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PULPED! returns with a two fisted discussion like no other! Hosts Tommy Hancock and Derrick Ferguson return to PULPED! with more guests than You can shake a Pulp Magazine at! Featuring Lee Houston, Jr., Andrew Salmon, Michael Brown, Jeff Deischer, B. C. Bell, and Teel James Glenn, this podcast explores a question that has popped up increasingly in the last few months! New Pulp-Just What Is It’s Connection to Classic Pulp? A controversial topic amongst fans of both, Whether or not New Pulp is a descendant of Classic Pulp, a mutation, or something all its own is explored, discussed, and debated within this SPECIAL episode of PULPED!



Lee Houston Jr.

The Nocturne Travel Agency’s Elsewhere In The Multiverse series continues its look at super-hero prose novels. This week, meet New Pulp Author Lee Houston, Jr. and his novel, PROJECT ALPHA novel.

From Elsewhere In The Multiverse:
If you yearn for the Silver Age, when heroes and villains were easily defined, Project: Alpha is for you.  If you miss the old-school space operas where dashing men and beautiful women had two-fisted adventures on strange planets, Project: Alpha is for you.  Lee Houston Jr.’s second series character (The first, Hugh Monn, is a hardboiled detective who plies his trade on a distant planet) is a super-hero/sci-fi mash up that will be a delight for those who want a gentler, less dark adventure for their heroes.  I sat down with Lee to talk about the series, writing and how the face of mainstream comics has changed since we both were younger.

Read the full interview here.

Up next on Elsewhere In The Multiverse is Jeff Deischer.
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White Rocket Books leads the pack this week on New Pulp Author Barry Reese’s weekly New Pulp Top Ten Bestseller List. Get the full story here.

1) The Golden Age by Jeff Deischer (White Rocket Books, October 2012) – 216,583
2) Prohibition by Terrence McCauley (Airship 27, December 2012) – 440,544
3) Prophecy’s Gambit by Nancy Hansen (Pro Se Press, January 2012) – 502,801
4) Sentinels: Metalgod by Van Plexico (White Rocket Books, December 2012) – 537,175
5) The Spider: Shadow of Evil by C.J. Henderson and J. Anthony Kosar (Moonstone Books, October 2012) – 868,197

6) Pro Se Presents # 15 by Various (Pro Se Press, November 2012) – 1,104,914
7) Horror Heroes by Various (Pulp Empire, October 2012) – 1,631,633
8 ) Helmet Head by Mike Baron (November 2012) – 1,755,536
9) Sha’Daa: Pawns (Volume 3) by Various (Perseid Publishing, October 2012) – 1,995,613
10) Monster Aces by Various (Pro Se Press, October 2012) – 2,144,926

Just missing the list were: Secret Agent “X” – Volume Four by Various (Airship 27, October 2012) – 2,244,756, Pro Se Presents # 14 by Various (Pro Se Press, October 2012) – 2,287,193 and Doc Claus by Various (Pulp Empire, December 2012) – 2,636,944.

Congratulations to those who made the list.

White Rocket Podcast 005: Jeff Deischer on Superheroes in Novels & Beyond– The Golden Age!

On this week’s episode of The White Rocket Podcast, New Pulp Author/Publisher Van Allen Plexico is joined by New Pulp best-selling author Jeff Deischer for part 2 of the series on “Superheroes in Novels and Beyond.” Van and Jeff discuss his new novel, THE GOLDEN AGE, which brings the classic Better/Nedor characters such as the Black Terror roaring into the New Pulp/novel realm. They discuss what makes pulp pulp, and what happens when you throw superheroic characters into that style of storytelling.

Listen now at http://whiterocket.podbean.com/2012/11/29/white-rocket-005-superheroes-in-novels-beyond-pt-2-the-golden-age/
Also available on iTunes and via the Podcast app on iPhone/iPad.

Part 1 of the series, Episode 003, with guest Bobby Politte is available here.

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Pro Se Productions, a publisher of Heroic Fiction and New Pulp, announces a different sort of project for 2013 as well as adding a new artist to its already top notch team of cover creators.

“It’s always great,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, states, “when you come across tremendously talented people who not only are good at what they do, but have a passion for Pulp.   That’s Adam Shaw to a T.”
Shaw, an artist living in Memphis, Tennessee, met Hancock at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention in early November and expressed an interest in providing covers for upcoming Pro Se titles.  “I was immediately impressed with his work,” Hancock stated, “and glad to be able to arrange for Adam to be a part of the great books Pro Se has coming up.  I was also quite taken with one particular image that Adam showed me from his portfolio.  An image that just screams for a story.”
With Shaw’s permission, Pro Se Productions announces what could be the first in a new series of imprints.  Tentatively under the title of ‘Write To The Cover’, the submission process for this digest anthology is simple enough.    
1.  The story must be based on the following image created by Adam Shaw.  This scene MUST be included in the story.
Property of Adam Shaw, 2012
2.  The story must be 5,000 minimum to 10,000 maximum words.  A 1-3 paragraph proposal must be submitted to Proseproductions@earthlink.net by December 10th, 2012 to be considered. 

3.  If accepted, submitted stories will be given a first come, first print deadline.  When a total of 30,000 words has been received, then the digest will go to publication.  Any other stories received after 30,000 words will go into a second digest, if required.  

