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November 4, 2011

NEW Radio Set: Box Thirteen, Volume 2

“Adventure wanted. Will go anyplace, do anything. Box Thirteen.” This want ad, placed by reporter turned mystery writer Dan Holiday in the Star-Times serves as the centerpiece of ‘Box Thirteen’, a classic mystery adventure program starring screen legend Alan Ladd.
Born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Alan Ladd found his way to Hollywood, California by his high school years. Finding work initially on the radio, landing roles such as ‘The Richfield Reporter,” Ladd also began appearing in several films, taking the small roles he could get. The part that would change Ladd’s life forever and cement him as a movie tough guy came in 1942. Playing Raven, a conscientious murderer for hire, in ‘This Gun For Hire,’ Ladd gained fame for being able to play hard-boiled characters with at least some heart.
Now a leading man, Ladd played his hard bitten world wearied warrior with a soul in films now considered classics – including the role he’s most known for, Shane. With the creation of his own production company, Mayfair in 1948, Ladd found yet another way to turn the skills he’d become famous for into a program that radio listeners would thrill to decades after its original run.
In “Box Thirteen,” Ladd played Dan Holiday, a journalist who was now an author of mystery fiction. Interested in writing the most successful and thrilling stories possible, Holiday placed an ad in the paper he worked for – the Star-Times. Apparently prospering as a mystery writer, Holiday rarely charged a fee to any of the colorful clients that crossed his path, most of whom needed his assistance in one way or another.
Even on a rail thin budget, “Box Thirteen” was a fairly high-quality program. Writer Russell Hughes supplied the show with witty, engaging scripts and many of radio’s acting professionals, including Betty Lou Gerson, Lurene Tuttle, Alan Reed, Joseph Kearns, Frank Lovejoy, John Beal, and others, lent their talents to ‘Box Thirteen’ throughout its run.
“Box Thirteen” clearly showcased Alan Ladd at his best. Known largely for tough guy roles in film, this series allowed Ladd to take his charisma and stoic presence from the screen and apply it to a good guy character in a different medium. The show’s format also guaranteed that each week, something new and exciting awaited Holiday and the show’s listeners. This second volume of twelve episodes restored to the highest quality continues Holiday’s adventures into the mystery and unknown that he discovered every week when he checked ‘Box Thirteen.’ Available today on CD for $17.98 and as a digital download for $11.98!

by Tommy Hancock

Adapting a story from one medium to another is never an easy task. Difficulty increases when the tale being adapted is a classic work first written hundreds of years ago and those adapting it have to figure out a way to make it work for their intended audience. So many things can go wrong with this process; too much can be cut out of the story, making it something else entirely; too much of the original work gets included, adding unnecessary weight and exposition to the new product; or the sensibilities of the intended consumers isn’t considered enough and what is produced seems boring and tepid to said consumers. So it’s a hard journey, this road of adaptation, sometimes.
Fortunately for Old Time Radio enthusiasts today, this trip was a successful one for the people behind The Adventures of Marco Polo, Volume 1. Written originally in 1300, this seminal work, part adventure tale and part exotic travelogue, not only told a wonderfully exciting tale of world travels and of a wayward boy growing into a legendary explorer, but it also set the standard for both future volumes of this sort as well as for the men those volumes would be about. Many explorers from the 1300s into the modern day cite one of their earliest inspirations to breach the unknown around them, being the thrill of reading about Polo and the Kublai Khan and the wondrous things Polo encountered on his journeys. This appeal over the centuries is just one factor that likely led to George Edwards, a noted Australian radio performer and producer, to adapting the book into a radio serial in the 1940s.
The Adventures of Marco Polo, Volume 1, is a great OTR collection for several reasons. As already stated, the material was suited for adaptation due to both its popularity and its content. Also, the assembled cast and staff behind its production speak volumes for quality. Edwards, known as much for his ability to mimic hundreds if not more voices as he is for the shows he produced, lends his incredible talent to this production. Filling the roles of many of the characters, the most intriguing task Edwards takes on is playing both Marco Polo and the Kublai Khan. It’s truly a treat listening to this show and knowing when these two distinct sounding characters are having a conversation, it’s Edwards talking to himself!
If you’re looking for dialogue laden completely character driven audio, The Adventures of Marco Polo may not be your bag. That’s not really a negative with this show, though. The narrative moves the story along at a pretty quick clip at the slowest moments and at a nearly breakneck speed in the action scenes. In this program, narration and dialogue comfortably compliment each other, making what might have seemed dry to some readers in school actually exciting and vibrant to the listener.
Another aspect of this program that is done extremely well is how it’s handled as a serial. Serialization, like adaptation, is as much art as it is work. Building the tension in small snippets of story just right to leave the listener wanting more is no easy chore. The Adventures of Marco Polo is a well paced, finely crafted serial, its cliffhangers and surprise twists of which there are a few are written and delivered in a manner that hooks the listener for the rest of the ride.
The Adventures of Marco Polo, Volume 1 from Radio Archives is a wonderful program for those interested in serial adventures and/or history period. Combine the pacing, the performance, and the production quality with the fact that it has been restored by Radio Archives to the finest sound quality possible and this collection is a must have for fans of Old Time Radio, history, serials, or just those who like a well told tale. Only $20.98 for the Seven hour CD set or $13.98 for the Digital Download version.



Radio Archives, known as a leading producer of quality Audio collections as well as a popular purveyor of Pulp Fiction announces the blending of the two in its latest product line. Not only is Radio Archives adding twelve new audiobooks to its future lineup, it is doing so with the direction of perhaps the best known Pulp expert and author of the modern era. Acting as series producer, historian/author Will Murray lends his name to Radio Archive’s newest line of audiobooks. Will Murray’s Pulp Classics are now available from Radio Archives and take both Pulp and audio to a whole new level!
Murray’s involvement with past Radio Archives projects led to this new innovation in sharing Pulp classics with today’s audience. “Like everything about my association with RadioArchives.com,” stated Murray, “it was like being struck by lightning. They had just released the first two Doc Savage audiobooks and were preparing The Spider and Secret Agent X, which I had recommended to them, when Tom Brown suggested expanding the line under the umbrella of Will Murray’s Pulp Classics.”
With the success of the Doc Savage audiobooks, based on Murray’s Doc novels, and the early indicators that The Spider audiobook was a hit, discussion of this project turned toward what other classic characters would get the Will Murray’s Pulp Classic treatment. “We already had a full Spider program planned, and the first Secret Agent X novel, The Torture Trust, mapped out,” Murray explained, “so Tom and I hashed out a number of titles that would both compliment and contrast those. As a kind of pulp alternate-reality version of Batman, the Black Bat was a natural. Since Zombies are all the rage, who better than the past master of the undead, Dr. Death? With the legions of weird menaces like mad scientists, vampires and—yes, more Zombies—that he fought, G-8 and His Battles Aces, made sense. And for a dose of Untouchables-style reality, George Fielding-Eliot’s hard-fighting G-Man, Dan Fowler. In almost every case, we’re launching each character with his inaugural exploit.”
Although the stories used in Will Murray’s Pulp Classics first appeared in print during the heyday of the Pulp magazines, Murray sees the transition of these tales to audiobooks as a good and logical one. “Pulp fiction endures because in contrast to the bloated novels modern publishers insist on foisting upon the reading public, vintage pulp fiction tells a fast-moving, never-flagging, riveting narrative that holds you in your seat until you careen to The End. Audiobooks demand that the reader’s attention be held tightly. Whether it’s Doc Savage, the Spider or Dan Fowler, pulp novels are a perfect fit. I’ve had several of my Destroyer novels adapted as audiobooks in years past, but this is the first time I’d been hands-on in this medium since I worked with Roger Rittner on the Adventures of Doc Savage radio series.”
Murray looks forward to the future of the Pulp Classics line and sees the customers and listeners as a vital part of it. “For the first year, we’re going to be introducing our top heroes. The buying public will tell us whether they want more G-8, Dr. Death or the Spider. And I’m sure that same audience will make suggestions. I’d like to do some horror and fantasy pulp writers, like A. Merritt and William Hodgson, a few exceptional Westerns, and high adventures in the Talbot Mundy vein. But pulp fans prefer heroes, so we’ll see if, for example, we can find a Dan Turner detective story that works as an audiobook. Ultimately, I hope we can mine all the major pulp genres. We expect involved and excited listeners will be the ones to surprise us, not vice versa.”
The first two entries in Will Murray’s Pulp Classics are now available from Radio Archives.


