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Stardust reappears

Catch it whilst you can! Neil Gaiman reports that the more-or-less authorized Stardust movie website is back up. Stardust, of course, ties into Stardust the graphic novel by Neil and artist Charles Vess. Neil has also announced that Paramount has moved up the official release date of the Stardust movie to August 10 of this year. Considering the San Diego Comic-Con International is on July 26-29, I should think a debut showing there isn’t entirely out of the question.

And speaking of works by Neil, IESB’s Robert Sanchez asked director Joel Schumacher yesterday which comic book character he’d most love to tackle. "The response – Neil Gaiman’s Sandman!"

The Return of Nexus

The Return of Nexus

Cosmic avenger Nexus returns in July in his most intense story ever. After a ten year hiatus creators Mike Baron and Steve Rude have forged a Nexus that will take its place among the greatest comic book stories ever told. "Space Opera" unfolds on a galactic scale: a tale of life, love, hate, death, war, peace, betrayal, resurrection and the nature of faith. The first issue of "Space Opera" sees the birth of Horatio’s and Sundra’s child and the return of old enemies.

"Learning that Nexus is coming back is like hearing you’re going home again after years in the wilderness." — Neil Gaiman. Space Opera will be self-published.