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April Fools Day Round-Up: Were You Fooled?

When it comes to April Fools Day on the ‘Net, I’m not sure where I stand. On one hand, I’m endlessly entertained by the creativity various companies show in their efforts to pull the digital wool over readers’ eyes. It’s also an amazing promotional opportunity, providing websites that normally wouldn’t be players in the viral marketing scene a chance to flex their creative muscles and attract new readers.

On the other hand, however, it’s an editor’s worst nightmare. Every story is likely to be a hoax, and it’s damn near impossible to break any authentic news due to the inherent skepticism of online readers for a 24-hour period.

It’s a bit of a personal hell for me, too. Every year, I wake up on April 1 and remind myself that anything I read that day is probably an April Fools Day prank. And every year, I end up getting excited about a story anyways, only to realize that it was just another joke — more often than not, this happens after I go public with my excitement, adding to the embarassment. In the end, I’m reminded of Charlie Brown trying to kick that football time and time again, even though he ends up on his back in the dirt every time he makes the attempt. I feel his pain.

So this year, I’ve put together a list of some of the highlights from this year’s April Fools Day on the Interwebs. It’s nowhere near a complete list, just some of my personal favorites from the world of comics and comics culture, as well as a few notable non-comics pranks. Feel free to add your own to the ‘Mix (pun totally intended) by adding a link in the comment section at the end of this article.


GrimJack: He’s back!

Hooray!  GrimJack‘s back today, with an all-new episode from John Ostrander and Timothy Truman. 

GrimJack’s gone back in time, and he’s still surrounded by demons. Some things never change… In this episode, John has to share a body, and not in the fun way!


Webbed Comics


Giant, Flying Mushrooms in GrimJack

In today’s all-new, full-color and FREE episode of GrimJack, John Ostrander and Timothy Truman reveal the secret behind the theft of the Manx Cat.  Find out why it must be returned — or the universes will collapse upon themselves! 

Webbed Comics

Special preview illustration this week if you vote! Be the first to see… but that would be telling!