If Batman ever had a brother, he would be the pulp hero called the Black Bat.
Both bat-caped heroes debuted in the same year, 1939. It was a strange coincidence. Blame The Shadow for that. He was in his eighth year fighting crime in the pages of his celebrated pulp magazine, and Orson Welles was bringing him to life on radio, when two different publishers decided the time was perfect to copy The Shadow.
Batman was the creation of artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. He debuted in Detective Comics #37, dated March, 1939, in “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,” which was freely adapted from the 1936 Shadow mystery, Partners of Peril.
At virtually the same time, over at the Thrilling Group pulp house, editor in chief Leo Margulies asked prolific writer Norman A. Daniels to create a new hero for Black Book Detective magazine. Daniels came up with a character he called the Tiger. Margulies liked his idea, but decided the new hero should be more mysterioso, like The Shadow, and renamed him the Black Bat. The new nemesis of criminals was first published in the July, 1939 Black Book Detective.
As they appeared on the covers of their respective magazines, Batman and the Black Bat were strikingly similar. While the Black Bat lacked Batman’s signature spread-winged chest emblem and bat-ears on his cowl, both had similar finned gauntlets. 
The similarities did not go much beyond their ebony costumes. The Black Bat was a district attorney named Anthony Quinn—this was long before the actor of that name made the scene. Blinded by a cowardly criminal, Quinn lost his sight, his face acid-scarred around the eyes. No longer able to practice law, Quinn retired. But a miracle eye transplant restored his sight, and more. Quinn discovered that he could see in the dark. This gave him inspiration.
Gathering together a small band of assistants—reformed conman “Silk” Kirby and muscleman “Butch” O’Leary—Quinn decided to wage an unrelenting secret war on the criminal element. Joining him is lovely Carol Baldwin. It was the corneas of her dying policeman father which were grafted into Tony’s own eyes, restoring his sight.
The first Black Bat adventure, Brand of the Black Bat, relates all that. It’s a stirring story of crime and corruption, and of a courageous avenger determined to track down the vicious gangster who robbed him of his brilliant career, all the while thwarting Captain MacGrath of the N.Y.P.D., who suspects Quinn and the Black Bat are one and the same. For like The Shadow, but unlike Batman, The Bat carries a brace of .45 automatics and the will to use them. This does not make the cloaked vigilante popular with the police.
There has never been a media crossover for this long-running pulp hero. No radio show, no movie serial, no comic books. So it is with justifiable pride that RadioArchives.com lures the Black Bat out of the shadows of his original era and into the 21st century with his first audiobook, read with impeccable skill and fidelity by the accomplished Michael McConnohie.  Brand of the Black Bat is available now from Radio Archives for $14.98 for Audio CDs and $9.98 for the Digital Download!


Prince of the Red Looters, the first audio adventure of The Spider and the first of Will Murray’s Pulp Classics, packs mile-a-minute thrills as Richard Wentworth races to discover the identity of The Fly, one of the Spider’s most fiendish foes. A master of the blade who can anticipate The Spider’s every move, The Fly is bent on The Spider’s destruction, leaving The Fly’s criminal organization free to loot, maim, and kill.
Producer/Director Roger Rittner says, “Prince of the Red Looters is an astounding accomplishment, wedding dynamic narration from two unique stars of stage and screen, specially selected sound effects, and a complete period music score.”
Prince of the Red Looters is available now in a six-CD set, priced at $19.98, with original cover art and special bonus features. The audiobook is also available as an MP3 Digital Download, including the special bonus feature, at just $13.98.
Also, RadioArchives.com first two Doc Savage audiobooks, Will Murray’s Python Isle and White Eyes continue to garner accolades from Doc fans as well as those just discovering the greatest adventure hero of the 1930s.
Python Isle, narrated by Michael McConnohie, and White Eyes, narrated by Richard Epcar, are available in impressive CD sets and as digital downloads. Python Isle and White Eyes are also available in special Signed Director’s Editions.
Like your audiobooks Adventure filled and Pulpy? Then RadioArchives.com is the right place for you!


Yesteryear or Today, Pulp Fiction is where readers find adventure, suspense, justice, and thrills a minute! And The Pulp Book Store is where the finest of Pulp can be found! Whether you’re seeking Classic Pulp tales from legendary authors or you’re looking for new tales of derring do by today’s writers, all of it and more is right here for you in The Pulp Book Store!

Find these and more in the Pulp Book Store!
The Dark Avenger and Harry Vincent share center stage in two thrilling tales of lost treasure by Walter Gibson writing as “Maxwell Grant.” First, The Shadow and his ablest agent journey to Michigan timber country in The Golden Quest, a thrilling tale of deadly avarice, betrayal and a forgotten gold mine. Then, a supercrook preys upon aristocratic refugees from the Spanish civil war, leading The Shadow into a deadly dual with The Masked Headsman. This instant collector’s item showcases both classic pulp covers by George Rozen, the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, commentary by popular-culture historian Will Murray plus “The Shadow Around the World.” Enjoy these tales and extra features for only $14.95 from Sanctum Press in The Pulp Book Store!

Triple-novel World War II Special: The Man of Bronze battles America’s enemies in three World War II thrillers by Lester Dent writing as “Kenneth Robeson.” First, Doc Savage has only two days to unmask the disguised Adolf Hitler, who has fled a collapsing Nazi Germany! Then, the Man of Bronze is framed for murder as he hunts an undercover Gestapo officer. Finally, after Johnny Littlejohn vanishes on a secret mission for Army Intelligence, Doc goes on a rescue mission to the Far East. Can he unmask a murderous fugitive from Nazi Germany in time to save his aide? This classic pulp reprint features the original color pulp covers by Modest Stein, Paul Orban’s classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray, writer of eight Doc Savage novels. All of this and more available now for $14.95 from Sanctum Press from The Pulp Book Store!
First, The Spider sets out to stop wholesale slaughter that turns the dead green as he squares off with The Corpse Broker! Next, The Spider encounters deadly plague germs used against the nation and, stricken himself, battles the Volunteer Corpse Brigade! All of this available from Girasol Collectables for $14.95 in the Pulp Book Store!

In 1939, author Paul Ernst gave Pulp fiction a frozen faced force of Justice. Now the greatest crime-fighter of the 40s returns in a stunning collection from Moonstone of original action-packed tales of adventure, intrigue and revenge written by leading names in Pulp today, including the first and only time The Avenger meets the uncompromising relentless justice of The Spider! From Moonstone Books, available in the Pulp Book Store for $18.95!
The only survivor of a doomed starship, stranded in his spacesuit, leaves a frantic message about a strange alien “talent”. Classic sci-fi by Peter Baily, from Astounding Science Fiction magazine, February 1959. A full cast audio play adapted from a Pulp magazine of the late 1950s. Specially dramatized and produced in dimensional sound with professional cast, stereo sound effects, and period music. Starring Terwilliger Rhinehart. From Roger Rittner Productions! Only $4.95 in The Pulp Book Store!
Fighting the aerial forces of evil for nearly ten years in the pages of Flying Aces, Kerry Keen AKA The Griffon returns to print! This edition begins a complete reprinting of the entire series. Volume 1 contains his first six stories, all from 1935, including the debut story-“Guns of the Griffon”: Meet Kerry Keen sky sleuth in this new series of modern thrillers! Also included is an article by series author, Arch Whitehouse. From Altus Press and only $19.95 in the Pulp Book Store!
The Pulp Book Store – The Place to get the Pulp You Need.

