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Tweeks Long Beach Comic Expo 2016

We spent last weekend at the 6th annual Long Beach Comic Expo. Basically we shopped and counted Deadpool costumes, but we also interviewed some comic creators and went to some panels too. Here are some of our highlights, so you can feel like you were there too. We’ll be back next week with some interviews.

Oh, and our final Deadpool count was 68. Maddy won.

Tweeks: Being Fashionable Geek

With WonderCon starting tomorrow, we have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear.  While Hot Topic & Etsy make shopping for geek chic a lot easier, it’s at the cons where we can really get our fangirl fashion on.  Like it or not, cons have become a nerd-cool fashion week and if style matters then you need to save wearing just a superhero t-shirt for school.  It’s time to step up your geek game!   So, in the spirit of pop culture couture we talked with some fashion-forward attendees at Long Beach Comic Expo about designing fan fashions and cosplaying.

Tweeks: Interview My Little Pony Artists & Writers

Comic_issue_1_covers_A-FWhile at Long Beach Comic Expo, we were lucky enough to chat with some of the writers and artists of IDW’s My Little Pony comics.  We talk with Agnes Garbowska about drawing Pinkie Pie’s ever growing hair and the difficulty of Rarity’s tail.  Christina Rice tells us about what it’s like to write the comics and how she’s like Rarity.  And Katie Cook not only gives us her backstory, but also lets us talk to her about one of our favorite Spiderverse superhero ever — Penelope Parker who acts EXACTLY as a tween girls should finding out she has spider powers….ewww, gross!

Tweeks: Check out LBCE

tumblr_nje9njI74E1suu128o1_500On February 28th & March 1st, we attended the Long Beach Comic Expo in Southern California.  It’s the spring sister event to the Long Beach Comic Con.  In their 6th year, they have expanded the expo into a bigger hall and added more guests.  Was it more fun?  We think so.  In this week’s video we’ll show you why.

We also chat with Marvel artist John Cheung about his A-Force cover and find some great age appropriate new comics.