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ComicMix Radio: Mike Grell And Warlord Back Together

ComicMix Radio: Mike Grell And Warlord Back Together

 Saturday at Comic Con  ’08 has set a number of records and not just for the bodies walking the floor. A few news "bombs" were dropped about new characters and comics, like

  • Impact and Milestone returning to the DC Universe
  • ComicMix’er Mike Grell returns to the character that started it all
  • Some insight into the lady director bringing The Punisher back to the big screen

 And then we get visits from Jamal Igle, Michael Davis and "Bumblebee" himself, Mark Ryan. It’s a full house so step in and  Press The Button


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SDCC: Superman: Man of Tomorrow panel

DC Comics ran their first panel of the show on Thursday morning with DC: Superman: Man of Tomorrow.  The panel was moderated by editor Matt Idelson and featured writers Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Sterling Gates along with artists Jamal Igle and Renato Guedes (who was provided with a translator, yet never spoke).

Johns kicked off the panel by asking how many in the crowd were reading Action Comics to a strong, but noticeably short of unanimous, ovation.  He then continued to explain that what they’re trying to do right now in the books is to create a cohesive universe for Superman so they can “start telling big excellent stories”.

As an example of a big excellent story Johns went on to explain the upcoming “New Krypton” story arc.  Coming out of the current Brainiac story Kandor will be restored to full size on Earth.  “100,000 Kryptonians come to Earth and say, cool this is New Krypton, and Superman’s like, ‘no it ain’t.’” said Johns.

The panel then turned towards the role of Supergirl in the upcoming stories. Gates expressed a desire to turn the book from a “B”-list title to a more marquee title.  Igle said of Gates’ first issue, “I was surprised at how good his script was.  I had to go back and read it twice.”

Johns went on to discuss the return of Cat Grant to the Superman titles and the relationship between her and Supergirl.  He said that one of the first thing she would do is publish an article called “Why the World Doesn’t Need a Supergirl.”  It was later revealed that this article would make up the first page of Gates’ run on Supergirl.


Jamal Igle Talks Teen Titans

Jamal Igle Talks Teen Titans

No stranger to drawing the up-and-coming among DC’s superheroes, Jamal Igle takes a turn on the publisher’s premiere teen team with Teen Titans #55.

In this interview with The Pulse, Igle discusses how to avoid playing favorites when you’re working on an ensemble book, but still names the characters he looks forward to drawing and the characters he’s, well… "still getting a handle on."

He also provides some insight about the ways in which the characters resemble ladies he once dated.

I have to admit out of the current roster my two favorite characters to draw are Ravager and Kid Devil. KD has a great visual look but as far as character traits, Rose Wilson is such a wild card type character. She reminds me of girls I dated in the past, someone who is searching for her place in the world. She was raised in a brothel until Slade Wilson found her, and then he used her and abandoned her. So she tries to hard to be difficult and provocative. I’ve seen it so many times.

Seriously, though… Who hasn’t dated a girl or two who grew up in a brothel, was rescued by a deadly mercenary, trained to become his heir, gouged out her own eye as a form of tribute and eventually decided to reform and become one of the good (albeit somewhat psychopathic) guys?

Teen Titans’ Jamal Igle Speaks!

Teen Titans’ Jamal Igle Speaks!

Who’s your hero?

Starting today, that’s a question ComicMix is posing to a number of folks inside the comics industry and then sharing the results with you.

DC mainstay Jamal Igle steps up for the first crack at the query with some interesting results. Here’s a hint – his fave isn’t on this Teen Titans cover, but he is INSIDE.


  • IDW unleashes their Second Stage for Star Trek!
  • Archie upgrades their web presence in a big way!
  • What comics were big sellers for the holidays? We’ve got your list!

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Take your kids to comics day

Take your kids to comics day

Thursday was the annual Take Your Kids to Work Day (used to be Take Your Daughters to Work Day until the gender that rule the world started whining about the one little thing in which they weren’t front and center, but that’s another story), which always happens the day after Secretaries Day (otherwise known as Ignore Your Secretary Day and give her so much work for the rest of the week that she’s too busy and tired to blog for ComicMix, but that’s another story).  But this weekend features what I like to call Take Your Kids to Comics Day.

It’s the first ever Kids’ Comic Con, and ComicMix (okay, li’l ol’ me) will be there for the inaugural celebration!  We’ll be at the Bronx Community College throughout the day, snapping photos and maybe even scoring some interviews for Mellifluous Mike Raub’s podcasts.

As we’ve mentioned before, lots of cool folks will be there, including Kyle Baker and the Comics Bakery (separate folks despite the name; the latter is Marion Vitus and Raina Telgemeier and John Green and Dave Roman) and Jamal Igle and Jane Fisher and — well, pretty much my peeps.  Should be tons of fun — nothing makes me smile more than seeing kids with comics!  Say, did you know that "I believe that children are the future"?

A big round of applause to Alex Simmons for bringing everyone together for this event.  Time to get ready!

NYCC — News in brief

NYCC — News in brief

Everyone’s getting into the podcasting act! Jamal Igle (see pictorial) will be participating in a serial podcast called The Mighty Mighty Adventures of Earl-Wayne and Chuckchuk (come on, you know you want to tune in on the basis of the name alone), which should be fun as he has such a terrific voice. And an old friend from college, David Levin, tells me his company, Brainstorm, Inc., is getting ready to do daily comics videocasts next month. With so much multimedia centered around comics, oversaturation might be a concern, but nobody ever complains about too much movie and TV coverage.

And in case you missed this news item amid the pictorial, Rob Walton’s Ragmop has been collected. This is huge news to those of us with very fond memories of that title. Lots of new words and art, updating ending, the whole shebang. Must dash and find out more stuff!