Review of “The Genghis Khan” from Doc Savage, Volume 1

By Dr. Art Sippo

The Man of Bronze confronts his greatest enemy in The Devil Genghis, reprinted in Doc Savage, Volume 1! From the Arctic to the French Riviera, men begin to go mad and lash out at invisible opponents until they are either exhausted or physically restrained. Then Doc Savage on his way to play the violin and the clarinet in a charity concert is kidnapped! He escapes but discovers that whoever ordered the kidnapping wanted to bring him to Europe. Doc and his aides set sail for Europe to find out what was behind the plot to capture the Man of Bronze. Along the way they encounter danger and Renny falls victim to the invisible enemy madness. Meanwhile, the stunning and resourceful woman, Toni Lash joins up with Doc and his crew to solve the mystery. She is an exceptional woman and even Doc takes notice.
The trail leads to the Arctic and to the unthinkable. Is John Sunlight still alive? It was believed that he had been devoured by a polar bear months before. But unmistakably, Sunlight is alive and well and he is plotting again to conquer the world. Now under the title of “The Devil Genghis” he plans to create a world empire under his absolute rule. But this time instead of fighting Doc Savage, Sunlight will offer him a Faustian bargain. Can even Doc Savage refuse an offer to share dominion over the entire world?
John Sunlight is the greatest villain the Man of Bronze has ever faced. No other enemy had ever survived to confront Doc a second time. Sunlight is a man of great physical and mental powers with the indomitable will to survive death itself. Has Doc Savage finally met his match? Find all the answers to these troubling questions for $12.95 in Doc Savage, Volume 1 from Radio Archives!

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Comments From Our Customers!
Ken Bosworth writes:
I can’t wait to get Volume 2 of “Afloat with Henry Morgan” My wife and I found the first volume to be totally enjoyable, very good radio drama. We really look forward to listening to the rest of the story. We had intended to listen to one disc each evening, but ended up listening to the entire 7-disc series in one evening and the next morning because we just could not tear ourselves away from the story. Thanks again.
Randall F Miller Jr., Society of Broadcast Engineers:
I just want to tell you that your program selection is excellent, and the quality is superb. As a broadcast engineer with over 30 years experience, I certainly appreciate good quality and yours is the best. Keep up the good work, and keep adding to the digital downloads. They are the best way to get my old time radio fix.
Solid Gold Reviews comments on “The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”:
Complete with musical transition, multiple actors with background sounds, and excellent story-play, Sherlock Holmes has everything the audiobook enthusiast seeks. Holmes addicts, or just those looking for a quick suspenseful mystery, will greatly enjoy this audio broadcast. This audio selection is perfect for those who want to enjoy the original Holmes, sans image, or find themselves on a vehicle trek in need of background storytelling at its finest.

Steve Sher:
“Listening to Old Time Radio shows from Radio Archives has actually slowed down my highway driving (the faster I go, the harder it is to hear the shows clearly because of road noise) which has resulted in fewer speeding tickets! Excellent by product of my love affair with the many shows I’ve ordered from Radio Archives!”
Barney McCasland:
I’m really liking the new pulp audiobooks. Looking forward to many more. Thanks!

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PULP! PULP!! AND MORE PULP!!! plus so much more from Radio Archives!

RadioArchives.com Newsletter

October 7, 2011

NEW Radio Set: Claudia, Volume 6

Since the inception of the soap opera on radio, various things have been part and parcel of that genre; melodrama, tear jerking storylines, scandal and rumor, and enough deceit to fill a bathtub. In 1947, however, a new twist on that formula hit the airwaves thanks to the sponsorship of Coca Cola. And this new take on soap operas had a name. Claudia.
“Claudia” told the tale of Claudia and David Naughton, newlyweds, just beginning their married life. Young, enthusiastic, and very much in love, they weren’t suffering from any medical problems, suspicions, or ungrateful children. Instead, they were simply facing the many challenges of any new marriage in the years following World War II – finding an apartment, getting used to each other’s quirks, and learning to live together as husband and wife.
The very elements that made Claudia different from other soap operas quickly became its strengths. There were very few “tune in tomorrow” hooks that most soaps used to lure listeners back. People came back to “Claudia” for the interesting, fully developed characters, the lighthearted banter, and the familiarity of their day-to-day situations.
Based on the literary works of Rose Franken, “Claudia” began as short stories. Immensely popular, those grew into a series of best selling novels and then in 1941, were adapted into a Broadway play, with a young actress named Dorothy McGuire in the title role. Claudia was a breakout role for McGuire; one that brought her to Hollywood to reprise the role in the 20th Century Fox film version, released in 1943 and co-starring Robert Young as David. Based on that film’s success, 1946 found them together again in “Claudia and David,” a sequel to the earlier film. Due in large part to the success of the two “Claudia” movies, in 1947, the D’Arcy advertising agency decided to bring the characters to radio in a five-a-week quarter-hour serial on behalf of its client, Coca-Cola. This was the third attempt to bring the story of Claudia to radio and would be followed by a try as a TV series as well.
Due to the diligent work of Radio Archives, all 390 episodes of the series, which had an eighteen-month run, have been located and preserved to the highest standard. This sixth volume of 24 episodes continues on where the others left off, marching through Spring and toward the start of Summer 1948. Heard today, “Claudia” remains wonderful entertainment, notable for both its lighthearted tone and the believable interplay between its characters and will make a fine addition to any Old Time Radio Fan’s collection! Order your 6 Hour CD set today for only 17.98 or Download the entire volume for $11.98! Only from Radio Archives!
Radio Archives, well known for high quality audio collections, introduces a new category of Old Time Radio! Are you a fan of fast paced, action packed adventures? Do you enjoy larger than life heroes, over the top villains, and impossible plots and schemes? Whether or not you’re a Mystery, Western, Science Fiction,or simply a fan of Adventure and Suspense, Radio Archives has what you’re looking for in its new category, Pulp Radio!

Pulp means many things to many people. Historically, Pulp refers to fiction magazines that were printed on cheap wood pulp paper. The paper was coarse with rough edges. Publishers found this cheaper to produce and began turning out magazines that ran around 128 or so pages and only cost a dime. For ten cents, readers could encounter far away lands, lost civilizations, thugs with guns, cowboys and Indians, and anything else fiction writers of the day came up with.

Although first introduced in the 1890s, Pulp magazines really came into their own in the 1930s and 40s. This was due in large part to the popularity of what have come to be known as the Hero Pulps. Take a poll today on what Pulp heroes the public remembers, any that have a clue what Pulp is will likely say, “Doc Savage” or “The Shadow” or “The Spider.” Well-versed armchair fans might even rattle off “The Black Bat” or “The Avenger.” Hero Pulps provided readers with stories about ideal men fighting for right and justice against insurmountable odds.

Although Hero Pulps are the most fondly remembered by some, Pulp magazines provided the stage for so many other genres. Nearly regardless of a reader’s taste in fiction, it could be found in a Pulp magazine. Western, Action Adventure, Sports, Mystery, Crime, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, even Romance Pulps dominated newsstands and kiosks all over America. That is, until the early 1950s when for various reasons, Pulp magazines faded from view.

