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ComicMix Broadcast Blog: Indie Online and New York Comic Con

ComicMix Broadcast Blog: Indie Online and New York Comic Con

Our process here is simple – at the end of every weekend we clear off our desk and give you the links for things we’ve covered recently on ComicMix Radio. Ready to click?

Add Jonathan Hickman’s  all new miniseries, Pax Romana, to the list of cool indie comics now available online. Here is the first issue. Jonathan hopes it inspires you to go seek out the second issue which hit comic stores last week.

ABC announced the creation of Stage 9 Digital Media, a separate creative studio dedicated to producing original series for the Internet. Their  first project, Squeeges, is available here . The 10-episode series was created by a comedy troupe that calls itself "Handsome Donkey." New episodes  will appear on ABC.com and on YouTube each Monday and Friday. Other projects in the works include a sci-fi thriller called Trenches from Shane Felux (creator of fan film Star Wars: Revelations). Meanwhile, more Hollywood talent is jumping to the online world. Actress Justine Bateman (Family Ties), writer/producer Jill Kushner (The Ellen DeGeneres Show), Peter Murrieta (Wizards of Waverly Place) and Alan Sereboff (Snowblind) are working on an original web video portal.

Get ready for a big career move as cable network Chiller is once again hosting the "Dare to Direct Contest" where fans are invited to write, produce and submit short horror films. Prizes and the chance to be featured on Chiller’s 2008 Dare to Direct to Direct Film Festival on Halloween night will go to the finalists and winners. All contest rules and information can be found at Dare2Direct.com.

Michael Agrusso, comic book action figure director, has put together a trio of videos to help promote the New York Comic Con. See them here. Meanwhile, the NY Con itself has produced new guest lists that include a huge Artist Alley, reserved for comic book and pop culture creators — both legendary as well as emerging — and including Mark Buckingham, C.B. Cebulski, Colleen Doran, Danny Fingeroth, Keith Giffen, Bob Layton, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Monte Moore, Rags Morales, John Romita, Jr., Jim Shooter, and Jim Valentino. New additions are added almost daily and the complete listing is available.

This week on ComicMix Radio, find out a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming end of DC’s weekly series Countdown from the guy at the center of it all, Keith Giffen, plus some interesting notes from MegaCon, the list of new comics and DVDs previewed, and more.

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Mattel Debuts New ‘Justice League Unlimited’ Figures

Mattel Debuts New ‘Justice League Unlimited’ Figures

Mattel announced a new line of "Justice League Unlimited" figures today and provided images of several figures from the line.

The first wave of the new "Collector’s Line" will be unveiled at New York Comic-Con in April, while the second wave will be announced at San Diego’s Comic-Con International in July.

According to Mattel:

16 brand new figures along with collector requested repaints and reissues will be available in singles, 3-packs and 6 packs. Figures will be out in two waves. Each wave will consist of two 6-packs, two 3 packs and five single carded figures, some with brand new accessories. This line will be sold exclusively at Target stores starting Aug 1, 2008. At this time the line will be an in store exclusive only.

The company has released preliminary images of the first 6-pack set from Wave 1, "Attack from Apokolips", featuring Superman, Darkseid, Mr. Miracle, Lashina, Mantis and Forager.

Large images of each figure are posted after the jump.



Letterman NYCC quiz

Letterman NYCC quiz

The CBS Late Show with David Letterman took a look last night at the New York Comic Con, offering the following bit:

Said Letterman, "We got some footage of the event. We then compiled this quiz. Some of my favorites:

(Heavy guy thumbing through comic books)

"Just an hour into the convention, this man has already gotten his hands on:

A) Superman #1

B) Green Lantern #3

C) Cheeseburger #6

(Character in giant head)

"The character on the right:

A) is from a Japanese cartoon

B) will soon be in his own movie

C) has been stumbling blindly through the city since the Thanksgiving Parade

(Girl in fluffy dress and orange wig):

"Looking at this scene, we’re reminded that:

A) all fantasy realms are welcome here

B) the convention is a great place to meet friends

C) it’s been a tough month for Britney Spears

(Alien with claws):

"You may remember this creature from:

A) "Lord of the Rings"

B) "Pan’s Labyrinth"

C) Your local Taco Bell"

Letterman’s competitor, Stephen Colbert, was a guest of the NYCC.

