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ComicMix TV: New York Minute #1 – Captain Action is Back!

ComicMix TV: New York Minute #1 – Captain Action is Back!

This weekend, beloved 1960s hero Captain Action makes a triumphant return to the comics scene courtesy of Moonstone Books and a big debut at this year’s New York Comic Con. Manhattan comics mainstay Jim Hanley’s Universe recently hosted the Captain Action creative team of Fabian Nicieza, Mark Sparacio and Ruben Procopio for a pre-convention signing and celebration of all things Captain Action.

ComicMix was on the scene with this report:





For more on Captain Action, read our ComicMix interview with writer Fabian Nicieza.


Interview: Fabian Nicieza Talks New ‘Captain Action’ Comic

Interview: Fabian Nicieza Talks New ‘Captain Action’ Comic

Writer Fabian Nicieza’s career spans over twenty years with stints at Marvel, DC and Darkhorse Comics. During that time he’s plotted, edited and written some of the most popular comic books around including Thunderbolts, Cable and Deadpool and Uncanny X-Men.

Recently, Nicieza competed against many other accomplished writers for the chance to bring one of the most beloved heroes from the ‘60s, Captain Action, back to the pages of a brand-new comic book series set to hit stores later this year. His pitch was selected and he’s now hard at work bringing Captain Action back to life.

ComicMix caught up with Nicieza to ask him a few questions about the Captain Action comic, his earlier work, his future and if a hero created and deeply-rooted in the ‘60s has a place in today’s comics culture.

For people who might not know, can you give us a bit of info on your background? How did you get started writing comics? What were your favorites growing up?

FABIAN NICIEZA: I grew up reading comics. Out of college, I interviewed at both Marvel and DC, eventually landing a job at Marvel in 1985. After a couple years of learning the ropes, I started selling some stories to editors. I kept writing and working on staff, eventually, reluctantly, becoming a full-time writer.

I grew up reading Batman and Superman, then gravitated towards Marvel — Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Avengers. Then "offbeat" series like Conan and Captain Marvel. Offbeat for an 11 year old, I guess.

I also got lots of Superman, Justice League, the Engelhart/Rogers Detective run. I bought both Marvel and DC through the early ’80s, until I got the job at Marvel, then I got everything for free for a while.

Free is nice. How much did you know about Captain Action before you started 
writing the comic? Did you ever read the original?

I read the original DC comic, but only because the toy was my favorite as a kid. I had the figures and lots of the costumes.


Airboy Back For More!

Airboy Back For More!

For over a decade, Moonstone has been publishing titles that even non-comic fans would recognize  – The Phantom, Doc Savage and more. Now, they are poised to make some big moves in 2008 and we give you the first look right here –  Plus:

— It looks like Witchblade is headed back to television

The X-Men go manga

— Harry Potter fans get an early Christmas gift

— An ABBA museum… no we aren’t kidding!

Captain Action and Airboy are coming back. Press The Button and we’ll tell you more!

Moonstone soliciting Captain Action pitches

Moonstone soliciting Captain Action pitches

While we’re on the subject of Moonstone Books, Johanna Draper-Carlson reports that they’re looking for pitches for Captain Action, the toy figure from the 60’s best known for being other heroes, as well as a short lived comic book in the 60s from DC.

Quoth Johanna: "Moonstone wants to give CAP his due in comics! We’re looking for proposals of no more than two pages. The premise is entirely up to you! Create a NEW “back story” as well as set CAP on a course for new adventures! We’re looking for that one GREAT IDEA, and we know it’s out there! (Please remember that CAP is a licensed property, and as such, if approved, would be considered “work for hire”.) All proposals will be subject to review. You can e-mail proposals to contact_us@moonstonebooks.com."