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Mekhi Phifer to Star in ‘Hunter’s Moon’ Film

Mekhi Phifer, who stars in ER, has signed on to appear in an upcoming comic movie adaptation, according to Reuters.

Phifer will take the lead role in Hunter’s Moon, which originally appeared as a five-issue series that came out last year. It features a father and son who go on a hunting trip to a rural area and become framed in a theft.

The series, which also touches on racial issues, was written by James L. White. White wrote the screenplay for Ray, the biopic of Ray Charles. No word if he’s adapting the script on Hunter’s Moon.

Hunter’s Moon was published by BOOM! Studios, which is producing the film.

Happy 65th birthday, Michael Crichton!

Happy 65th birthday, Michael Crichton!

47 years ago, my dad played center on his high school basketball in Patchogue, NY. He told me that one of the tallest guys he ever played against was the center for the Roslyn high school team, standing about 6’9". That center would go on to write novels under the pen names John Lange and Jeffery Hudson, so as to disguise his medical career. Lange, incidentally, means "tall one" in German, Danish and Dutch, and Sir Jeffrey Hudson was a dwarf in the court of Queen Consort Henrietta Maria of England.

Eventually, he started using his own name, writing such works as The Andromeda Strain, The Great Train Robbery, Jurassic Park, and Sphere, and writing and sometimes directing such films as Westworld, Looker, Runaway, and Twister, and creating the long running television series ER.

We could not let this day go by without a big tip-o-th’geek hat to you, so happy birthday, Michael Crichton! (But Charlie Pellegrino still thought of how to find dinosaur DNA first.)

More Heroes for Second Season

More Heroes for Second Season

The casting announcements for the second season of Heroes have been flowing of late, with the  cast set to start shooting next week.

The biggest name to join is David Anders, best known as the chaerming villain, Sark, on Alias.  He will play, surprisingly, Takezo Kensei, Hiro Nakamura’s childhood idol.  As viewers recall, Hiro now possesses Kensei’s sword.


Nick D’Agosto has been cast as Clarie’s boyfriend and will also have undisclosed super-powers.  D’Agosto has been largely seen in television guest roles from House to ER.  She is expected to return to her cheerleading habit when she winds up in California.  She will be dealing with Lyndsy Fonseca (Big Love) and Dianna Agron (Veronica Mars) as fellow cheerleaders, one bitchy, one sweet.

Eriko Tamura, a pop star and actress in Japan, will be playing a Japanese princess.  She has ten albums and has become quite the idol.

Barry Shabaka Henley (The Horseman) will be a New York police detective named Fuller with Holt McCallany (Vantage Point) as leader of an Irish street gang.