In an effort to explain why Pulp has had the impact it has, many have come up with definitions of what Pulp is. Most include Pulp being fast paced and plot oriented with clearly defined, larger than life protagonists and antagonists and creative descriptions, clever use of turns of phrase and other aspects of writing that add to the intensity and pacing of the story. Any of that sound familiar, radio Detective fans? Or how about those of you who enjoy a good frontier shootout on your favorite western show? Looking at that definition, it is clear that Pulp had not only an impact on later mediums, but definitely shared characteristics with a source of entertainment that experienced its golden age simultaneously with the Pulps. That entertainment that we now call Old Time Radio.

Like Pulp, Old Time Radio covers many genres and many styles of storytelling. There are shows, though, that fit squarely into what many would consider to be Pulp. Detective programs, particularly, fit the model extremely well. In the space of a little over twenty minutes, radio writers had to introduce the detective, establish the cast of characters, set up the mystery to be solved, throw in one or two red herrings or a fight scene, and then resolve everything. These detectives were tough, heroic men and stood out in one way or another, like Richard Diamond and his singing, Johnny Dollar and his expense account, or Nero Wolfe and his eccentricities. And the bad guys, always some grand plan to dupe money out of someone or even larger schemes. Some would call stories like that plot oriented, fast paced fiction with larger than life heroes and villains. Here at Radio Archives, we call it Pulp Radio.

And Pulp Radio doesn’t stop at hard-boiled gumshoes, either! Western lawmen and the desperadoes they tangled with week in and week out on the radio rode the same trails as their Pulp cowboy counterparts. Astronauts and aliens on the airwaves fit the bill for larger than life and fast paced! And even characters that first found life in the Pulps lived even longer thanks to Radio. Pulp Radio is full of mayhem and monsters, good and evil, and stories that still today ring true with Fans of great Heroic Fiction of any medium.

Titles that you’ll find in Radio Archives’ Pulp Radio section include:

The New Adventures of Michael Shayne – Jeff Chandler’s rugged voice adds to the pace and intensity of this Pulp type detective program from beginning to end, bringing Brett Halliday’s fictional detective to explosive life!

The Shadow of Fu Manchu – Sax Rohmer’s Villain of All Villains continues his life of Tyranny and Evil in this relentlessly fast paced radio show!

The Planet Man – This Sci-Fi show definitely walks the line between Camp and Pulp, but has all the ear markings of excitement, over the top characters, and life and death situations it needs to be Pure Pulp!

Luke Slaughter of Tombstone – Westerns, prime Pulp territory, shined just as brightly in Radio’s Golden Age. The adventures of Luke Slaughter have all the toughness, six guns, horses and outlaws that it takes to make a Western tale great Radio Pulp!

If you’re a Pulp fan looking for something that sounds like what you love to read, then the shows in Radio Archive’s Pulp Section are just what you’ve been after. The fact that aspects of Pulp can be found in Old Time Radio adds a whole other level of enjoyment for Pulp Fiction readers. Not only can you get the visceral excitement of following adventure on the written page, but you can hear stories in the same vein, tales that make your heart beat faster and even sometimes make your blood run cold. Rapid fire dialogue and matching action, characters that fire the imagination, and everything else you love about Pulp can be found in the shows in Radio Archive’s Pulp Radio!
And if you’re an Old Time Radio enthusiast intrigued by fast paced, exciting adventures, then you’ve come to the right place! Detective fans that peruse this new section may find that the same elements that appeal to them in their whodunits also are part and parcel to frontier tales and space operas. Likewise, cowboy aficionados might find just as much pistol shootin’ and desperadoes in a mystery or crime show! Not convinced yet? Then hear for yourself by picking up one of the collections in Radio Archives’ Pulp Radio section today!
‘Pulp Radio’ is a registered trademark of Roger Rittner Productions, Inc., used with permission.

The Spider Strikes! In First Audiobook

One of pulp fiction’s most popular vigilante avengers comes to audiobooks for the first time in Prince of the Red Looters, the first Spider audiobook from RadioArchives.com. Prince of the Red Looters is available now in both a deluxe six-CD set and MP3 digital download.

Producer/Director Roger Rittner says, “Prince of the Red Looters is an astounding accomplishment, wedding dynamic narration from two unique stars of stage and screen, specially selected sound effects, and a complete period music score.”

This action-packed story features Nick Santa Maria and Robin Riker narrating and voicing the character parts. “They’ve done outstanding work in this exciting novel-length adventure of the classic pulp hero, The Spider,” Roger says.

In Prince of the Red Looters, The Spider faces one of his most cunning criminal enemies — The Fly! The Fly’s ruthlessly efficient crime organization commits a chain of bold and deadly atrocities on New York City, while The Fly taunts The Spider in a series of ever more dangerous duels.

“The sword fights will have listeners sitting on the edge of their seats,” Roger says. “Prince of the Red Looters will be a stunning addition to RadioArchives.com’s audiobook line.”

Prince of the Red Looters inaugurates Will Murray’s Pulp Classics, a new series of pulp-related audiobooks from RadioArchives.com. Each entry in the series is a classic pulp adventures personally chosen by Will Murray, one of the country’s foremost experts on all things pulp.

“I’m very excited to present to listeners some of my favorite pulp stories in this engaging format,” Will says. “This first Spider audiobook is a grand launch to the series.”

Listeners who have previewed Prince of the Red Looters are enthused:

  • “It’s excellent. Really held my attention. I think it works wonderfully.”
  • “An exceptional job.”
  • “The results are amazing.”

Prince of the Red Looters is available now in a six-CD set, priced at $19.98, with original cover art and a special bonus audio feature of Will Murray explaining the genesis of The Spider. The audiobook is also available as an MP3 Digital Download, including the special bonus feature, at just $13.98.

Prince of the Red Looters is a listening experience that will thrill every fan of audiobooks and pulp fiction,” Roger says.

Doc Savage Audiobooks Continue to Delight Fans

2011’s ‘Summer of Doc Savage’ continues into the Fall, as RadioArchives.com’s first two Doc Savage audiobooks, Will Murray’s Python Isle and White Eyes continue to attract and delight Doc fans as well as those just discovering the greatest adventure hero of the 1930s.

RadioArchives.com customer Eugene Dungan says,

“I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your two Doc Savage audiobooks, Python Isle and White Eyes. Please tell all your people to keep up the great work. I am looking forward to buying all of the audiobooks that you come out with.”

Python Isle, narrated by Michael McConnohie, and White Eyes, narrated by Richard Epcar, are available in impressive CD sets, as digital downloads, and also in special Signed Director’s Editions.

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Review of “The Land of Terror” from Doc Savage, Volume 14

By Dr. Art Sippo

Doc Savage’s old chemistry tutor, Jerome Coffern, asked him to dinner to seek his help. While waiting for Doc to arrive, Dr. Coffern is assaulted and struck dead by a heavy led pipe. His attackers use an air pistol to fire a hollow metal capsule onto the body and a strange reaction ensues. The body along with the lead pipe and part of the sidewalk disintegrate into a vile cloud of gray ash. All that is left is Coffern’s left hand and the wrist watch that Doc Savage gave him. When Doc arrives mere moments later, he finds this and he immediately sets out to avenge his teacher.

The evil mastermind Kar discovered an irresistible weapon: the Smoke of Eternity. It is a universal solvent that can destroy flesh, metal, even stone. Jerome Coffern knew the secret of this new weapon and was going to reveal it to Doc but he was brutally assassinated before he could. Now Doc and Kar begin a life and death struggle. They will battle to a standstill in New York and the body count rises as the stakes get higher.

