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The latest Fight Card novel, Irish Dukes, is now available as an ebook with a paperback to follow shortly. Fight Card’s Paul Bishop shared the following press release with All Pulp.

Press Release:


Continuing monthly releases of two-fisted boxing tales, the Fight Card series November release, Fight Card: Irish Dukes, is now available from Amazon.com.

Set in Ireland in 1951, Fight Card: Irish Dukes is the second novelette in the Fight Card series to feature an international setting (after the Australian set Fight Card: King Of The Outback).

The name behind the Jack Tunney pseudonym for this entry in the Fight Card series is award winning author Mike Faricy.  Bombshell is Faricy’s most recent novel released under his own name.  Currently, this series entry is available as a downloadable e-book with a paperback version to follow shortly.


Dublin, Ireland, 1951

After winning his latest bout in Berlin, US Army boxing champ Sergeant Kevin Crowley is on military leave in Ireland.  Raised in St. Vincent’s Asylum For Boys in Chicago, he has finally returned to his place of birth, where he is sure he will find the family he never knew and lay claim to his dream of a royal fortune.

What Crowley actually finds is the fight of his life … A near destitute grandmother, crippling debt left by a father he never knew, a feisty redhead with hatred in her heart, a villainous landlord and his gang who’ll stop at nothing to settle a score going back a generation …

Kevin Crowley has never backed down in the ring or out … The treasures and truth awaiting him in Dublin are not what he first imagined.  But with his past, his family, and his future at stake, Crowley will put up his Irish dukes and fight like never before …


★★★★★ “Irish Dukes never back down …”

★★★★★ “Fight Card on the international beat …”

★★★★★ “Hits harder than an Irish larger …”

Learn more about the Fight Card series at www.fightcardbooks.com.


The latest Fight Card has been released and it looks to be a knockout. You can find Fight Card: Golden Gate Gloves at Amazon.



San Francisco 1951

Conall O’Quinn grew up at St. Vincent’s Asylum For Boys, a Chicago orphanage where he learned the sweet science of boxing from Father Tim, the battling priest. After a stint in the Army, Conall finds work on the docks of San Francisco – a place where his fists make him the dock champion. Soon, however, he gets on the bad side of a union boss and is set up for a dock side brawl designed to knockout his fighting career. When Conall comes out on top, things go from bad to worse when he is framed for the docks going up in flames.

Along with Benson, his best friend and trainer, Conall heads for the hills in search of a lost treasure in the vicinity of a mine controlled by the union boss. However, where Conall goes trouble follows and he is quickly embroiled in a heated grudge match between fist-happy miners and lumberjacks.

Championing the miners in an all out slugfest, Conall is about to find out there is more to fighting than just swinging fists… giant, hammer-fisted lumberjacks, the mine owner’s beautiful daughter, union flunkies, and mob thugs all want a piece of him… and when the opening bell rings, the entire world appears to be against him…

You can learn more about The Fight Card series at www.fightcardbooks.com.


IDW Publishing has released their pulp-related December 2012 Solicitations. Bookstores and Comic Shops order these books now for December in-store date. Make sure you let your store know what books you’re interested in seeing on the shelves.

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. 5
Archie Goodwin (w) • Al Williamson (a & c)
Al Williamson creates what is arguably his best artwork of the 1970s as he and Archie Goodwin wrap up their run of Secret Agent Corrigan. This final volume contains all strips from June 13, 1977–February 2, 1980.
HC • FC • $49.99 • 288 pages • 11” x 10” • ISBN 978-1-61377-542-4
Bullet points:
• Completes Al Williamson’s and Archie Goodwin’s run on X-9!

