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Dr. Evil Returns to Menace Captain Action in July

SOUTH BEND, Indiana – 12/06/2011 – Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises are pleased to announce the addition of Captain Action’s long-time nemesis Dr. Evil to the 2012 Captain Action toy line.

Captain Action, the popular super hero toy from the 1960s returns to toy shelves with new costume sets, including Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America. new costume sets will debut in March 2012.

Dr. Evil, a menacing alien complete with his traditional creepy exposed brain, served as the original antagonist to Captain Action during the 1960s. Just as Captain Action can assume the identities of popular heroes, the new Dr. Evil will assume the identities of villains such as Thor’s evil brother, Loki, and the Red Skull via costume sets. “Every good hero needs an evil counterpart, and who’s more evil than the original Dr. Evil?“ said Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises.

The new figure will be created from all new sculpts and molds, and even add one creative innovation. “The new Dr. Evil will have interchangeable brains! The figure will come with three different brains: a battle brain, a brilliant brain and a bionic brain” said Mike Murphy, Creative Director at Round 2. “Fans will be able to swap the brains in and out of his head with each one having a specific purpose that will aid Dr. Evil to carry out his diabolical schemes!”

Comic legend Joe Jusko is providing the Dr. Evil illustration for the packaging. Dr. Evil and the Loki costume set will be available in July of 2012.

MARC ALAN FISHMAN: Crisis on Infinite Indie Earths

I was going to write an article about The Boys this week. I like The Boys. It’s violent. It’s intriguing. It’s full of rich character moments, surprising plot twists, and gritty and emotionally charged artwork. It’s also very close to finishing. So, I digress. I’ll cover it after it’s over. Spoiler alert. I love the series.

With that off my plate, what to write about? I could rant about why I think it’s a silly idea to bring back the Phoenix Force. I could rant about why I think it’s sillier to bring back Johnny Storm. I could rant about why I think it’s silly that DC rebooted its universe, and it’s already suffering from continuity errors. Nah. How about I just take a big fat crap on The War of the Independents. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So, there I was, looking over the rack a couple weeks back. See, I was a little light that week on books in hand. I gave myself an excuse to nab one more book before I checked out. And there it was at the tail end of the indie racks… War of the Independents. Why not? The cover boasts a bevy of characters from just about every nameable indie cape book you can think of. Bone. Cerebus. The Tick. Scud: The Disposable Assassin. Cassy Hack. Captain Action. Hell, even the Flaming Carrot and Gumby are on the cover. Based on that, and a name that boasts a potential war with them all? There’s no way that could not be awesome, right? It’s like communism. It works on paper. But this here rag, written and occasionally drawn by Dave Ryan, doesn’t work. In fact, if this comic were a person, it would be the drum-beating hippie downing free pints of Ben and Jerry’s at Occupy: Branson.

Disclaimer: I like the Occupy movement in theory. But standing around demanding change isn’t exactly what I’d do to change the world. But I digress.

War of the Independents should be amazing. Getting the permission to work with scads of semi-known characters in a crisis-like setting just makes my mouth water. Who here amongst you would not want to see The Tick and Scud fight alongside Too-Much-Coffee-Man and Milk and Cheese? And then you open the book. Dave Ryan, utilizing every cliché known to comics, pens a tale we’ve already read a million times over… and fails to do anything original with it.

An age-old evil is going across the multiverse killing things. It’s up to a ragtag group of no-names to assemble and save us all. When Captain Action and Madman are on the same page, it’s not the time for prophecies and posturing. When Toyboy and Pokey share page space, it’s not enough to simply have them say “I’ll fight!” and call it a day.

The issue wastes six or seven pages filling us in on a villain as bland as mayo on white. Then Cerebus shows up with a team of people I’ve never heard or seen to fight a muscular super demon… for seven more pages. That’s a little shy of half the book wasted on the kind of crap we’ve read and reread! The other half of the book is just the putting together of the team. You’ve seen this all before. Ryan just hands the reigns over to various authors to pen a panel or two featuring their own creations. And before you know it, the book is over.

Next issue? It’s the all black-hero spectacular. Michael Davis should fire up the death ray. It’s simply not enough to get permission from this pantheon of partial fame, and just plop their character into a panel or two, and hope showing them will be enough. Any fans of the parent books from whence these people came from are hoping to see more than just a silent panel. Comic characters are more than just pretty drawings. War of the Independents thinks it’s simply enough to have them assembled. It’s not.

What I was truly hoping from this book was what the cover itself promised. Page after page of crazy Pérez-packed panels with wave after wave of indie heroes knocking heads with wave after wave of… something. Anything. Zombies. Other villains. Each other. Kids. Puppies. But we never get that far. 31 pages of content yield nothing more than a single fight scene (starring nary a single recognizable hero) and page after page of singularly unimpressive moments. War of the Independents? My Jewish Ass. I’m a firm believer of under-promising and over-delivering. This book should have been called 1 Great Double Page Splash, and Then Some Nonsense. (And the Tick Yells SPOON!)