Doc traces the secret of the Smoke of Eternity to a recent expedition to the Indian Ocean in which Jerome Coffern and another chemist, Gabe Yuder, were joined by adventurer Oliver Wording Bittman. Bittman was a friend of Doc’s father who saved Clark Sr.’s life by killing an African lion on safari. The three men found a strange volcanic land they called Thunder Island studded with minerals unknown elsewhere on earth and harboring all manner of extinct monsters including dinosaurs, flying reptiles, and enormous mammals. This is the most foreboding place on Earth. Doc saved Bittman from Kar’s henchmen and allowed him to join in the expedition back to Thunder Island. Gabe Yuder is the only one of the three that is unaccounted for and it seems that he is the villain Kar. Doc and his men travel to Thunder Island and confront danger on all sides, including a battle with a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

This is the second Doc Savage story in the original print order and it hit the newsstands in March 1933. It remains one of the best. Doc has not developed his code against killing at this point and he takes out several villains spectacularly. It should be noted that this story was on the newsstands the month before the movie King Kong which opened on 7 April 1933.

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For those who couldn’t make the grand trek to PULPFEST, The Book Cave, the premiere podcast of Ric Croxton and Art Sippo, makes it possible to almost be there via your very own ears!  Listen to the Pulpfests specials live from Summer’s Best Pulp Con as well as a pre con episode and several other recent pulpy type offerings from THE BOOK CAVE!

Fri, 5 August 2011
Credit and thanks go to Art Sippo for this episode. Ron Fotier, SteamPunk and the Shadow star in this episode.

Thu, 4 August 2011
Credit and thanks go to Art Sippo for recording this episode. New Pulp, Bill Craig and Anthony Tollin are the stars of this episode.

Thu, 4 August 2011
Joel Jenkins joins Art and Ric to discuss his latest epic novel in the Dire Planet series.
Joel Jenkins’ blog: http://www.joeljenkins.com
Strange Gods of the Dire Planet preview: http://www.pulpwork.com/2011/08/strange-gods-of-dire-planet-sneak.html
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Strange God for all electronic readers: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/73278

Wed, 3 August 2011
Credit and thanks go to Jason Aiken for recording this epiaode. C.L. Moore, Steampunk, Walter Gibson and the Shadow are on this episode.

Tue, 2 August 2011
Credit and thanks goes to Jason Aiken for recording this episode. Included in this episode are PulpFest welcome, Shadow Radio, Pulp artists born in 1911 and granddaughters of Pulp.

Mon, 1 August 2011
Credit and thanks go to Art Sippo for recording this episode at PulpFest. This episode has Wayne Reinagel and Win Scott Eckert reading from their books. This week will feature several more recordings from PulpFest. If you weren’t able to attend, this is the next best thing.

Thu, 28 July 2011
Ron Fortier, Aaron Smith and andrew Salmon join Ric and Art to discuss the latest Sherlock Holmes anthology from Airship27.
Amazon store: http://www.amazon.com/Andrew-Salmon/e/B002NS5KR0/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_2
iPulp: http://ipulpfiction.com/books/SecretAgentX-Vol1-IcarusTerror/jacketNotes.php

Thu, 21 July 2011
Ed Hulse of Blood -N- Thunder magazine joins Ric and Art to discuss this year’s upcoming PulpFest.

Thu, 14 July 2011
Jeff Deischer returns to the Book Cave to discuss his newest book The Way They Were.

Thu, 7 July 2011
Van Plexico drops by The Book Cave to talk about his Sentinels books.
Van Allen Plexico
Links to all of my books, info, and other sites can be found there,
including to my Amazon author’s page.
The SENTINELS site: Info, images, and links to buy any of the books in
paperback or for e-reader.
White Rocket Books
Includes the Sentinels plus the Avengers ASSEMBLED! books and more.
My Airship 27 books:
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Van Allen Plexico
Writer, Editor, Publisher, Educator
“Nobody—not even Abnett and Lanning—is doing cosmic superheroes as
well as Van Plexico is doing them. Period.”
–Barry Reese, award-winning author of Rabbit Heart and creator of the Rook
“His gift of storytelling is razor sharp and he captures the reader’s
interest from the first chapter to the last.”
–Ron Fortier, award-winning author of Boston Bombers and the Captain
Hazzard novels

Thu, 30 June 2011
Will Murray, Roger Ritner and Michael McConnohie join the Book Cave crew to discuss Python Isle and future audio books.
Will Murray – www.adventuresinbronze.com
On Facebook: The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage.
Michael McConnohie
Credits: www.imdb.com
Web Site: www.michaelmcconnohie.com

Thu, 23 June 2011
Shelby Vick of the online Pulp magazine Planetary joins the Book Cave crew to talk about his site.
After the first one — www.planetarystories.com/wonerlust.htm — the other links are www.planetarystories.com/W2.htmwww.planetarystories.com/W3.htmwww.planetarystories.com/W4.htmwww.planetarystories.com/W5.htmwww.planetarystories.com/W6.htm
Also, I left out someone really important: Ron N Butler, of the Atlanta Radio group, turned up by Jerry Page. Ron has developed Rory Rammer, Space Marshal as, for instance, in www.planetarystories.com/rammer.htm and www.planetarystories.com/planetoid.htm for instance. Rory Rammer is PERFECT for Planetary Stories.
our Associate Editor is Robert Kennedy


PULP-FEST 2011-Convention Coverage by Ron Fortier

There’s an old adage that says the more fun you are having, the faster time flies. And that could not be truer of last week-ends rocket train ride through the third convening of Pulp Fest in Columbus, Ohio. And before I go rambling on about my experiences and thoughts, let me tip my pulp fedora to promoters Jack Cullers, Mike Chomko & Ed Hulse for once again putting on a truly fun and exciting program with a little of something for all pulp enthusiast. The pulp community is expanding yearly thanks to efforts of men like these and the emerging of the New Pulp Fiction movement that is sweeping the literary world. More on that in a second.

Thursday Night July 28.

Captain Ron Fortier & Rob Davis of Airship 27 Productions.

I landed at the airport in Indianapolis where my partner and pal in Airship 27 Productions, Rob Davis, was waiting for me. In the past I’d flown from Denver to Chicago and then transferred to another plane for Columbus, but this year Rob explained that on his eight hour drive up from his home in Missouri, he actually drove right past the Indy airport. It would be no trouble to stop and pick me up. The idea of only doing one flight and not having to make another hop was all the prodding I needed. Beside this way, I could spend three hours coming and going with Rob and that would afford us a wonderful opportunity to get caught up on what we were doing with Airship 27, where our various books were in development and make plans for the future.

Writers Michael Croteau & Win Scott Eckert

Which is exactly how it all worked out. By the time we registered into the Con’s hotel it was just after 11 p.m. and we met several familiar pulp pals in the lobby. They told us the courtesy room was opened up on the sixth floor and after getting squared away in our own room on the third, we went up to see what was going on. Much to our pleasure, we found writer Win Scott Eckert holding court with other pulp friends talking about this year’s bumper crop of hero movies, the good, the bad…and the ugly. (Can anyone say Green Hornet movie..without gagging?) And this is as good a place as any to related one of the truly special features of this year’s Pulp Fest; the fact that they incorporated the Annual Farmer Con, a meeting of fans devoted to the many works of the late science fiction and fantasy writer, Philip Jose Farmer. Win is one of the leading members of this group and he and his Farmer colleagues had set up various panels etc. to focus on the popular author and his works during the weekend. One of the things all of us wondered, and hoped, was that by including this other facet of pulp fandom, the number of attendees would swell and sure enough, that’s exactly what did happen to everyone’s benefit.
Having had a great chat with Win and his pals about the new Captain America movie, Rob and I finally called it a day and went back to our room with really high hopes this was going to be a really fun show.

Friday July 29

Pulp Amigos (left to right) Jim Beard, Duane Spurlock,
Captain Ron, Frank Schildiner & John Bruening.

Up early, we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant then went out to Rob’s rental car to start unpacking our books, comics and other items to fill our table with. The main hucksters room of the con was on the first level and they had the doors open when we arrived. We registered, got our packages and went in to find our table. Happily the con crew had given us the same exact wall table as we’d anchored last year, so soon Rob was unpacking his half dozen boxes, setting up his magazine racks and tacking up our huge, colorful Airship 27 banner on that wall behind us. Only to have it promptly peel off the second we sat down. Seemed the humidity wasn’t helping the adhesive tape at all and it just wouldn’t adhere to the wall. Of course, as always happens at these shows, a lady at a table across from the aisle from us, witnessed our dilemma and promptly came over and gave us her role of “duck” tape. Which worked perfectly. That banner never bothered us again, ah, the miracle properties of “duck” tape.

Wild Cat Books own Bill Carney (designer)
& Ron Hanna, Managing Editor.

All too soon it was 10 a.m. and the doors were officially opened to the public and our con experience was off and running. Although I don’t have the exact numbers, Ed Hulse mentioned in a podcast interview two weeks before the show, that they expected to have a minimum of a hundred vendor tables, to include several New Pulp publishers like Airship 27 Productions. Some of those we immediately recognized were Altus Press and Wild Cat books, both terrific outfits, even if they are our “friendly” competitors. One of the truly cool things about pulp fandom is that camaraderie among all the participants and even if there is some rivalry, it’s all honestly friendly. All these fellows produce great books and the same can be said for new reprint outfits that have sprung up over the past few years to rescue stories being lost in yellow, dog-eared magazines, ala Black Dog Press, Ace of Adventures, Haffner Press and several others represented at the show.

Looking for video oldies from Cultural Historian
Martin Gram Jr.’s table of goodies.

Of course the original pulp collectors and sellers do make up the majority of dealers and some of the rare books they had on display were simply amazing. Talk about paper treasures. Then there were the related dealers like the poster and toy folks, and as ever, our buddy Martin Gram Jr. with his vast DVD offerings of long lost film classics and my favorites, the serial cliffhangers. Martin is a cultural historian and this year was giving a night time presentation on the history of the Shadow in radio, where he first originated before being transported to the world of the pulps.

Author Wayne Reinagel giving Victory sign.
Having a great time.

By mid-morning, our sales were surprisingly brisk and it was all too easy to see there were lots more people at the show this year. Normally Fridays are a bit slow as it is still a working day for locals and if we sell even a few books, we’re happy. But by afternoon we’d sold nearly half our stock of titles. Just amazing. And lots of old amigos had stopped by to say hi, many of them fellow pulp creators. Writers Duane Spurlock, Jim Beard and comics pro Tony Isabella all stopped by our table to say hello and it was, as ever great to get caught up with this friends. During the course of the afternoon, there were three readings in the adjoining conference hall followed by questions and answers with the writers. These included Duane, Wayne Reinagel and Win Scott Eckert. These sessions are great for pulp fans to meet the best and brightest of the new pulp creators in a very one on one setting. Pulp Fest started them with their first show three years ago and they’ve become a welcome staple.

Pulp Historian/columnist, Mark Halegua
 with cool pulp tees.

Soon the day was waning down and it was time to close up shop for the day. It has become a tradition with me and Rob, to hit up the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner on the first night of the show and tagging along with us were Wayne, Mark Halegua and writer Greg Gick. As usual the food was excellent. Mark returned to the con hotel as he wanted to catch some of the evening events such as Martin Gram’s history of the Shadow on radio and such panels as Wild American Pulp Artists hosted by David Saunders, the son of legendary pulp artist Norm Saunders. There was also an amazing presentation by the Farmer crew on The Shadow and the Wold Neuton, which featured Michael Croteau, Win Eckert, Mary Turzillo, Rick Lai, Will Murray and Art Sippo.
Whereas Rob and Greg had not seen the Captain America movie yet, I opted to go with him to find a local theater and see it a second time. Happily we arrived at a local cinema ten minutes before an 8 PM showing. Captain America –The First Avenger is my favorite movie of the year, hands down and seeing it a second time with fellow comic fans was twice as much fun. By the time we returned to our room, the feeling was Friday had been a huge success and we had high expectations for Saturday, traditionally the big “sales” day at any show.

Saturday, July 30

Writers Rick Lai & Frank Schildiner with Lisa Eckert.

Buoyed by the previous day’s sales, Rob and I were eager to get Saturday rolling. And several of our pulp amigos who were coming to the show for only this one day soon started arriving. These included John Bruening, one of our Airship 27 proof-readers who has been with us since the start. Writer Frank Schildiner had come in during the wee hours of the morning, his plane from New Jersey having been repeatedly delayed by severe thunderstorms on the East Coast. Frank would be spending only one day at the show and flying home early the next morning. You can well imagine how exhausted he looked when he appeared in the hucksters room, and yet there was a huge smile on his face as he set about enjoying his first ever pulp con. Another one day traveler was writer Bill Craig, who brought along his precocious six year old son, Jack. Bill’s a single dad and he’s doing a great job raising Jack to appreciate the cool things in this life, like comics and pulps.

Captain Ron & Comic Related guru Chuck Moore. 

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the visit from Comic Related’s own Big Kahuna himself, my dear amigo, Chuck Moore. Chuck is truly one of the finest souls I know in this world and his coming up to spend the day with us meant so much to both me and Rob. The last time Chuck and I had seen each other was at last year’s super Champion City Con in Springfield, Ohio. So I absolutely loved being able to catch up with him, if only for a short little while. Trust me, things were always hopping.
All too soon it was 1 p.m. and time for me to don my Captain Ron persona and head out to the conference room where I would moderate a one hour panel on New Pulp Fiction.

Captain Ron moderating panel
on New Pulp Fiction.

New Pulp Fiction has become a major force in the current Pulp Renaissance sweeping American literature and other media such as TV shows and movies. It has revitalized the entire pulp fandom, which was on the verge of going extinct only a few years ago. Now it is stronger and healthier than ever with lots of new, young fans discovering this amazing literature for the very first time thanks to today’s crop of super talented pulp authors. On my panel were six of the finest; Win Scott Eckert, Dr.Art Sippo, Wayne Reinagel, Greg Gick, Bill Craig and Duane Spurlock.

Writers Dr.Art Sippo, Greg Gick and Rick Lai.

Once every one was settled in their seats, we got the discussion going, with my asking these creative folks why they had chosen to write pulp over other better known and popular genres. Their insightful answers propelled the next forty minutes beautifully, giving our audience of thirty five or so lots things to think about. We went onto to a ten minute question and answer period then I offered each of the writers a few minutes to promote their latest projects. It was one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve ever had and our audience was most appreciative. Enough so that several have asked us to do this panel on a regular basis from now on. In fact several writers in our audience later approached me about sitting in on the panel next time we do one. Sounds like a plan to me. And again my thanks to the Pulp Fest promoters for welcoming this New Pulp movement and supporting as much as they do.
Back at the table, Rob somehow managed to survive, using his i-Pad to keep little Jack entertained with cartoons while his dad sat on our panel. In the end, Bill was thrilled to have been able to come to the show and enjoy it as much as he did thanks to Rob’s looking after his son. We’ve since tagged Rob as the Sitinator, it’s like the Terminator, only much tougher. Ha.

Eventually as the day once again came to a speedy finale, we were having to say good-bye to our pals, ala Jim Beard, John Bruening, Frank Schildiner and of course Chuck. That’s the part of shows I do hate, having to say so-long, until next time. Before leaving the hall, Rob and I did a quick tally and it appeared we’d sold nearly 80% of our stock. Our best seller at this year was clearly DAMABALLA by Charles Saunders, the premier of the first ever African American 1930s pulp hero. We sold out our entire stock. Both on Saunder’s already established reputation and on the book’s ground breaking conceit. Our second top seller was SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE Vol III which came as no real surprise. The previous two volumes remain big sellers for us and its obvious Holmes & Watson fans just can’t get enough of their adventures. Expect to see this series continue for a long time with us.