Offered Again!
X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. 1 • FC • $49.99 • ISBN: 978-1-60010-697-2
X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. 2 • FC • $49.99 • ISBN: 978-1-60010-871-6
X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. 3 • FC • $49.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-092-4
X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. 4 • FC • $49.99 • ISBN: 978-1-61377-236-2

Joe Palooka # 1 (of 6)
Mike Bullock & Matt Triano (w) • Fernando Peniche (a) • Jace McTier (c)
The legendary Joe Palooka name returns in this all-new version, as Joe fights for his freedom and for his life around the world. Set in the violent and dangerous world of top- tier mixed martial arts, this series will get you in its grip and not let go until you tap out.
Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, Nick Davis flees a police manhunt, picks up the name Joe Palooka in a Tijuana tough-man contest and then travels the world seeking to clear his name while making a name for himself at the same time.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*Variant Cover:
Marat Mychaels variant cover!
Bullet points:
• Top UFC superstars are on board and the first full-length MMA comic book ever has MMA and UFC fans BUZZING in anticipation of Joe Palooka’s release.

Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition New Printing
Dave Stevens (w & a & c)
Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition was the first Artist’s Edition and it was a runaway hit, selling out in near-record time. Now, due to incredible demand from both fans and retailers, IDW is bringing this Eisner Award-winning book back with a snazzy new edition! This Artist’s Edition collects both Rocketeer graphic novels in their entirety. Nearly every page has been scanned from Dave Stevens’ beautiful original art!
HC • BW • $75.00 net discount item • 140 Pages • 12” x 17” • ISBN: 978-1-61377-572-1
Bullet points
• What is an Artist’s Edition?
• While appearing to be in black & white, each page has been scanned in COLOR to mimic as closely as possible the experience of viewing the actual original art—for example, you are able to clearly see paste-overs, blue pencils in the art, editorial notes, art corrections. Each page is printed the same size as drawn, and the paper selected is as close as possible to the original art board.
• See these classic tales as they first appeared: On Dave Stevens’ drawing board!

Michael WM. Kaluta: Sketchbook Series, Vol. 3
N/A (w) • Michael WM. Kaluta (a & c)
The third volume of the Michael Wm. Kaluta Sketchbook series continues to showcase the acclaimed artists lovely drawings, doodles, preliminaries and illustrations. All scanned by the artist from his personal sketchbooks, and nearly all has never seen the light of day before now. This book, and the entire series, are a treasure trove of gorgeous Kaluta art!
TPB • B&W • $9.99 • 48 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN 978-1-61377-536-3

You can learn more about IDW and their books at www.idwpublishing.com.





Fight Fictioneers Magazine (FFM) is a vehicle for both promoting the Fight Card series and also the best fight fiction in general. Immense thanks are due to our Fight Card team member in Australia, David Foster (Fight Card: King Of The Outback), for his hard work and diligence in formatting and bringing this issue of FFM into the virtual world (as he did with Vol 1).

Hopefully, there will be another issue to kick off the new year as we march into 2013 with the Fight Card banner held high. FFM Vol 2 will be made available for free to anyone who asks for a copy, so please distribute copies to your friends and fans. Any feedback would also be appreciated …

Fight Fictioneers Magazine Volume 1 can still be accessed under the Fight Fictioneers tab on the new Fight Card website (www.fightcardbooks.com). Thx to author and Fight Card team member Jeremy Brown for his efforts in creating and maintaining the Fight Card website.

Upcoming Fight Card releases through the end of the year include Fight Card: Golden Gate Gloves (October – Robert Evans), Fight Card: The Knockout (November – Robert Randisi), and our second internationally set Fight Card tale (following Fight Card: King Of The Outback), Fight Card: Irish Dukes (December – Mike Faricy). Covers can be found on the Fight Card website www.fightcardbooks.com.

Congratulations to Fight Card authors Mel Odom (Omega Blue), Eric Beetner (The Devil Doesn’t Want Me), Heath Lowrance (City Of Heretics), Mike Faricy (Bombshell), and David Foster (The Librio Defection / Bushwhacked – both under his James Hopewood pseudonym), among others for the successful launching of new critically acclaimed titles – all available on Amazon. Way to go, gang!

There are other specific plans afoot for Fight Card in 2013, which I will reveal both as they firm up and as I am allowed to talk specifics.


For those who missed it, you can also request a copy of Fight Fictioneers #1 as well. Email fightcardseries@gmail.com for details.