It’s not a secret that I’m an indie comic creator. Given permission to assemble even a quarter of these creations, I would do more than simply waste time showing them join together. The fun of this idea is all in the fighting. If you’ve got The Badger, The Opossum, and the Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man coming together, forget the subtext. And for the love of God, spend some time honing the art. No offense (because I know how hard it is to make a comic), but Dave Ryan’s panels are just terrible looking. Front to back, page after page… this was a waste of paper, talent, resources, and my money. And nothing gets my ire up more than wasting my money. To steal a contrived writers trick Dave Ryan likes to use… here’s a nice quote to make me sound fancy:

It is well that war is so terrible. We should grow too fond of it.

Robert E. Lee

SUNDAY: John Ostrander

Moonstone Pulp Coming in November.

Moonstone Pulp Coming in November.

Cover: Franchesco!


Cover: Mark Sparacio

Brought to you by New York Times best selling author Nancy Holder and novelist Howard Hopkins!
When young women vanish at a sleazy burlesque club, three beautiful heroines slip undercover and out of their clothes to investigate–and wind up comforting a kidnapper who just might be out of this world. Featuring the delicious Domino Lady, the first appearance of the deadly Golden Amazon in 70 years and introducing the voluptuous new pulp crime-fighter, The Veil!
**Franchesco variant cover can be purchased separately at retail of $5.50
Story: Gary Phillips
Art: Manuel Martin, Ben Hansen
Tones: Jason Jensen
Cover: Mark Maddox
72pgs, grayscale, $6.99

Cover: Mark Maddox


Vertigo’s crime writer Gary Phillips (Angel Town, Cowboys) presents this oversize comic one time event!
For the first time ever Zen freelance spy Derek Flint, the cool curvaceous private eye Honey West, and the mysterious secret agent super-hero Captain Action team up in a story in swingin’ sixties L.A. to battle hippie robots, mobbed-up, ray gun totting gangsters, a wigged out mad scientist, brainwashed GIs and an alien menace we could only called DANGER A-GO-GO. Dig it!

Cover: Paul Gulacy


This is the BIG ONE!
EVERY Captain Action Moonstone appearance ever printed…as well as Lady Action, Action Boy, Captain Action Classified, and Khem!
A one-time printing only!

Learn more about Moonstone Books at http://www.moonstonebooks.com/.
Story: Fabian Nicieza, Steven Grant
Art: Mark Sparacio, etc.
Cover: Paul Gulacy
432pgs, b/w, 7″ x 10″ squarebound, $28.95
ISBN: 978-1-936814-18-3

***RETAILERS INCENTIVE: buy 3 copies and receive one variant incentive Franchesco cover, FREE!

Story: Nancy Holder & Howard Hopkins
Art: Silvestre Szilagyi
Colors: James Brown
Cover: Mark Sparacio
40pgs, color, 7″x10″, $4.50
A Return of the Originals oversize Event!



OCT ’11 releases
RETURN OF THE MONSTERS: The Spider vs Werewolf
Story: Martin Powell
Art: Jay Piscopo
Cover: Dan Brereton
40pgs, grayscale, $3.99
A Return of the Originals event!
A seething, ferocious nightmare from the Spider’s dark past invades New York City, preying upon the innocent and the helpless. Mutilated victims are strewn in the blood-slick streets, and once normal men have become murderous monsters. The Master of Men must face the deadly demons alone. Not even his beloved Nita Van Sloan can be trusted when everyone—including the Spider himself—may not be what they seem.
Story: Mike Bullock
Art: Eric Johns
Cover: Dan Brereton
40pgs, grayscale, $3.99
A Return of the Originals event!
For the first time in history three eras collide in one place as Pulp Fiction’s newest heroine, Death Angel joins forces with Pulp’s enduring vigilante The Black Bat to battle the eternal face of horror, Dracula. Mike (The Phantom) Bullock and rising star Eric Johns bring this spine-tingling tale of darkness, lust and fear to you, wrapped in a visceral cover crafted by horror comic legend Dan Brereton.
Story: Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash
Art: Rock Baker, Jeff Austin
Cover: Dan Brereton
40pgs, grayscale, $3.99
A Return of the Originals event!
The Egyptian sorceress Nephthys has promised to build her mummified mistress the perfect mate. Together, they cut a bloody swath across 1930’s Hollywood in search of the last few perfect bodies to harvest to complete the process. The last thing Nepthys or the mummy expected to run across was The Domino Lady, a perfect body that fights back.
Story: Aaron Shaps
Art: Andrew Froedge
Cover: Dan Brereton
40pgs, grayscale, $3.99
A Return of the Originals event!
One of the greatest crimefighters in pulp history crosses paths with the most iconic monster in all of pop culture! Frankenstein’s monster is on a rampage in New York, leaving a trail of destruction—and dead bodies—in his wake, but before the Phantom Detective can stop him, the World’s Greatest Sleuth must contend with the insidious, occult Nazi brotherhood known as the Order of the Black Sun!
Justice Machine #2
Writer: Mark Ellis
Art: David Enebral/Mar Degano
Cover: Jeff Slemons
32 Pages, color, $3.99
The Justice Machine: Object of Power #2 (of 3)
As The Justice Machine battles to survive in a shocking new reality, they are torn by personal horrors and tragedies…but the countdown to enslave all of humanity has begun and the Machine must face their most implacable foe—Darkforce! Their demonic arch-enemy has returned for a deadly confrontation that will remake the Earth or ensure its final destruction!
The saga of the legendary super-team continues!
Airboy presents the Airfighters
Story: Jeff Limke
Art: Giovanni Timpano
Cover: Tom Grindberg
40pgs, grayscale, $3.99
Air Fighters: Insurrection.
Starring Airboy, Sky Wolf, Flying Dutchman, Black Angel, and Flying Fool!
A botched mission forces the Air Fighters into a standoff against
Vichy soldiers, leaving the fate of concentration camp prisoners
teetering in the balance.
(W) Steven L Frank and Pals (A) Various
32pgs, color, $3.99
Each issue features killer stories by some of the top indie writers and artists out there. This anthology, and the awesome covers that showcase it, is a read not to be missed if you enjoy horror or humor, or both (humror?)! See what all the buzz is about in the pages of ZvC!
Bill McKay (50%) Ryan Kincaid/Jason Worthington (20%) Pasquale Qualano (20%) Ben Hansen (10%)
Vampire, PA: Pittsburgh Noir Limited HC
J.C. Vaughn, Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
Full Color / 104 Pages / Hardcover, $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-936814-13-8
Vampires in suburbia? Dean Marklin didn’t believe in vampires until a beautiful one tried to kill him! Now he’s a vampire hunter trying to hold onto what’s left of normal life. How do you think that’s working out for him? This new limited edition hardcover collects Moonstone’s three-issue Vampire, PA mini-series, bonus story pages, and the prose short story that inspired it, from the writer of Zombie-Proof and Bedtime Stories for Impressionable Children. Visit Western Pennsylvania’s oddly vampire-rich environment! Cover by Mark Wheatley.
*Note: All copies ordered on initial orders come with a signed bookplate.
Story: Steven Grant
Art: Reno Maniquis, Manual Martin
Cover: Art Thibert
120pgs, Color, 7” x 10”, HC, $36.95
The new adventures of the original super-hero action figure continue as the original Captain Action, and his son Cole, the new Captain Action, face the insidious challenges of the Red Crawl. And along the way they encounter Lady Action, Patriot Power, Crescent and…Dr. Eville! The full story arc from “Season 2” including the epilogue is collected here.
(story) Ian Ng
(Art) Mark Sparacio
(Colors) Abe Melendez
32pgs, color, $2.99

Julian and Solarra face off against mercenaries to rescue a man from their grasp, leading to a tenuous partnership. The enigmatic man leads them into the bowels of antiquity in search of a fearful artifact.
Moonstone introduces a creator-owned effort from Mark
Sparacio (Captain Action, Jonah Hex) and newcomer Ian Ng, in full color.
Two Covers (75/25 split)

Moonstone’s Modern Myths – The Blackest Terror #1
(W) Eric M Esquivel (A) Ander Sarabia
32pgs, B&W, $2.99
The Blackest Terror is a pioneer in what sociologists have dubbed “the super hero subculture”, a collection of racial and social minorities who feel underserved by the mainstream legal system and have decided to take matters into their own costumed hands.
How will the world react to these benevolent outlaws? Will they become celebrated symbols of humankind’s capacity for good or hated catalysts of a bloody revolution? This is a new breakout series not to be missed.
Captain Action and The Phantom to finally meet

Captain Action and The Phantom to finally meet

We missed posting something about this the other day but it’s still cool enough for us to talk about. The revival of Captain Action now means he can begin meeting the super-heroes his action figure incarnation transformed into. This begin in March with Moonstone’s release of Phantom Action, a crossover between King Feature’s classic comic strip hero, and Captain Action.

According to the official release, the Ghost Who Walks is captured and his wife Diana pleads with Captain Action to help. “It turns out the young Captain Action has had a crush on Diana since his teenage years, so that makes for an interesting dynamic”, said series writer Mike Bullock. The two-issue mini-series is pencilled by Reno and will offer a variety of covers by artists Art Thibert, Mark Sparacio and Michael T. Gilbert.

The Phantom was one of the original set of heroes the figure could become when introduced in the 1960s. When Playing Mantis had the license in the 1990s, they included Lee Falk’s jungle hero as one of the revival figures. Currently, Cast-A-Way has announced plans to release an 8” Mego-sized Captain Action as the Phantom figure complete with long slide Colt .45s, as well as the Phantom’s signature rings. 

 “My dad has always been a big Phantom fan. As a boy, he just loved the Witman 1944 Phantom book and the weekly Sunday strip. I know I was reading too much into it, but as a child I felt there was some sort of father-son legacy when I dressed my original Captain Action as the Phantom”, said Captain Action Enterprises’ Retropreneur, Ed Catto.

“The Phantom set was one I always wished I had for my Captain Action, so it’s fitting we’re able to bring the characters back together again,” said Joe Ahearn of Captain Action Enterprises, LLC. “Recently, Cast-A-Way toys created new Mego-sized Captain Action and Phantom figures. We might soon have some additional announcements about these toys as well.”

Captain Action was revived in comics last year and has been met with mixed reaction, prompting Catto and Ahearn to consider some form of revamp in the coming year. They’ve already introduced a Lady Action to interact with the hero, who is currently portrayed as the son of the original.

More Obama comics

More Obama comics

First Savage Dragon went in with the endorsement. Spider-Man followed up with the inauguration appearance. Then Mad. Now we have the upcoming Captain Action #5 from Moonstone, where the hero actually becomes Obama.

For a hero who is already known for becoming Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Aquaman, the Phantom, The Lone Ranger, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Sgt. Fury, Steve Canyon, and the Green Hornet, putting Obama in that pantheon is pretty darn awesome.

Review: ‘Captain Action’ #1

Review: ‘Captain Action’ #1

I know way too much about comics. Far more than is healthy. But there are, understandably, a few characters here and there that I either know very little about, either because I never really came across them or I did but found them terribly uninteresting and so dismissed them, soon forgetting what I had learned.

[[[Captain Action]]] happens to be such a character. I remembered he first appeared in the 1960s, wore a costume that resembled a futuristic police officer’s with a chest symbol that reminded me to recycle, and was based on an action figure. And that was it. I remembered nothing else. So when I was asked to review the first issue of the new Captain Action series, on sale today, I thought “Perfect. I can truly look at this as a first-time fan and objectively judge if this would be interesting to someone who has no previous knowledge of the character.”

I read it and found it to be a strange mix of too much information at once and not enough.

We begin with a [[[Superman]]]-like character called Savior. His narration explains who he is and reveals that he secretly blew up a place called A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate. On page two, we find out that half of what we just read is a lie. This is not Savior, but a person disguised as Savior. This is our hero, Captain Action, who crashes into a statue of his father and proceeds to unleash a massive information dump on the readers in a very awkward monologue.

Apparently, there was once a hero called Captain Action (the original guy from the 1960s). The shape-shifter we’ve just met is his son, the new Captain Action, who has the ability to look like other people and copy their abilities, but only for a short time. Exactly how long he can disguise himself and how long afterward he has to wait before he mimics someone again is not made clear.

The new Captain Action wanted nothing to do with the life of a super-hero, despite his powers, but now feels forced to act since his father was killed by a group of super-heroes that an organization called A.C.T.I.O.N. had “created” to defend the Earth. What “created” means is not fully explained. The new Captain Action informs us that these heroes, Savior included, were somehow turned into sleeper agents, thus why they went rogue later. Exactly how they became sleeper agents is not explained, though a group called Red Crawl is blamed. Apparently, Red Crawl was defeated long ago and everyone believed they were dead, except for the original Captain Action. Now they’re back and causing trouble.


ComicMix Radio: Captain Action Leads The Pack

ComicMix Radio: Captain Action Leads The Pack

This is that rainy day Mom always told you about, at least in the comic stores. It’s a huge week with a lot of great stuff and we help you wade through it all, plus:

  • A Comics Campaign Collectible up on eBay
  • Transformers debut on DS
  • Fabian Nicenza celebrates the return of Captain Action

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ComicMix Radio: Two Morrows Celebrates Comics

ComicMix Radio: Two Morrows Celebrates Comics

No matter what era of comics you enjoy, chances are Two Morrows has a magazine or trade PB covering it. We give you a rundown of what’s new and on the way, plus:

  • That Captain Action statue finally debuts
  • The latest ratings are in for pop culture series
  • We have some watercooler stories about new cartoon series you will NOT believe

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ComicMix Radio: This Captain Has Action!

ComicMix Radio: This Captain Has Action!

Today, Moonstone launches their revival of Captain Action with a special panel featuring Murphy Anderson, series artist Mark Sparacio and Disney animator Ruben Procopio who created a special sculpture for the event.

We have a sneak preview!


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