Joe Sinnott ailing

Joe Sinnott ailing

Word is slowly spreading from Marvel’s editorial halls that legendary artist Joe Sinnott has had a heart attack. Joe was at the New York Comic-Con this past weekend, mingling with fans without seeming ill. We’ll post details as we hear them.

NYCC wrapups

NYCC wrapups

Folks are still recovering from this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, which garnered over 40,000 unique attendees according to ICv2

"The trade day on Friday set new records for retailer, librarian, press, and other trade attendees," which meant pretty much anyone with a pro badge, and since pros are an integral part of any comic convention (and the con itself never asked for proof of professional credentials so one assumes there were a number of non-pros there too) this trade-day "record" isn’t all that surprising.  ICv2 also notes, "Artist alley space was off the main floor, but was jammed throughout the show, due not only to the appeal of the wide range of talent, but also to the fact that access to the autographing and gaming areas required passage through the ‘alley.’"  One hopes this layout will change next year when con space doubles again.

Some nice overview reports from attendees:

ICv2 also reports on the winners in Saturday’s American Anime Awards.

NYCC — The Stan and Jeff shows

Stan Lee

Image via Wikipedia

The marquee event on Friday night was “Stan Lee: An American Icon,” an event that did not go off without a couple of hitches.

There was a total lack of security at the event. When Lee arrived he came in through the crowd and took the stage. As anticipated the room exploded in flashbulbs when Lee took the stage. People started working their way to the front to get a clearer shot and soon there was a crowd five or six people deep around the stage. There was no one from the convention security there to disperse this crowd and it took five minutes for volunteers to arrive and disperse the crowd. Lee was totally unprotected.


NYCC — Half-mile long lines in 20 degree temps

If you were planning on coming to New York Comic Con today and you aren’t reading this from the line outside, you might want to consider turning around and going home. The convention staff is not letting anyone without exhibitor passes on the floor without standing in a line outside, in single digit wind temps.

If you got in line right at 10:00 AM, you won’t get in until after noon. That said, being in the line isn’t quite so bad because many high profile artists are stuck in the line as well. A person who identified themselves as a DC artist trying to get to a booth signing was told that his professional badge would not get him on the floor — “your day was yesterday.”

The line started at midnight Saturday morning and is currently half a mile long.  Despite the promoter’s promises of twice as much space it seems that the 2007 con is marred by the same problems of overselling that made the last show a living nightmare. New York State troopers have been called out and are handling crowd control. Fire marshals are threatening show closure.


The coming of… Bananaman!

The coming of… Bananaman!

Here’s a hopeful contestant auditioning for the next season of the Stan Lee-hosted Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, hoping to stand out from the rest of the bunch. Banana detractors, beware!

Auditions are continuing throughout the New York Comic Con, so check back to see who else we digitally capture.

Kyle Baker goes bananas

Kyle Baker goes bananas

From Cartoon Network’s Class of 3000, here’s some Kyle Baker work.

Did we mention Kyle will have a booth at the New York Comicon? Did we mention he’s doing caricatures? Did we mention the pretty women who will be at the booth? Go forth and find him and buy many copies of his books. Tell him ComicMix sent you.

Girl meets geeks at NYCC?

Girl meets geeks at NYCC?

The Hey Lady isn’t about to let anyone disabuse her of the notion that comic book conventions are attended mostly by stereotypical male comic book geeks.  Not even when they have huge manga and anime contingents (very popular with girls and women), all sorts of tie-ins with other media, and are run by professional convention planners.  No sirree, she’s a’comin’ to the New York Comic Con with the sole intent of wranglin’ her a May-un!  She seems equally intent on not noticing the many, many, MANY women who will be attending, and most likely not even paying attention to all the cool stuff around (besides male geeks) that might even interest her.