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New Info Leaked on ‘Marvel Vs. DC 2′

While at the C2E2 retailers summit a few weeks ago, a few details fans might be excited to find out about were accidentally leaked. At a DC Nation panel, the mid-western retailers were shown a few slides of “in-production” artwork, and DC’s Jim Lee and Dan DiDio were teleconferenced in with Marvel’s Axel Alonso to prime the pump for the 2011 summer event. While cameras and laptops were forced off before the event, a few local shop owners emerged from the panel with some juicy tidbits. Here’s the skinny:

• Current Marvel heavyweight Matt Fraction will be penning the five part mini-series with co-plotters J.T. Krul and Tony Bedard from DC. All that was said was “Access (from Marvel Vs. DC 1) returns a far more powerful man than when we left him.” Krul said. “He finds a way to tap into the power cosmic and gets his mitts on the White Lantern… but that’s really only the catalyst to it all.”


Moonstone Collects ‘Skull & Bones’ in April

Moonstone Collects ‘Skull & Bones’ in April

Ed Hannigan’s Skull & Bones miniseries, first published by DC Comics in 1991, is finally getting collected by Moonstone in April.

The 150-page collection will retail for $15.95 and contain the complete story and original covers.

A political-espionage thriller set in Yeltsin-era Russia as Andrian Linov, a disillusioned veteran of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, plans to strike a death blow against the crumbling Soviet Empire.

However, he is stopped by a mysterious computer wizard who enlists Andrian in a new struggle against his old commander…Sergei Kozhakov, who has secured a terrible biological weapon which he plans to unleash to annihilate all human life on the planet and start anew.

The KGB trained him, but not for this!

Also coming in April from is the second issue of the revamped Phantom ongoing series.  The second issue of The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks from Mike Bullock, David Michelinie, and Silvestre Szilagy, has The Phantom enlisting the help of a family friend, but helping the Phantom is proving to be deadlier than anyone could have imagined! As a bonus, prose stories will be serialized starting in the issue.  The title comes with two covers for collectors by  Joe Corroney and  Rick Leonardi & Terry Austin

In the second issue of the line’s The Phantom: Generations, Tom DeFalco and Don Hudson chronicle an exploit by the second man to don the mask and rings. The jungles drums are beating, calling the tribes to war–a war the second Phantom must prevent to save an innocent life! How will he manage to keep the peace between the pirates and natives who are tearing at each other’s throats, while at the same time make a daring rescue that just may the most important thing he’s ever done?

Will Marvel Drop Canadian Pricing?

Will Marvel Drop Canadian Pricing?

Columnist Don MacPherson has posted a thoughtful piece on his Eye on Comics blog indicating the falling US dollar may bring about the elimination of separate Canadian pricing.

He cites Strange Adventures’ Calum Johnston, reporting, “Both Marvel and DC are thinking of removing the Canadian cover price to comic-book periodicals.”

Marvel Comics spokesman Arune Singh clarified conflicting statements in an e-mail today to MacPherson saying Canadian pricing won’t be dropped from its books, only from its periodical publications. “For the time being, Canadian prices will remain on Marvel collections,” he said in an e-mail.

Comics Pro president Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics tolds MacPherson, “I believe there are conflicting reports because the issue of whether to continue putting Canadian cover prices on periodical comics is still unsettled. What one publisher may do another may not follow,” he said Thursday. “The dialog happening now will lead to some resolution. And I believe the publishers will do what they feel best suits the majority of their retailers.”

Traditionally, the covers have carried the two prices and the adjustments to match exchange rates occurred with regularity. Many Canadian retailers are said to be ignoring the printed Canadian prices for years, hand calculating that day’s exchange rate.

“Many Canadian comic retailers have been going by the US cover price plus applicable exchange rate. The rate is determined by what Diamond Comics Distributors charges the retailer on their invoice,” Johnston said. “While the rate hovered between one and five per cent, we just went by the U.S. price as being the same as Canadian. A few weeks ago, the rate climbed to eight percent, and we had to go back to adding the exchange. Two weeks ago, it was 12 percent, last week 18 per cent and this week 26!”

Writer Ed Brubaker chimed in, noting his Criminal, published under Marvel’s Icon imprint, has just a domestic price, adding "More in Canada".

ComicMix Radio: Is Your Comic Shop Safe?

ComicMix Radio: Is Your Comic Shop Safe?

Even before today’s economic crisis, comic store owners were fighting an uphill battle, with their numbers only a fraction of what they were a decade ago. A group of retailers have banded together in an organization to help stores  be better, wiser & stronger. we introduce you to Comics Pro, plus:

  • Christina Aguilera as Catwoman?
  • Your favorite album covers in Legos
  • A new Nightmare Before Christmas CD you can hear for free

All that and more – but only when you Press the Button!

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Quesada contributes Colbert variant cover for Spider-Man

Quesada contributes Colbert variant cover for Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man #573 will guest star television host Stephen Colbert and now the company has announced a variety of variant covers to celebrate the event.  One will be a variant itself on Amazing Adult Fantasy #15 as interpreted Marvel EiC and artist Joe Quesada. The issue will have two standard covers – one from Romita Jr. and one from Kevin Maguire, a zombie variant from artist Marko Djurdjevic, and now the Quesada/Colbert cover.

Writer Mark Waid and artist Pat Olliffe produce the eight-page story, a chapter in Colbert’s quest to become president in the Marvel Universe.  Readers can also find campaign trail updates at a special website, http://blog.indecision2008.com/tag/marvel/

The issue’s main event will be the conclusion to “New Ways To Die” from writer Dan Slott and artist John Romita Jr.

Worst Album Covers by Comic Book Artists

Worst Album Covers by Comic Book Artists

Over at LA Weekly’s geek culture blog, Topless Robot, they’ve put together a list of the worst album covers designed by artists from the comics industry.

Among the examples on their list is Canadian hip-hop group Swollen Members’ 2003 album Heavy, featuring a cover by Todd McFarlane.

McFarlane has at least one respectable album-cover credit: the five-times platinum Follow the Leader by Korn. (Oh, c’mon, don’t act like you didn’t own it, or at least headbang to “Freak on a Leash.”) That was in 1998, and five years later the Spawn creator/lawsuit magnet/frivolous spender agreed to pencil a cover for a—wait for it—Canadian hip-hop group that dubbed themselves the Swollen Members. From what we REAL North Americans can tell, these guys’ only notoriety comes from this album cover and an appearance in National Lampoon’s Going the Distance, whatever the hell that is. Heavy just reinforces what a great idea it was for McFarlane to quit drawing.

According to Spawn.com, McFarlane also directed one of the group’s videos, too. I feel obligated to mention, however, that the Swollen Members’ Wikipedia page actually makes them seem like a decent band… as far as Canadian music goes.

Head over to Topless Robot for the full list.

(Oh, and just kidding about the "as far as Canadian music" thing, folks… I promise.)