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The Point Radio: A Bazillion Bucks

Even Dr Evil might join in for a prize like this. THE BAZILLION DOLLAR CLUB is a new competition show from SyFy where tech gurus Dave McClure and Brady Forrest award big money to brilliant start up ideas, but how do they pick the right ones? The guys share their secrets here. Then meet actor John Lucas (A BRILLIANT MIND, AMERICAN PSYCHO) who previews his new comedy, THE MEND.

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The Point Radio: The Mysterious Debra Messing

Actress Debra Messing rolled the dice and came back to TV this season with NBC’s MYSTERIES OF LAURA. We talk to her about how the gamble paid off and what lies ahead for next season, and what about that WILL AND GRACE reunion? Plus this weekend may be the unofficial start of summer, but the season began weeks ago at the box office. Have we seen the summer’s biggest hits already? The folks at Fandango weigh in on that and more.