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ComicMix Radio: Kumar And The Guide To DC Hell

ComicMix Radio: Kumar And The Guide To DC Hell

 We’re back from Comic Con and ready to hit the comic shop in search of so much we saw previewed on the floor in San Diego, plus:

  • Kal (Kumar) Penn shows us how he landed on Fox’s House
  • Keith Giffen prepares us for this week’s visit to the DC Version Of Hell
  • ComicMix‘s Denny O’Neil warms up the BatCave for Gaiman

Get a pen, your shopping list and then Press the Button!

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Comic-Con Photo Gallery: Costumes (Part 3)

Comic-Con Photo Gallery: Costumes (Part 3)

Sometime tomorrow I’ll post a general gallery of some of the creators, sights and swag that made this year’s San Diego Comic-Con memorable, but for now, here’s yet another gallery of some of the costumes that are such a big part of the Comic-Con scene. As I mentioned with the first and second galleries, you have my apologies for the blurriness of some of the photos — it was a wall-to-wall experience on the show floor and not the most ideal environment for photography.


SDCC: ‘Wolverine,’ ‘Twilight,’ ‘Watchmen’ Interviews

SDCC: ‘Wolverine,’ ‘Twilight,’ ‘Watchmen’ Interviews

Entertainment Weekly has posted a load of video interviews from Comic-Con, including a handful with Stephanie Meyer, creator of the Twilight novels, which have been made into a film.

Teen-age girls, commence your screaming.

Another guest to the interview room includes Hugh Jackman, who surprised everyone when he showed up to talk about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The interview with him is right here.

Then, of course, there’s a collection of Watchmen interviews, with the first being r

ight here


And, lastly, EW chatted up Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan about Red Sonja, which your eyeballs can find by clicking right here.

While you’re at it, EW has a pretty expansive bit of


of the Hollywood side of Comic-Con, including TV and movie news.

SDCC: Radical Making Movie News

Comics and movies meet at Comic-Con, and this year Radical appears to be the most forward gal at the dance, so to speak.

The relatively new publishing company announced recently that a film version of its Old West action series Caliber is headed to screens with John Woo attached to direct. In balmy San Diego, they’ve announced another three series getting development deals.

The company has also made deals for Hercules: The Thracian Wars and the mecha book Freedom Formula. Blog@ notes:

Radical Publishing is introducing the five-issue series this week at Comic-Con, and will release the first issue in August. …

The comic, created by Edmund Shern, is set in a future in which racing exo-suits have replaced fighter jets. The story centers on Zee, a genetically engineered racer who transforms himself into the hero of a dying city.

SDCC: ‘Watchmen’ the Game

SDCC: ‘Watchmen’ the Game

Watchmen seems to be officially the big deal of Comic-Con so far, with long lines of people forming just to watch the upcoming film’s trailer at the Warner Bros. booth and to ogle the model of the Owl Ship.

Then there’s news that a tie-in videogame is in the works. The AP has a report.

Warner Bros. announced Wednesday it will release an episodic downloadable video game developed by Deadline Games that will prequel next year’s big-screen adaptation of the "Watchmen" graphic novel pegged to the film’s March debut. Another game that will take place following the first game will be released later in 2009 at the same time as the "Watchmen" DVD.

In the games, players will be able to combat foes as the pointy-eared Nite Owl (played by Patrick Wilson in the film) and inkblot mask-wearing Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). The mature action-brawler will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC and will match the visual style of the film, which is being directed by "300" director Zach Snyder.

Superhero Movies: The Blockbuster List

Superhero Movies: The Blockbuster List

Blockbuster.com has been my preferred movie-by-mail service for more than a few years now, so it was a nice surprise to see them calling out an impressive number of films based on comics in their big summer promotional list.

The list is actually pretty comprehensive, and includes a few titles I wasn’t expecting to be on Blockbuster’s radar as comics-inspired projects (i.e., Road to Perdition). It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to put together a comics-movie marathon this season, or perhaps a themed alternative to the Comic-Con chaos kicking off this week on the West Coast.

Heck, they even included Man-Thing!


(via Scott Hinze)

ComicMix at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

ComicMix at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

San Diego Comic-Con 2008 kicks off Wednesday night in Southern California, and ComicMix will be on location, bringing you everything you need to know — and some things you might not realize you needed to know — about the people, places and geekery that make it one of the most anticipated (or in some cases, feared) events of the year for fans of comics and comics culture.

This year, the ComicMix team will be all over the show, providing you with all of the interviews, daily con reports, audio, video, blogging and photo galleries you’ve come to enjoy here. Our podcast team will be broadcasting each day of the show with special guests from the worlds of comics, TV and film, while the rest of our audio and video crew will be doing their best to capture the people, panels and general vibe of the show for ComicMix readers. If you’re looking to connect some faces with ComicMix names, be sure to check out our official Meet & Greet Schedule at Booth #2308.

Throughout the show, we’ll be updating our San Diego Comic-Con 2008 News Archive with links to every Comic-Con story we post, and if all goes as planned, there should also be a fancy button on the right side of the homepage for quick access to Comic-Con news.

Keep in mind that you can also follow all of our updates on the official ComicMix Twitter Feed, as well as ComicMix on Friendfeed.

Comic-Con: ‘As Important as Sundance’

Comic-Con: ‘As Important as Sundance’

MSN is the latest mainstream media organization to jump all over Comic-Con, announcing plans to post copious amounts of coverage from the event.

In an article under a headline that proclaims Comic-Con to be "as important as Sundance," MSN offers a preview of what’s on tap in San Diego this year and a look back at how the con has grown.

125,000 people. That’s the estimate Comic-Con International provides as the attendance for last year’s massive four-day convention in San Diego. That’s more people than the largest college football or NASCAR stadium can hold. Long portrayed as "geek chic" by the mainstream media, Comic-Con has more than evolved. It’s exploded and it’s gone mainstream. Big-time.

This kind of breathless reporting reminds of the infamous Bob Costas scene in Baseketball: "You’re excited? Feel these nipples!"