Tweeks Talk Paper Towns

Summer vacation is a week away and that means plenty of time to read books for enjoyment rather than education.  As huge fans of John Green’s books and movies, we think you should read Paper Towns. But, seriously, you need to get on that because the movie is coming out in theaters on July 24th.

If you enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars, you’ll love this book (and it looks like the movie too, because John Green is a co-screenwriter.) As a bonus you won’t have a big ugly cry with this one — though we can’t promise no tears.  We did cry.  But there are many laughs too.

Paper Towns is a mystery novel about a girl name Margo who runs away and her childhood friend, Q who goes on a road trip with some friends to find her.

If you are stocking up on books for summer,  we also suggest the other John Green books.  Read them, then let us know which you think would be great movies.