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“Altered States of the Union” anthology shows what America could be


Have you ever wondered what could have been? What if Key West seceded from the mainland? If the state of Wyoming ended up in the middle of Pennsylvania? If freed slaves were given the state of Mississippi after the Civil War? Perhaps you would like a Brief Explanation as to how Budapest became the Taco Capital of the World? Or, if you prefer, there is one story that is a fight to the death between the governor of North Alaska, Sarah Palin, and the billionaire orange haired governor of South Alaska…

You can wonder all of these no longer with ‘Altered States of the Union: What America Could Be’; An American alternate history anthology (say that five times fast) that features a varied and fantastic line up of first time authors, New York Times best selling authors, and Hugo and Nebula award winning authors, coming all together with their own stories of alternate American history and describing what could have been if circumstances were just a little different. (And a little more crazy.)
It will be making its debut on July 15th/2016 at the Shore Leave Convention – aptly, the weekend before the Republican convention. For anyone that grabs it on Indiegogo, copies of the book will be mailed out shortly thereafter, if you’re not at the show to pick it up and get autographs in person.


This anthology wants to show you how we could have gone other ways, how we could have been very different than what we are– yet still be America. For anyone wondering how the Indiegogo will be spread out, they’re taking pre-orders to finance printing costs and generally passing along more money to the contributors— all proceeds after production and distribution costs go to the people whose work drew you to the book in the first place— which, after all, is how it should be.

The array of authors that are in this collection of historic proportions are:


Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald, Brendan DuBois, Malon Edwards, G.D. