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Buffy Back On The CW

We take a few more minutes with COMMUNITY‘S Allison Brie (can you blame us) about what’s on her mind, plus Comic Sales reports AND Guess Who is back on the CW in the fall?

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Review: ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Motion Comic’

[[[Buffy the Vampire Slayer]]] never was a ratings darling but it caught the cultural zeitgeist and was an important factor in pop culture during its seven season run (1997-2003). Thankfully, when the series ended, showrunner Joss Whedon felt the characters weren’t done yet and agreed to continue their story in the pages of the Dark Horse comic. Dubbed Season Eight, the 40 issue run completes its run this month with a ninth season on tap.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment decided to capitalize on the interest by hiring a company to turn the comics into motion comics but stopped after 19 issues. Available through Amazon Video on Demand and iTunes since July, they generated minimal buzz. They have now been collected on disc and is available as a combo pack (Blu-ray and DVD).

The reason there was so little said about them is that they are pretty mediocre, more reminiscent of the Lawrence Gantry Marvel cartoons of the 1960s than the [[[Watchmen]]] motion comics that are technically far superior. First of all, the characters barely move and speak without any attempt to animate their mouths. CGI-added effects don’t mix well with the blow-ups of Georges Jeanty’s excellent art.

The vocal casting is terrible as no attempt is made to come close to the characters as we’ve come to recognize them. I don’t recognize any of the names in the credits and they probably were hired on the cheap, much like the animation. As a result, the superb scripting from Whedon, Jane Espenson, Bran K. Vaughn, and Drew Goddard is spoiled.

Interestingly, the cinematic dissolves and smash cuts between scenes in the comic, which work well in a static medium, feel jarring and disjointed when animated. Again no effort has been made to smooth over transitions but merely imitate the comic without considering how to adapt from one medium to another. Each issue is adapted in about 11 minute installments and all the art and dialogue are present so the story progresses through the first half of the season. We get new threats, old friends, and a nice mix of humor and high drama as we explore a world with all the slayers active.

Buffy remains front and center with Willow and Xander as her lieutenants but poor Dawn has issues of her own that keep her from being anything but a distraction (and comic relief). Of the 1800 slayers now active, some 500 work directly for Buffy, broken into teams of 10 and under Xander’s one watchful eye. At the time, much was made of Buffy’s one-night stand with Satsu, but Jane Espenson expressed surprise since doing the unexpected is one of the hallmarks of the series. Sarah Michelle Gellar also approved of the character development so let’s move on.

The DVD release comes complete with limited edition Jo Chen packaging and a reprint of the issue. There are minimal extras including five minutes shot at this past summer’s comic-con as Jane Espenson, Jo Chen, John Cassady and some fans natter on about the show’s impact and how cool the comic continuation is (which is absolutely accurate). And now you need the comics to find out what happens since the nineteenth and final motion comics leaves many unresolved threads.

The Point Radio: More on COMMUNITY plus Buffy Death?

The Point Radio: More on COMMUNITY plus Buffy Death?

NBC’s COMMUNITY has had a pretty wild second season so far including trips to outer space and a zombie attack. Where can they go from here. Danny Pudi (Abed) tells us about the view from within the show – plus bad news in the BuffyVerse and Bale Says Bye To Bats. 

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Crazy Sexy Geeks: New Episodes and More to Come

Crazy Sexy Geeks: New Episodes and More to Come

Due to Comic-Con and, frankly, the economy, “Crazy Sexy Geeks: The Series” has been on hiatus for a short while. But thanks to a few fan donations, the show is coming back with new episodes.

These episodes will cover such topics as “gays in mainstream comics”, more on “women superheroes”, a look at “what you should be reading” featuring author Victoria Laurie and comic writer Jimmy Palmiotti, and chats with celebrities such as Paul Wesley of “The Vampire Diaries” and Emma Caulfield of the recent movie Timer and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Tim Gunn has also promised to come back for further fashion discussions on superheroes, due to the high positive response of his last visit to the show that got rave reviews from many, including NPR. If you didn’t catch that special two-part discussion on the fashion of Superman, Robin, the Hulk, Power Girl, Black Canary, Catwoman and others, then check them out!

For those of you who missed the last couple of episodes of Crazy Sexy Geeks, we’ve got them for you right here.