Greetings Fight Card Team and friends of Fight Card …
We are pleased to announce our brand new Fight Card website: www.fightcardbooks.com
Thx and appreciation to Jeremy Brown (author of the dynamite MMA themed Suckerpunch, the upcoming sequel Hook and Shoot, and one of the first Fight Card MMA novels for publication next year) who volunteered his skills and patience to make the site a reality.  As always there are still a few tweaks to be made as we add more Fight Card authors, books, links, and other content to the site, but please take a look and tell us what your initial thoughts are … Suggestions and ideas are always welcome — This is a team effort.
In other Fight Card news, our next title (September 1st) is Bluff City Brawler from Heath Lowrance, followed by The Knockout from Robert Randisi, Irish Dukes from Mike Faricy, and Rock-Face Bred from Robert Evans.
David Foster is busy working on the next issue of Fight Fictioneers, which will also premiere in September.  Be sure to check out David’s new fight fiction short story, Bushwhacked (written as James Hopwood http://tinyurl.com/8obzybx) and his retro-spy novel, The Libro Deception (also written as James Hopwood  http://tinyurl.com/8cyso2u).
We have a number of big things planned for Fight Card in 2013, including the premiere of Fight Card MMA and other Fight Card brands.
Thanks to all of you who have helped support the Fight Card novels on your blogs and with reviews.  And thanks to the Fight Card Jack Tunneys who continue to astound me with the quality of their prose and the high standard of storytelling.  Great work!


