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‘The Dark Knight’ Viral Marketing Prizes Revealed

‘The Dark Knight’ Viral Marketing Prizes Revealed

Yesterday’s news about the latest viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight had fans running to mysterious locations. For what? Money? A party? Adam West trying to fit in the Batsuit?

We guessed it had something to do with bowling from the clues in the message, and it turns out we were right. We should get a cookie… or a batsuit. Nevertheless, the lucky people who figured that out first and arrived at the locations teased in the campaign received something even better: a bowling bag. Inside the bag was a Joker-themed bowling ball with a number on it, and an evidence bag with a cell phone inside it. When winners called the number, a creepy voice let them know "we know who you are now." *shiver*

G4TV’s Attack of the Show managed to get one of the prizes and made a video about it. See for yourself what you would’ve gotten if you had pressed "turbo" on the Batmobile a little earlier.


Oh, and ComicMix reader Russ Rodgers alerted us to another viral marketing website for The Dark Knight, Acme Security Systems. Sure, it looks pretty legit — but they protect against Fear Toxin?

Batman burns again!

Batman burns again!

First, it was stately Wayne Manor, as seen in Batman Begins. Now it’s the Gotham National Bank, to be seen in the forthcoming sequel, The Dark Knight.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the city’s former main post office – a 17-story building with an Interstate expressway running right through it – reported a roof fire late this morning. A crew was setting up for the next shoot; the Warner Bros. picture is once again using downtown Chicago locations to provide the look and feel of Gotham City.

The fire appeared to have started in a 16th-story marchine room and was extinguished within a half-hour. It is not clear if the fire was related to the filming, but local officeworkers who saw the smoke initially dismissed it as part of the shoot.

Just last week it was revealed that after filming was completed the building was going to be converted into quality shops, condos and offices. The bit about the expressway cutting through the building goes back 100 years, when architect Daniel Burnham designed the passage for horse-and-buggy transportation. It was finally built in the late 1950s.

I guess they could have had the Batmobile in mind at the time.