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Tweeks Go to Disneyland: Season of the Force, Marvel HQ & Inside Club 33

This week Maddy & Anya take you to Disneyland. They review Season of the Force (the Star Wars take over of Tomorrowland) and Marvel’s HQ. And then then you take you inside the very exclusive Club 33 in New Orleans Square.

Located in New Orleans Square, the private club has a “secret” entrance and as our mom likes to point out, it’s the only place within the park that sells alcohol. Named for either it’s address (33 Royal Street) or the 33 initial corporate Disneyland sponsors in 1966, Club 33 was built by Walt as a place for special guests, but he didn’t live long enough to see it. Club 33 membership requires lots of money (something like a $27,000 buy in with $12,000 a year in dues) & lots of time (we’ve heard it’s a 15 year waiting list), so we’re not members, unfortunately. This is definitely a must-do before you die, Disney fans!

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Tweeks: D23 2015 Part 1

It’s no secret that we are huge Disney fans.  It was, after all our first fandom.  We love the movies, the TV shows, the Parks, the Broadway musicals – omg, just everything.  And then you go throwing Star Wars and Marvel into the mix.  (Plus, the Anaheim Convention Center has really amazing food choices, so we might just go to any con they decide to throw there.)

Last weekend, the super Disney fandom organization, D-23, held it’s 4th Expo (if someone is keeping score – this our third one we’ve attended) and lots of great announcements were made and tons of stars were there, and unlike Comic Cons, we could easily point out the origins of even the most obscure cosplay. There were also exhibits, concerts, signings, and panels.

There was so much going on that we had to break our coverage into two videos..  This one talks about some of the major announcements like Johnny Depp being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the new Star Wars lands in both Disney World and Disneyland,  a preview of Disney Shanghai, and Disney Animation & Pixar’s newest movies.

Until next time….May the force of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust come with great responsibility.