Long time pulp fan Anthony Tollin
accepting the Munsey Award.

Dinner Sat. night was at a Round Robin, where Janet & Elie Harriet joined us, along with Wayne Reinagel and Mark Halegua. It was time for a good old fashion American burger. After we’d eaten, we returned to the con to catch up on the evening’s activities. These included the presentation of the Munsey Awards to that individual who has done much to promote and support pulps and their fandom. This year’s recipient was former DC Colorist, Anthony Tollin, currently reprinting the entire run of the Shadow and Doc Savage in new deluxe editions. A well deserved win. Rob and I attended a presentation called, Steampunk in the Days of Dime Novels and the Pulps, wherein Prof. Garyn Roberts gave us a short slide show history of this rapidly growing sub-genre of sci-fi fiction. Although considering its true pulp roots, I believe the name Steampunk is not accurate and fandom should be adopting the phrase coined by writer Wayne Reinagel, Steampulp!! And nobody writes it better than Wayne.
The evening concluded with the yearly auction where lots of great old pulps and other paper treasures were sold to some very happy pulp attendees. Once again, another great day at Pulp Fest came to a successful ending.

Sunday, July 31

Posters Galore!

A quick walk around the parking lot to stretch our legs before going back into the all for the final hours of the show. Sunday mornings are generally slow as molasses, though you do still get a few people trickling in. Thing is, most shows generally drop the admission fees for these last-minute visitors as was the case here. Rob and I chatted a bit with our remaining con neighbors and pals then around 11 a.m., it was time to start packing up our remaining stock.
Lo and behold, we’re almost done when I see my Comic Related amigos, Dustin Carson & Chad Strohl come walking through the main door. I was both happy to see them and saddened that we couldn’t get to visit all that much. Rob was kind enough to let me talk with them for about a half hour, as he was more than capable of packing up the car by himself. Dustin & Chad had remembered the show was on and decided to drive up from Springfield to see me. Pals like that are all too rare and I can’t ever thank them enough. Hopefully next year they can come up on Sat. and really get the full fun of the show.

Ron Fortier and
Comic Writer/Historian Tony Isabella

Then it was time to head out for the three hour drive back to Indianapolis, which once again, allowed Rob and me to reflect on this year’s show, what a huge hit it had been and what our plans for the next year will be. Pulp fandom is growing rapidly and now there are three terrific shows lined for 2012, starting with Pulp Ark in April, Windy City in May and once again, Pulp Fest in late Sept. Airship 27 Productions will be at all three, raring to go with lots more new titles, only too eager to spend time with some of the nicest, most creative people on the planet. We hope next year, lots of you reading these words will make the effort to join us. You will not be sorry you did.


It’s been busy, but that’s no reason why you can’t catch up on THE BOOK CAVE!  Ric Croxton and Art Sippo provide the best in Pulp reviews and discussions, on track and off tangent as well every week!  Here’s the last few weeks of material from these two podcasting legends and be on the lookout for the latest episode on ALL PULP!


Thu, 16 June 2011
Russ Anderson, Josh Reynolds, David Boop and Tommy Hancock join Art and Ric to discuss the latest volume in How The West Was Weird. Technical problems cut us off at the end, but we got a full episode in.
Joshua M. Reynolds
David Boop www.davidboop.com

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Thu, 9 June 2011
Perry Constantine returns to the Book Cave to discuss his new novel The Myth Hunter. Art was unable to join us due to be under the weather.
Pulpwork Press – http://www.pulpwork.com

Percival Constantine
Writer, Letterer
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Thu, 2 June 2011
Art and Ric go over the Brain Boy comic book series from the early 1960s.
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Fri, 27 May 2011
The Book Cave is crowded tonight with a cast of thousands. Art and Ric are joined by Barry Reese, Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Tommy Hancock, Wayne Reinagel and later in the show, Ken Janssens.
Artwork was given to us by Cari Reese.

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Thu, 26 May 2011
Art Sippo wraps up the last of the specials with his talk on Sun Koh, Germany’s Doc Savage.
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Wed, 25 May 2011
Ron Fortier heads a panel talking about popularity of the New Pulp.
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Wed, 25 May 2011
Van Plexico and crew talk about writer super hero prose.
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Mon, 23 May 2011
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Sun, 22 May 2011
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Sat, 21 May 2011
Rob Davis of Airship27 spills all his secrets on how to do art for new Pulps.
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Fri, 20 May 2011
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Thu, 19 May 2011
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Wed, 18 May 2011
In this episode is the All Pulp panel, the first panel for the weekend.
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Tue, 17 May 2011
Art and Ric’s adventures in Pulp Ark. The reason this episode is up early this week is because we have all the Pulp Ark panels recorded and we want you to have them as early as we can. I will be adding Book Cave: Pulp Ark Specials this week.
The Clones of Langston
Carol Fullerton-Samsel
Summer Read Publishers
Benton, AR 72018-0592

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Thu, 12 May 2011
Art and Ric chat up a storm before they head to Batesville, Arkansas for Pulp ARK.
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You say you don’t have enough PULP ARK yet?  Well, others agree with you…for instance…


Ric Croxton (left) and Art Sippo in PULP ARK’s Dungeon

Ric and Art are running recorded interviews, panels, classrooms, and general chatter from PULP ARK all this week!  If you missed it, listen to the magic!  If you were there, relive the wonder one more time!
Or if you’re more of a visual person, then check this out from Friday night (recorded by Derrick Ferguson)
And if you want to watch a scene or two from the exclusive PULP ARK drama, THE CASE OF THE BLOODY PULP, you can watch these provided by Van Plexico!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

After another wonderful gathering for breakfast, the guests and vendors that made PULP ARK such a success convened one final time at The Cinnamon Stick, 151 West Main, Batesville, Arkansas, for the final day of the First Annual Pulp Ark Conference/Convention. 

9-10:00 AM-PULP FACTORY PANEL-Why The Current New Interest in Pulps Moderator – Ron Fortier

RON FORTIER leads the Pulp Factory Panel

Bobby Nash
Wayne Reinagel
Art Sippo
Ric Croxton

Helmed by Comic Veteran and New Pulp pioneer Ron Fortier, this panel discussed and analyzed just what is behind the current resurgence of Pulp in general as well as interest in New Pulp tales.  Not only was this panel manned by excellent writers, but also by the geniuses behind The Book Cave, considered by many to be the best Pulp Podcast airing today.

 10-11:00 AM-CLASSROOM-All You Ever Wanted to know about Sun Koh!-Art Sippo

ART SIPPO (on right) with his SUN KOH books

Taking on a monumental task, Art Sippo tackled the writing as well as the ‘rehabiliation’ of a Germanic character based on Doc Savage.  This class focused on the controversial history behind Sun Koh as well as steps taken by Sippo to cast the character in a plainer, more favorable light.


Saturday, May 14, 2011


 Everyone, after breakfast together at the hotel, arrived at the only full day of PULP ARK programming ready to learn and listen in the PULP ARK classrooms and panels.   The information shared, the tips given, and the chance for fans and creators to talk to some of the leading New Pulp publishers and writers made the second day of PULP ARK one well worth remembering.

Covering the Panels and Classrooms in order-

Wayne Skiver and his son Victor!

This classroom’s title speaks for itself.  AGE OF ADVENTURE Publisher and Doc Savage historian Wayne Skiver discussed many things Doc with several PULP ARK attendees and fans.  Using visual aids of all sorts, Wayne delved into Doc’s history, impact and influence!

10-11 AM-PANEL-Meet Pro Se Productions!

