Tommy Hancock, PULP ARK Coordinator, announces today that Pro Se Productions, the host and primary sponsor of PULP ARK, the convention/creator’s conference being held May 13-15, 2011 in Batesville, Arkansas, has produced PULP ARK AWARD Badges and Bullets that can be put on covers, websites, etc. by the winners of this year’s awards.

The PULP ARK AWARDS covered ten categories and each winner in each category received via email today a Badge and Bullet to be used in future advertising, on covers, posters, and any other merchandise or manner the winners wish to use them.

“Our winners,” Hancock stated, “will receive award plaques at PULP ARK, but we wanted to do this as something a little extra, something special for them.  We’ll also have a PULP ARK Nominee bullet for all the nominees as well in a day or three.”

These fantastic badges and bullets were designed by Sean E. Ali, Pro Se’s Design Coordinator.