2010 LuLu Awards to be held at LBCC, Nominations are open!

2010 LuLu Awards to be held at LBCC, Nominations are open!

Attention all you Left Coast comic fans, with a love for the ladies! At the upcoming Long Beach Comic Con, you can attend the 2010 LuLu Awards. Brought to you by the recently reinvigorated Friends Of Lulu, the LuLu’s celebrate female creators in comics, and gives them a boost within the community in hopes to not only recognize the good work contributed by women in the field, but to also extend the readership of the comic reading community at large. Let’s face face it guys… a few extra ladies coming out to the shop on Wednesday’s would sure help us earn some cred with those snobby LARPers, right?

This year, fans can lend their voices to the LuLu’s, as they’ve made it open season for nomination. Fans can suggest their favorite XX chromosomed creator for such awards as the Kim Yale Award for Best New Talent, LuLu of the Year, Woman of Distinction, the Leah Adezio Award for Best Kid-Friendly Work, Female Comic Creator’s Hall of Fame (this year’s winner joins one of my personal favorite creators, Gail Simone!), and Best Female Character.

So, ready to vote? We knew you were! Visit the Comics Are For Everyone Blog to vote for this year’s favorites. When you’re done voting, pour yourself a cosmo, flip on a solid episode of Buffy, and visit the Long Beach Comic Con’s site so you can score yourself some tickets to see the very awards you just voted for!

Crazy Sexy Geeks: Celebrity Wonder Woman Debate!

Crazy Sexy Geeks: Celebrity Wonder Woman Debate!

Super hero costumes are often criticized by fans and non-fans alike. In particular, the female costumes can sometimes seem a bit too revealing or impractical. Even Wonder Woman is occasionally given guff and there are those who say that if they ever made a new movie with her, her swimsuit-like battle armor would have to go.

So we of Crazy Sexy Geeks: The Series decided to ask people: Should Wonder Woman wear pants? Are the shorts or skirt too impractical?

Join us as we discuss and debate this issue with every day comic fans, professional artist Gene Ha (Top Ten, Global Frequency), fashion consultant Tim Gunn, actress Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), actress/writer Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Contropussy.com), digital painter Alayna Lemmer, and the American Gladiators known as Phoenix and Venom. That’s tons of pretty girls talking about the ultimate female super hero! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Alan Kistler is an actor and freelance writer who has been recognized by Warner Bros. Pictures and major media outlets as a comic book historian. He is looking for a new day job, so if you’re hiring you should absolutely get in touch with him.

‘Dollhouse’ provides employment for Whedon regulars Glau and Denisof

‘Dollhouse’ provides employment for Whedon regulars Glau and Denisof

In a recession, you do a mitzvah find work for your friends and people you’ve worked with before. No one follows that maxim more nowadays than Joss Whedon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon’s Dollhouse added five new cast members: Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly/Serenity) as Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a past with character Echo (Eliza Dushku); and Alexis Denisof (Angel) is a US Senator heading a witch hunt to track the hidden organization. Also joining up are Battlestar Galatica veterans Jamie Bamber, who will play a charming businessman and husband to Echo; and Michael Hogan joins the cast hoping to stop a killing rampage.

We also understand that Keith Carradine (Dexter) becomes an arch rival of Dollhouse leader Adelle, but we can’t figure out what role he played on Buffy the Vampire Slaye— oh! He must have been one of the Gentlemen from “Hush”.

The Point -Joey Pants Directs A Film!

The Point -Joey Pants Directs A Film!

From THE MATRIX to DAREDEVIL to THE SOPRANOS, Joe Pantliano has entertained in front of the camera. Now he steps behind it for a new film that he showcases with us — plus even more Doctor Who on the way and a Buffy Movie. Really?

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ComicMix Radio: Great Gift For The Whedon-phile

ComicMix Radio: Great Gift For The Whedon-phile

In our never ending quest to dig up cool and unusual gifts, we offer up the one thing that Buffy fan on your list probably doesn’t have – a CD full of original songs dedicated to Their Favorite Slayer,  plus:

  • Free comics from Asylum?
  • Marvel brings up Bad Guy Variants
  • Grab Clive Barker on UClick

Get ready to hear Buffy tunes that will stick in your head until New Year’s – just Press the Button!


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