A Special All Pulp Report and Release from Paul Bishop (www.bishsbeat.blogspot.com)
I’ve been a pulp fanatic for as long as I can remember, but not just for the hero pulps.  The aviation pulps and the western pulps also caught my imagination along with the sports pulps . . . Wait? Sports pulps?
Yes!  Sports pulps!  While hero, adventure, weird menace, western, and aviation pulps are still hot collecting commodities, the sports pulps, like the romance pulps are mostly forgotten.
In my typical walking to the beat of a different drummer way, the sports pulps have become my passion.  Street and Smiths Sport Story Magazine, Sports Novels, Fifteen Sports Stories, Dime Sports, and Thrilling Sports were among the best of the many sports pulps that proliferated between the late ‘20s and the mid ‘50s.
Baseball, track, and basketball strories dominated the early years of sports pulps.  As football caught the American imagination, it too became a fertile source for the sports pulps. Horseracing, hockey, car racing also had their popular place in the sports pulps. Eventually, as the sports pulps proliferated, stories of almost any sporting contest – from log rolling to canoeing to powerboat racing – found their way between the pages.  Even stories of soccer, rugby, and cricket can be found if one looks hard enough.
Pride of place in my collection of sports pulps, however, goes to Fight Stories Magazine.  During the pulp era, boxing was even more popular than baseball both in the actual arena of sports and in the fictional creation of endless fisticuff dust-ups.  There remains something elemental about one man pitted against another that continues to capture the imagination. 
The history of fight fiction both on the page and on film is crowded with tales both filled with the desperation of noir and the triumph of the underdog.  Even today, as mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting becomes popular, fight films and fiction have accepted the transition and continue to tell stories of fighters.
Started in 1928, Fight Stories Magazine – subtitled, Fact And Fiction Of The Ring – was the first of the sports pulps dedicated to a single athletic endeavor.  While most of it’s fiction took place in the pro ring, there was also room for tales set in military outposts, carnivals, and anywhere else two men could find room to square off.
Reading Fight Stories Magazine today is still a joy.  Both the fiction and non-fiction pieces were a cut above the rest of the pack and hold up better than most pulp tales.  In particular, the retro-fight examinations and fighter profiles by Jack Kofeod could be reprinted word for word today in any fight interest zine; and fisticuff tales from the likes of Robert E. Howard (most often featuring his slugger Sailor Steve Costigan) remain brilliant storytelling.
So, imagine my delight last year when I came across a gem of a new novella, Smoker, by Mel Odom when cruising the virtual boxing fiction titles for my Kindle.  Smoker was a cool fight tale, set in the ‘50s, with a supernatural twist – but it read like it could have been the lead tale in Fight Stories Magazine or Knockout Magazine – the other all boxing stories pulp.
Mel Odom is a prolific writer, but while I was familiar with his work, our paths had somehow not crossed over the years on the conference / organization / convention circuits.  Undaunted by this, I tracked Mel down by email.  Before long we were yacking on the phone like we’d known each other for years.
We had tons of stuff in common from comic books to favorite authors to television shows, but we we’re in total sync with our love of the tough guys who populated the pages of Fight Stories Magazine and the many other boxing stories from the sports pulps.
While we agreed we liked modern bozxing tales, we lamented the fact nobody was writing fight stories anymore like those from the pulps: two-fisted tales zipping along with lots of ring action and heroes fighting for more than just a championship or a monetary purse.
One thing led to another, as things do when writers talk, and we decided we were the perfect guys to write those tales.  We also believed we could reach our niche audience by through using the new e-publishing platforms, which have reinvented the publishing market and have made the 25,000 word pulp style novellete, an endangered speicies, viable again.
Thus our Fight Card series was born – two-fisted pulp-style tales to thrill and chill . . .
We decided to set the tales in the ‘50s because it was an era we both loved and felt comfortable writing about.  We wanted to emulate the tales from back in the day by striking the same tone and atmosphere existing then.
While Mel’s writing style and mine are different, we embraced this as a way to distiguish each of the novels. We decided to make the main characters from each of our efforts brothers.  Mel’s character, Mickey Flynn, is a merchant marine sailor who’s tough as nails. My character is Mickey’s younger brother Patrick Flynn, an LAPD detective on Chief Parker’s infamous Hat Squad. The brothers grew up in an orphanage in Chicago where they were taught the “sweet science” by Father Tim, a tough ex-cop turned fighting priest.
We were surprised, when we talked about the project with other writers, by their response – they wanted in on the action.  They remembered and loved these stories as much as we did and couldn’t wait to put on their virtual gloves and get in the ring with us – apparently there are going to be a lot of orphans trained by Father Tim at Our Lady Of the Glass Jaw, the nickname of the orphange.  As a result, we have some top notch tales from top notch writers scheduled to appear over the coming months.
Fight Card debuted this past weekend with the publication of Felony Fists from me and The Cutman from Mel.  In an effort to unify the series on the various e-platforms, we have published the novels under the pseudonym Jack Tunney as an homage to Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney – two of the great heavyweight champions.
Next up in December is Eric Beetner’s Split Decision, a gem of a noir tale that would have been snapped up as a Gold Medal original back in the day.
Mel and I had a blast with our first entries in the series, and we’re already planning the next round for our characters.
If you like tough guys, boxing, noir, crime stories, and pulps, we know you’ll find something to enjoy in these tales.
Justin Theroux Corrects ‘EW’ Reports on Terrence Howard

Justin Theroux Corrects ‘EW’ Reports on Terrence Howard

Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux told MTV’s Splash Page that the Entertainment Weekly reports as to why Terrence Howard was dropped from the cast in favor of Don Cheadle were not entirely accurate.

“I can’t really speak to the plot stuff and all the rest of it but Rhodes is completely present in a very strong and big way,” Theroux said Tony Stark’s friend and the future War Machine. “He’s completely present.”

“All that stuff that was in the EW article,” said Theroux regarding statements Howard was being dropped when the story being crafted minimized Rhodey’s role,. “I don’t know. I can only tell you what I know which is that from a writing standpoint we didn’t do anything differently [with the character]. It’s not like we were sitting there going, we need less of this or that. We just approached the characters and the story on their own terms.”

Meantime, Spoiler TV found some casting sheets for parts in the sequel which is set to shoot in April 2009 for a May 2010 release.

The parts being cast include:

30s, Eastern European, brilliant, gritty…

20s, beautiful, speaks several languages fluently and is equally proficient in martial arts…

Russian, 20s or 30s, at least 6’2", able to perform own stunts, has the build of a MMA fighter…