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Tweeks: Maddy Reviews The Wendy Project

On July 18th, Super Genius will be releasing what I think could be the best graphic novel you read all year! The Wendy Project is a modern take on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan illustrated by Veronica Fish (Archie, Spider-Woman, Slam!) and written by Melissa Jane Osbourne.

It’s about Wendy Davies, a 16-year-old who crashes her car into a lake in New England while her little brothers are in the backseat. When she wakes up in the hospital, she’s told her youngest brother, Michael, is dead, but Wendy insists that he’s alive and with Peter Pan. The story then follows her to her school where she has to walk the line between reality & fantasy. And during all of this she’s given a sketchbook by her therapist to document the transition between her two worlds. You will love this book. Trust me!

Tweeks: Batman Killing Joke SDCC Interviews

Okay, first off — Warning! This Batman movie is not for kids! Batman: The Killing Joke is the first- R-Rated DC original animated movie ever. It’s based on the comic created by Alan Moore & is known for being particularly disturbing and dark. This is what sets up The Joker as the baddest villain in Gotham. You know how Batgirl ended up in a wheelchair and then became Oracle — well this is how she ended up paralyzed.

Batman: Killing Joke had it’s debut at Comic-Con and Maddy was there to interview the voice of Batman himself (Kevin Conroy), Ray Wise (yes! THAT Ray Wise!) who voices Commissioner Gordon, and writer Brian Azzarello (who not only adapted the one-shot to the script, but added additional material to the story to give Barbara Gordon a story arc).

Tweets: Check, Please! Review

Hi Everyone! This week it’s just me, Maddy! And because it’s just me, I’m going to share with y’all my favorite web comic, Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu.

Eric Bittle is a pie-baking Georgia boy on an ice hockey scholarship at Samwell University in Massachusetts. That’s all you need to know….go read it! Actually, watch the video first, then go read it!

Oh, but wait….for our younger Tweeks fans or those who can’t abide “strong language” — this is about college hockey players, so there’s some questionable vocabulary in the comic and in the video.