the bookstores that sell them, and I love my Kindle, so I thought I should give the new delivery system a try.

Previously, I’d noticed a flaw in the iPad design as far as visual entertainment goes. The screen is too shiny. Reading a book on the iBook app is more difficult for me than reading a book on the Kindle because of the glare (the Kindle has a matte finish). It’s even more distracting when watching a movie. However, I enjoy having a movie downloaded if I’m flying somewhere, and I might also enjoy having a virtual stack of comics.

I started by scouting out the free comics, because what if I didn’t like it? And I wanted something I hadn’t read already, so my previous opinion wouldn’t influence me. My son loves Robert Kirkman, and I was a fan of the TV show, so I downloaded the first issue of The Walking Dead.

It was a good choice. The app was easy to use, even for an old fart like myself, and I enjoyed my experience.

So last week, when there was a shipment glitch at New York comic shops, and I couldn’t get two of the books I wanted at any of my local stores by Saturday, I went online and paid for content. Reading Detective Comics and Stormwatch was, oddly, more difficult than reading the indie comic with lower production values. The lettering was hard to read, too small, and when I made the image bigger, I lost the flow of the page.

Did I lose some strength in my optic nerves? I went back to read Walking Dead again (and why can’t you go back to the beginning with one touch?), and that still worked well for me.

Still the color of the DC books was brilliant, and there were no ads. There were also no letters pages or other DC editorial material. For my $2.99, I got my story, and that’s it.

As it happens those two books have a reasonable amount of story. If I’d read Justice League #1 in that format, I would have been irked.

Will I buy more? Maybe back issues, because I’d rather have the stuff on my computer than in storage. Or if I’m away on a long trip, where I’m unfamiliar with the local comic book shops. Or if it’s the middle of the night and I don’t want to get dressed and go walking the streets, looking for Superman (or, I suppose, Mr. Goodbar).

But otherwise? I’m sticking with paper, at least for the near term. I like my comics with some social interaction. I like folding back the cover – and watching the true collectors freak out.

There aren’t that many occasions when I can feel eight years old again, and reading comics lets me do it once a week. So I’ll stay with the format from last century for as long as I can.

Martha Thomases, Dominoed Daredoll, really really really liked the new Animal Man.

SATURDAY: Marc Alan Fishman

Wayne Reinagel Sets Sail On The Hunter Island Adventure

Wayne Reinagel’s newest novella entitled The Hunter Island Adventure is now available as a direct download eBook at http://wwwpulpheroesmorethanmortal.webs.com/Infinite%20Horizons%20Online%20Store.html. It will be available for Kindle, Nook, and other devices in a few days.

The Hunter Island Adventure is a fun-filled fantastic non-stop adventure that occurs (chronologically) roughly one year before the events of the best-selling novel, Pulp Heroes – More Than Mortal. This wild tale tells the story of what happens when four kidnapped women (friends and relatives of my main pulp hero characters) prove to be much more trouble than their captors expected. This download also features a special bonus, a complete copy of The Most Dangerous Game, written by Richard Connell and originally published in 1924, and one of the original inspirations for The Hunter Island Adventure. (As was the short story Ransom of the Red Chief by O. Henry, where two men who attempt to kidnap and ransom a wealthy Alabaman’s son; eventually, the men are driven to distraction by the boy and end up having to pay the boy’s father to take him back.)

In addition, several new eBooks are also available at the Knightraven Studios store. In addition to the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson (also available in audiobook format), Wayne has posted The Vampyre written by Doctor John Polidori and a fully illustrated (by Gustave Dore) version of Edgar Allen Poe’s Gothic poem The Raven. For anyone who has not read one of Wayne’s novels, Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde, and Robert Louis Stevenson are all characters in Pulp Heroes – Khan Dynasty novel, and Edgar Allan Poe and Polidori are a main characters in Modern Marvels – Viktoriana novel. (As well as Jules Verne, Mary Shelley, Nikola Tesla, Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Harry Houdini, H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker, Count Dracula, and Varney the Vampire.)

The Hunter Island Adventure is now available as a direct download eBook at http://wwwpulpheroesmorethanmortal.webs.com/Infinite%20Horizons%20Online%20Store.html. It will be available for Kindle, Nook, and other devices in a few days.

For more information on Wayne Reinagel and his novels, visit http://wwwpulpheroesmorethanmortal.webs.com/


From http://cpcarey.blogspot.com/

“Iron and Bronze” by Christopher Paul Carey & Win Scott Eckert now available on the Kindle and Nook

For a long time, my good friend and colleague Win Scott Eckert and I had been tossing around the idea of writing a story together. We had both been heavily influenced in our youth by the Doc Savage pulps, H. Rider Haggard, and Jules Verne (among others), and each of us had completed novels begun by Philip José Farmer. Win’s collaboration with Phil, The Evil in Pemberley House, came out in 2009, and mine, The Song of Kwasin, lined up behind Up the Bright River (a wonderful collection that came out to commemorate Phil’s long and wildly imaginative career following his passing), and is slated to be published in an omnibus of the Khokarsa series in 2012. So it only seemed natural that we should write a story together ourselves someday.

That opportunity finally came with the story “Iron and Bronze,” which was first published in 2009 by Black Coat Press in the anthology Tales of the Shadowmen 5: The Vampires of Paris (a terrific anthology and series that I highly recommend to pulp adventure enthusiasts), and which features two great heroes of the French pulps. Now the story is available in ebook format for both the Kindle and Nook. Here’s the product description:

Taduki-inspired visions draw an intrepid adventurer and a madman to a lost African outpost of Atlantis where they must confront an ancient mystery from the stars… Drawing on diverse sources such as Jules Verne’s The Barsac Mission, H. Rider Haggard’s She and Allan, Guy d’Armen’s Doc Ardan (who has been called the “French Doc Savage”), J.-H. Rosny âiné’s L’Étonnant Voyage de Hareton Ironcastle, Pierre Benoit’s L’Atlantide, and Philip José Farmer’s “monomyth,” “Iron and Bronze” hearkens back the classic SF adventure pulps of the 1920s and ’30s.

This story first appeared in the anthology Tales of the Shadowmen 5: The Vampires of Paris.

Christopher Paul Carey is the co-author with Philip José Farmer of The Song of Kwasin, the third novel in the Khokarsa series (omnibus forthcoming in 2012 from Subterranean Press).

Win Scott Eckert is the co-author with Philip José Farmer of the Wold Newton novel The Evil in Pemberley House, about Patricia Wildman, the daughter of a certain bronze-skinned pulp hero (Subterranean Press, 2009).

So if that grabs you, you can begin reading “Iron and Bronze” right now on the Kindle or Nook platform of your choice.