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Mix March Madness: Gronk vs. Zeke Is Hungry!

That’s right ComicMixers… it’s an all out brawl for webcomic supremacy! Whose toons will take the title this month? Only you, the stark raving mad fans of these strips, will decide! Vote for your favorites, and watch them dominate the doodles of lesser drawers!

In this corner, Katie Cook’s clobbering monster with a heart of gold….


And in this corner, with the decomposing body, and the sunken-in eyes of a fighter…

Zeke Is Hungry

A monster vs. a zombie? It’s the battle you’ve been yelling for! Will Zeke stave off Gronk’s childlike innocence? And what of Kitteh?! Vote now!

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Polling closes at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, March 12!

Click here to see all the webcomics and their standing in the tournament!

An Unshaven Interview

An Unshaven Interview

Way back when, at the C2E2 convention, Unshaven Comics cut itself out a little mecca within Artist’s Alley in hopes of making new fans. Across the aisle from such Alley giants like Katie Cook, and siting besides amazing guys like Leo Kohse of Bloodfire Studios… our little table did what it could to be noticed. We wore company tee-shirts. We hung an 8 foot banner with 3 ft tall smiley faces adorned to it’s white vinyl. We yelled at Dan DiDio and Tom Brevoort to buy our book (for the record, Dan did, and enjoyed the free stickers. Tom didn’t even let Kyle finish the pitch). We called in fans from far and wide across the aisle with our tracktor beam-like powers. And then we got the idea to meet awesome media-types in hopes one of them would want to know our Unshaven Backstory.

After shaking down countless not-as-cool people… we ran into the Chicago Red Eye reporter Elliot Serrano. One interview, 17 reminders, and a few under-the-table dealings later (hey… it IS Chicago, mind you) we got ourselves a little publicity! And thanks to a few bribes with the good folks here at ComicMix… here’s a tasty link for you to enjoy our interview. Now click it, and enjoy!