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Martha Jones to chase Captain Jack?

Martha Jones to chase Captain Jack?

Over at Doctor Who, Martha Jones, the tenth Doctor’s second companion, is getting tired of unrequited love. Next season, she’s starting to look at everybody’s favorite object of lust, Torchwood‘s Captain Jack Harkness.

It seems Captain Jack has been working his sexual magic on the latest companion. According to the London Daily Mirror, when the 30th season of Doctor Who goes up next year, Martha will not be in all episodes – but will pick up the slack by appearing in a number of episodes of Torchwood. A new companion will join the cast of the former series, and Martha will not be in this year’s Christmas special. However, singer Kylie Minogue will co-star in the latter event.

The 29th season of Doctor Who ends in Britain tomorrow with the last of the three-part battle with The Master (John Simm, star of Life On Mars). This season is already being broadcast in many parts of the world, including Australia and Canada; it goes up in the United States on the SciFi Network a week from today.


Doctor Who 3 hits Sci-Fi this summer

Doctor Who 3 hits Sci-Fi this summer

The third season of the new Doctor Who series will hit the U.S. cable channels in July, starting with the 2006 Christmas Special, "The Runaway Bride".

The new series will run on the Sci-Fi Channel, home to the previous two seasons of shows. Ultimately, it will be syndicated and appear alongside its "adult" spin-off show Torchwood on BBC America.

The week following "The Runaway Bride" U.S. fans will meet the Doctor’s new companion Martha Jones in the season’s opening episode "Smith and Jones."


Who three lined up

Who three lined up

For those in the know, the third season of the revived Doctor Who begins in England this Saturday, and to celebrate the event Radio Times – the British equivilant of TV Guide, only, you know, useful – does up the mandatory double-cover feature. Only both covers are use the same photographs, so we’re only reprinting one here.

They also include a listing of the titles of this seasons’ shows, excluding the between-season Christmas horror fest. Fans can tell quite a bit from these titles:


1: Smith and Jones

2: The Shakespeare Code

3: Gridlock

4: Daleks in Manhattan (Part One)

5: Evolution of the Daleks (Part Two)

6: The Lazarus Experiment

7: 42

8: Human Nature (Part One)

9: The Family of Blood (Part Two)

10: Blink

11: Utopia

12: The Sound of Drums (Part One)

13: Last of the Time Lords (Part Two)

The first episode introduces the Doctor’s newest companion, Martha Jones – played by actress Freema Agyeman. She’s the one who is neither Who nor the monster, pictured above. For more, consult Radio Times: www.radiotimes.com. But you would have figured that out.

By the way, from what I’ve seen there’s at least one scene in Saturday night’s episode that would not have been broadcast on American television back when William Hartnell created the role.

You – Who!

You – Who!

The BBC has made an arrangement with YouTube to air clips on the popular website, already servicing two of their three planned channels.

Up already and of interest to Doctor Who fans – on-set video diaries from David Tennant, the current Doctor, and from Freema Agyeman, the new companion. Freema makes her debut as Martha Jones when the new season of Doctor Who begins airing in Great Britain the end of this month.

No word yet on the availability of Torchwood, the PG-13 rated (maybe R-rated) spin-off from Doctor Who. The series is being broadcast in much of the English-speaking world, but no arrangements have been made in the United States as of yet. Torchwood‘s Captain Jack will be returning to Doctor Who for the final three episodes of the upcoming season.