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New Images of Davros’ Return to ‘Doctor Who’

New Images of Davros’ Return to ‘Doctor Who’

A new pair of images making the rounds online would seem to add some color to recent reports confirming the return of Doctor Who villain Davros to the hit science-fiction television series.

While many Who fans had already guessed that the creator of the Daleks would be making a return (citing the final moments of this Doctor Who Season Four preview as evidence), newcomers should know that the the classic villain’s return is a big, big deal in the Doctor Who universe. It’s a big enough deal, in fact, that the threat is worthy of bringing back Torchwood‘s Captain Jack Harkness, as well as three (maybe four) present and former companions!

The Telegraph recently reported that Davros will make his return in the final two episodes of the season, and be played by Shakespearian actor Julian Bleach.

But, ummmm… what’s up with that red Dalek?

On This Day: ’24 Hours in Cyberspace’

On This Day: ’24 Hours in Cyberspace’

Today in 1996, the largest one-day online event (to that date) occurred, called "24 Hours in Cyberspace."

The professional photographers, editors and programmers who participated in the event aimed to to create a "digital time capsule of online life," explained Rick Smolan, a photographer who headed the event.

Participants photographed, edited and collected images of people whose lives were affected by the use of the Internet over the course of the 24-hour period. Second Lady (at the time) Tipper Gore even contributed several photographs, while her husband, Vice President Al Gore, contributed to the environmental impact areas of the site.

The site was originally hosted at www.cyber24.com, but has since been moved to a mirror site hosted by Georgia Tech University.

The website received more than 4 million hits in those 24 hours – an unheard-of tally at the time.