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White Viper: It All Begins Today!

White Viper: It All Begins Today!

Today on ComicMix, the legendary art team of Dick Giordano and Frank McLaughlin begin a new series, White Viper, with scripts by Erin Holroyd.  A mother abandons two bundles in the snow.  A rapacious gang of bandits is following her.  They find one.  What happens to the other?

Credits: Erin Holyrod (Writer), Frank McLaughlin (Inker), Dick Giordano (Penciller), Lovern Kindzierski (Colorist), Mike Gold (Editor)

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‘White Viper’ Starts June 3 on ComicMix!

‘White Viper’ Starts June 3 on ComicMix!

 A baby, abandoned.  Surrounded by dead bodies, she is found by a poor monk.  He takes her back to his home for safety, and the company of his brother monks.

Happily ever after?  Think again.

In White Viper, the new series written by Erin Holroyd, with art by the legendary Dick Giordano and Frank McLaughlin, nothing — and no one — is what it seems.  There is blood and death in the countryside, but at the same time, there is love.   A holy man can teach you how to kill.

And sometimes, no one can be trusted.  And sometimes, you must trust a stranger with your very life.

Frank McLaughlin, providing inks and story, said, "I’ve been working in comics for more than 40 years, and this is the story I’ve always wanted to tell.  It’s a joy to work with my old friend, the great storyteller Dick Giordano.  Inking his work was one of my first jobs, and it’s great to be collaborating on something that means so much to both of us.  We’re very excited that Erin has taken some time off from the Stratford Bard to work with us."

ComicMix Editor-in-Chief Mike Gold said, "I’ve known Dick and Frank since I worked at DC Comics, and I’m delighted to be working with them both again.  This series is the best work they’ve ever done."

White Viper runs every Tuesday on ComicMIx, free and in full color.

Atari Comics Receive Digital Reprint

Atari Comics Receive Digital Reprint

The Steam online digital distrubution system announced that Atari PC games would be added to their catalog of programs. One of the games, Atari 80 Classics in 1, is more of a bargain then meets the eye. A collection of retro Atari games from the arcades and the Atari 2600 game system, the package includes a bonus not listed in any of the marketing materials.

Each game in the collection has an Extras bonus content section. Usually this includes box art and original manuals. But the Atari archivists were very thorough and included the bonus mini-comics that were published in conjunction with DC Comics. These comics, while never valuable, do entertain on a cult status level. Atari comics had surprisingly high quality for what was essentially a marketing pack-in item.

Comics included in the collection are as follows:

Swordquest #1-3. Written by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, but the real star of these comics is the amazingly great art by George Perez and Dick Giordano. Swordquest was intended to be an epic multi-part adventure game. Each game in the series would include a comic to explain the story while the games would be puzzle adventures based on mythology.

Atari Force #3. Sci-fi from Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Artists included Ross Andru, Gil Kane, Dick Giordano and Mike DeCarlo. Atari Force proved popular enough that DC Comics published a second volume in the regular, monthly comic format. Unfortunately, the games collection only includes one of the issues since the rights for the other games that included the comics are no longer held by Atari.

Centipede #1. A light-hearted kids’ book in the style of Harvey Comics. An evil wizard turns Oliver the Elf’s forest friends into monsters. Who knew Centipede had a deep back story? We thought we were just shooting bugs.

Atari 80 Classics in 1 is available at Steampowered.com for $18.95. That’s 80 games and five hard-to-find comics… Why not?

ComicMix at MegaCon ’08

ComicMix at MegaCon ’08

Anyone who thought that MegaCon was a small secondary gathering of Florida area comics and fantasy/anime fans could not have been more mistaken.  I was one of about 30,000 people at the Orange County Convention Center (that figure does not include artists, writers and exhibitors).

To give you an idea of what the scene was like, there was even a huge line of people still waiting to get in an hour before the show closed Friday night.

Friday, I was lucky enough to get in early with the exhibitor crowd thanks to ComicMix friend and top-notch retailer Jamie Graham of Chicago’s Graham Gracker Comics and was able to get in on the pre-show activity.  Anime played a HUGE part in MegaCon this year, with not only hundreds of fans dressed as their favorite characters, but displays of everything from DVDs to popular Japanese snacks — including the unoffical treat of anime fans, Pocky. There was even someone who dressed as the snack.

Comics played their part in MegaCon as well, with appearances that ranged from creators such as Darwyn Cooke, Dick Giordano, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, David Finch and Mark Waid to some of the most innovative and revolutionary indie and webcomic publishers in the scene.

Pop culture was represented by guests that spanned over four decades, ranging from John Provost (Timmy from Lassie) to Adrian Pasdar (Nick Petrelli from Heroes).

There’s a small photo gallery after the jump, and we have an interview with Heroes star Pasdar hitting ComicMix this week.

Oh, and special thanks to new MegaCon owner Beth Widera!