From Left-Christina (Ken’s Fiance and hopefully future Pro Se Artist),
Ken, Nancy, and Lee , Pro Se Creators!

Fuller Bumpers
Barry Reese
Lee Houston, Jr.
Ken Janssens
Nancy Hansen
Erwin K. Roberts
Pete Cooper

Kicked off with a quick introduction by Tommy Hancock, the Pro Se Family of creators shared their histories, their concepts, and their creations with fans and other creators.  Each discussed the properties they have with Pro Se, current plans, and future possibilities!

1-2:00 PM-CLASSROOM-ROB DAVIS-How to Pick a Pulp Scene to Illustrate

Rob Davis teaching Class!

 A crucial part of the Pulp Experience, for Classic and New Pulp alike, is the involvement of an artist.  Airship 27 Partner and Artist Extraordinaire Rob Davis gave pointers on how to determine which scene of a story to illustrate for the greatest impact and best compliment to the tale being told!

2-3:00 PM-AIRSHIP 27 PANEL-Writing New Classic Pulp Adventures Moderator – Ron Fortier

Airship Panel!
From Left, Ron Fortier, Van Plexico, Bob Kennedy, Art Sippo,
Barry Reese, Bobby Nash

Van Plexico

Art Sippo
Robert Kennedy
Barry Reese
Bobby Nash

Moderated by one of the first publishers and authors to break into New Pulp, this Panel focused on the ins and outs of creating, writing, and promoting New Pulp Adventures, stories that would appeal to all types, young and old, collector and fan, avid reader or curious passer-by!  The minds and voices of this Panel are major forces in the movement that is known as New Pulp!

3-4:00 PM- CLASSROOM- TOMMY HANCOCK-History AND Pulp-Bringing Reality and Fiction Together

BOOK CAVE’s Ric Croxton(left) and Tommy Hancock

 New Pulp Author and Publisher and Masters Level Historian Tommy Hancock discussed and explained the truth behind the adage ‘Reality is Stranger than Fiction’ and pointed out various points in World and US History that were more pulpy than any author could write.  Hancock also illustrated how to best utilize History in Pulp and ways it would improve stories and increase interest.

4-5:00 PM-PANEL-SUPER HERO PULP-Moderator-Van Plexico

From Left-
BOOK CAVE’S Ric Croxton, Bobby Nash,
Van Plexico, Wayne Reinagel

Wayne Reinagel
Bobby Nash

Led by Van Plexico, the man who almost single-handedly pioneered Cosmic super hero tales in the New Pulp Movement, these three epic authors discussed very concepts of Super Heroes, what makes these stories Pulps, how to develop characters and ways to make Super Hero Pulp tales exciting, fast paced, and more engaging than comic books!


Friday, May 13th, 2011, 6 PM

Tommy Hancock getting RADIO LIVES AGAIN started!

 As a part of the first day of activities at PULP ARK, Coordinator Tommy Hancock invited several writers to adapt excerpts from their stories for a live audio old time radio style recording.  One writer adapted a script himself and Hancock had time to adapt two other scripts.  What then ensued was tremendous fun and lots of bravery and performing by volunteers.  Each excerpt was performed unrehearsed live and with sound effects. 

Rob Davis (on floor), Art Sippo, Alex  Hancock,
Fuller Bumpers, Tommy Hancock

The first, an excerpt from Van Plexico’s GIDEON CAIN, stars Ron Fortier as a demon, Plexico as Cain, and Tommy Hancock as Cain’s Arab Companion.  LANCE STAR, SKY RANGER, written by Bobby Nash, followed, with Fuller Bumpers as Lance, Rob Davis as Ice, Art Sippo as Andrew, Alex Hancock as Bar Guy and Tommy Hancock as Announcer.  The final scene is from Wayne Reinagel’s KHAN DYNASTY with Patrick Cranford as Kong, Rob Davis as Bart, and Tommy Hancock as Chang Lee!  Follow the link below to download the whole event AND all the con chatter that went on inbetween scenes!


From Left-Rob Davis, Fuller Bumpers, Art Sippo, Tommy Hancock, Alex Hancock

Van Plexico (left) and Tommy Hancock


NOTE-All PULP ARK reports during the next two-three days, unless otherwise noted, are written by Tommy Hancock, ALL PULP Editor in Chief and PULP ARK Organizer and Creator)

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Tommy Hancock, PULP ARK Founder and Coordinator
in front of the con location!

 Even though the first ever PULP ARK Creators Conference/Fan Convention didn’t officially open its doors until 12 Noon Friday, a few stalwart individuals made their appearance in the humble little burg of Batesville the night prior.  Bobby Nash, writer and Conventioneer extraordinaire was the first to appear at 151 West Main Street, formerly the Batesville Grand Opera House, currently the Cinnamon Stick Restaurant and Coffee Shoppe.  Not long after Bobby came Dr. Art Sippo, one half of the Book Cave Podcast duo and author of SUN KOH: HEIR OF ATLANTIS.  Art actually stayed until the set up and rehearsal for…well, that’ll come in a bit…

Pro Se writers Ken Janssens and Lee Houston Jr at PULP ARK!

 Following set up on Thursday night and meeting up with Joe Gentile from Moonstone and Nancy Hansen, Ken Janssens, and Lee Houston Jr. from Pro Se Productions, all grew quiet until the following morning.  Other faces showed up at the Comfort Suites for breakfast on Friday, including Rob Davis and Ron Fortier with Airship 27 Productions and veteran author Barry Reese and his fantastic family.  Good conversation was had by all, basically the how-are-yous and get-to-knows…then it was off to the venue!

Wayne Skiver of Age of Adventure getting ready for business!

 For those who did not come, even pictures won’t do much justice to how awesomely cool the building we held PULP ARK in was.  Originally built in the 1880s, much of the original woodwork and such is still there, but its not a pristine glowing artifice.  It’s a cool, old building with an awesome below ground room.  Lovingly called ‘the dungeon’ by PULP ARKers this weekend, this room was originally the dressing rooms and props area for the Opera House and the walls are the exposed original stone.  Also, the lighting is low and the air is just slightly musty, so it gave a great ‘cavern’ feel to the room, easily everyone’s favorite part of the venue.

Wayne Reinagel’s epic table for his epic tales!

Once set up was done that morning, we’d added Scott and Patrick Cranford, Scott being a writer with Age of Adventure, and Ric Croxton, the other half of the Book Cave, and unlocked and opened at 12 Noon.  Although business was slow from a ‘fan’ standpoint, some selling took place between those of us that made up the ‘Pulp crowd’ as well as people curious as to just what a ‘Pulp Ark’ was.  The biggest plus of the day…and of the entire weekend actually…was the opportunity to meet people most of us had never physically met before and the resulting fellowship.  Not to mention the ideas…ohhh, the ideas that blossomed.

Dr. Art Sippo (left) and Derrick Ferguson at PULP ARK

 Most of our other guests and such ventured in in the late evening, including Derrick Ferguson with Pulpwork Press, Carol Fuller Samelson, Bob Kennedy, Van Plexico with White Rocket Books, Wayne Reinagel with Knightraven Studios, writer Terry Alexander, artist Pete Cooper, Pulp Dealer David White, Springfield Comics’ Ron Hamilton, and Megan Smith, writer for Pro Se Productions.

OK, so Domino Lady on the right…
But who is that masked adventuress with her? hmmmm…

 Also, PULP ARK had a couple of visitors on this first day, visitors of the female AND masked variety.  One was very familiar to most Pulp fans in her black DOMINO mask and her LADY like dress and cape.  The other, however, was a mystery for much of the convention….one that revealed its bubbly, actiony adventury self later…

The official programming began at 4:30 PM with…well, that’ll wait until the next report, now won’t it?  Not long, kiddoes, not long!