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Tweeks: WonderCon Haul Part 1

As you can imagine, we bought a lot of stuff at WonderCon.  And if you know anything about tween/teen YouTube viewing habits, you know hauls (shopping show & tells) are key.  So, this week we bring you Part 1 of our WCA Haul! We’ll show you which geeky chic items we’ve added to our collection and which “vintage” comics caught our eye. We also review Joie Brown’s Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi issues 1 & 2 and Crystal Cadets by Anne Toole and Katie O’Neill. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 (maybe even part 3 — we took home a lot of comics) for more reviews.

Tweeks: #SDCC Interview with Crystal Cadets writer Anne Toole

crystalcadetsOne of the best parts of Comic Con International was getting to talk to so many women working in the comics industry.  Anne Toole was one of those women geek girls like us can aspire to.  She not only is an Emmy-winning writer of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, but she also writes video games (who knew that was a thing?!) and has a new monthly comic series coming out from Lion Forge/Roar this October called Crystal Cadets (Art & covers by Katie O’Neill Colors by Paulina Ganucheau) which we are all over!

C’mon! Middle school girls with magical shiny crystals fighting dark mystical forces, how could we not be giddy over it?