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The Point Radio: The Real MOST INTERESTING MAN

In the late 90’s, the music of ladies known as SWV was all over our radio and at the top of the charts. Then personal pressures drove them apart, but now it’s SWV REUNITED with new music and a hit reality show. We talk to Taj & LeLe about hitting the top twice. Plus forget about that guy in the beer ad, Johnny Pagozzi  is the Most Interesting In The World, named so by a lot of folks including Sir Elton John. We’ll let him explain why he gets that title.

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A cool Archie Comic — on the ComicMix Podcast

A cool Archie Comic — on the ComicMix Podcast

We kick off a Big Week in Pop Culture, with a tip on a great Archie Comic out this week, when Ultimate Alliance will get bigger, the reason why The Turtles are cool again (Flo and Eddie?) and a strange story on what Elton John offered to Billie Jean King in the back of a limo.

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