4.  Pay for this anthology will be royalty based and percentages will be discussed with accepted writers.  Please note that Pro Se pays agreed upon percentages on every dollar made from the sale of its books.

Hancock points out that this idea was inspired by suggestions and comments made by several writers and players in the Pulp field, including Jeff Deischer, David White, and Derrick Ferguson.  One of those suggestions even inspired a completely different, yet similar project coming from Pro Se in 2013! 

Any questions or comments as well as proposals for the ‘Write To The Cover’ Digest based on the art work of Adam Shaw should be emailed to proseproductions@earthlink.net.  And stay tuned for further announcements very soon concerning books featuring Adam Shaw’s Pulp themed artwork.


Tommy Hancock solo hosts The Official New Pulp Podcast once again, joined this week by Author Jeff Deischer. Jeff discusses his latest book, the Super Hero Pulp novel THE GOLDEN AGE published by White Rocket Books. Listen as Jeff talks about reviving classic comic characters in prose and more as THE GOLDEN AGE and Jeff Deischer get PULPED! HERE!


White Rocket Books’ newest release brings some long dormant characters back into the limelight in an all-new adventure in THE GOLDEN AGE, a novel by Jeff Deischer.

About The Golden Age:
Published from 1939-56, the Standard/Better/Nedor characters are largely forgotten by today’s comic book fans. Now, pulp author and comic aficionado Jeff Deischer brings these classic heroes back in an all-new adventure.

In 1942, the world is at war. Spies and saboteurs seem to lurk around every corner in America. But, in the shadows, real danger awaits. Following the Battle of Midway, the Dragon Society of Imperial Japan sends agents on a secret mission to knock the U.S. out of the war. And only the superheroes of the Auric Universe can stop them.

Join the superheroes of the Golden Age in this epic new saga that legendary pulp author and interviewer Art Sippo called “a terrific read–it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Includes an Introduction by comics and pulp historian Will Murray.

The book is available at CreateSpace and Amazon.


Coming from Altus Press-Adventurers Inc.: Spook Trail
Authored by Jeff Deischer and William G. Bogart

Back after 65 years! The trio of heroes that make up the team of Adventurers, Inc. return for an all-new novel-length adventure: “Spook Trail” by Jeff Deischer. This pulp-sized collection is designed to look like a long-lost issue of an ADVENTURERS, INC. pulp magazine.

Issue 1 also includes the original Adventurers, Inc. story, “The Crazy Indian,” complete and uncut, written by Doc Savage writer William G. Bogart.

List Price: $14.95 softcover
6.69″ x 9.61″
166 pages


TIPPIN’ HANCOCK’S HAT-Reviews of All Things Pulp by Tommy Hancock

(I would like to extend a personal apology to Jeff Deischer, author of the book reviewed below.  I intended to have this review posted last week, but due to issues far beyond my control, I could not.  Doesn’t mean it’s right to break a promise, My sincerest apologies, Jeff.)

THE WAY THEY WERE: The Histories of Some of Adventure Fiction’s Most Famous Heroes and Villains

By Jeff Deischer

Published 2011 by Westerntainment

One of the many fantastic things about literature in general and about Pulp specifically is the richness and variety woven into the novels, stories, and tales that make up the genre.   Not only are heroes good and larger than life and villains evil and over the top, but there is a depth to these characters and the events creators thrust them into, a depth that over years has been explored in a myriad of ways. 

One of the most fun of these, in my opinion, is the work of creators and scholars to not only establish timelines for these fictitious creations and their marvelous escapades.   Although many people might find actual history boring, there’s something inventive and exciting about taking a literary character and matching their exploits to a particular year or event, tying our fantasy into our reality.  And an even cooler step beyond that is finding connections between one character and others, connections that given the right phrasing and tweaking become familial or uncover possible links that could lead to here to yet untold adventures.   Several works of this type have been written in the last several decades, including chronologies, timelines, or just full on stories bringing characters you’d never imagine being drawn together into the same realm.

Jeff Deischer, author THE WAY THEY WERE, is one of those writers and creators who not only imagines the possibilities, but sets out to establish them, not simply by telling tales, but by providing thought provoking articles and essays.  Drawing first from his own interest as a fan and reader, Deischer adds in research and analysis as he takes on several questions that have plagued Pulp fans for years and, in other articles, he poses brand new theories and brings characters to mind that at least I as a reader hadn’t given much thought to in a while.

Deischer tackles well-traveled ground by covering points various and sundry about Doc Savage and The Avenger.  He also takes on famous characters from horror literature, tying Dracula and Frankenstein and the Phantom of the Opera to timeframes and situations.  Surprises lurk within these pages as well, including a multi article study of the works of Jules Verne and a most excellent essay about the use of Antarctica and Mars in early Pulp fiction.   Regardless of it being James Bond or Gullivar of Mars, Deischer brings new life to old characters, breathing into them questions and theories that show a different light on them.   One of Deischer’s strongest points is his willingness to present ideas that run totally the opposite of established concepts and then go on to back them up.   Add to that a writing skill that is both engaging and entertaining, THE WAY THEY WERE reads as much like a multi chapter pulp tale as it does a collection of essays.

FOUR OUT OF FIVE TIPS OF HANCOCK’S HAT-Insight and detail add to the education into these fantastic characters that THE WAY THEY WERE provides.