Forbes Picks McDuck

Forbes Magazine is out with their fairly annual list of the wealthiest 15 fictional characters, and our pal Scrooge is on top of the list. 
Forbes offers complete explanations and profiles of each choice, and they’re a hoot. But I’ll get ahead of you on the #4 choice: Mom isn’t your mom or Dave Letterman’s mom; it’s Mom from Futurama.
The list:
1. Scrooge McDuck
2. Ming The Merciless
3. Richie Rich
4. Mom
5. Jed Clampett
6. C. Montgomery Burns
7. Carter Pewterschmidt
8. Bruce Wayne
9. Thurston Howell III
10. Tony Stark
11. Fake Steve Jobs
12. Gomez Addams
13. Willy Wonka
14. Lucius Malfoy
15. Princess Peach
For pragmatic reasons, Santa Claus was eliminated from the list. According to many Forbes readers, Santy ain’t fictional – and our economy is going swell.