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‘My Name Is Bruce’ Gets Release Date… and Sequel!

‘My Name Is Bruce’ Gets Release Date… and Sequel!

While it’s not exactly comics-related (though Dark Horse Entertainment will serve as distributor), it’s still big news for just about every comics fan I know: Yes, Bruce Campbell’s next film, My Name Is Bruce, finally has a release date!

ShockTillYouDrop.com, who spoke with Dark Horse president Mike Richardson during the Saturn Awards last week, has reported the film is due out in October. Directed by Campbell himself, and featuring a script by Mark Verheiden, the film’s plot involves the real-life Bruce Campbell being mistaken for the character he played in his Evil Dead films and forced to fight a demon in order to save a town.

The film was first screened almost a year ago, but a string of delays caused many to doubt whether it would ever be seen in theaters.

But that’s not all, according to the movie website:

Richardson said that a sequel, titled My Name is Still Bruce, is in the works as well. Dark Horse Entertainment and Image Entertainment will distribute both films.


(Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)


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ComicMix Radio: From Battlestar To Bruce Campbell

ComicMix Radio: From Battlestar To Bruce Campbell

Now that Battlestar Galactica has started on the road to its series finale, co-executive producer Mark Verheiden is turning to other creative avenues, including his new DVD feature with Bruce Campbell, The Teen Titans and his wishlist of creator-owned comics. In our ComicMix exclusive, he shares his plans, plus:

— Stan Lee’s new manga project to debut at NYCC

— Cartoon  Network announces "Fantasy Friday"

— Fell left out with Battlestar? Here’s a quick refresher!

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Dark Horse Ark Movie

Dark Horse Ark Movie

Columbia Pictures plans to produce a film based on Mark Verheiden’s story, The Ark.  The producers are Neal Moritz and Mike Richardson.  Verheiden will adapt his story.

Moritz is already working on The Green Hornet and Evan Almighty.

Verheiden and Richardson, you’ll recall, did Timecop as a comic, a movie and a TV show.  They also worked on The Mask. Mark’s the current writer on Superman/Batman, is an executive producer on Battlestar Galactica, finishing work on the new Bruce Campbell biopic, and a long-time comics fan.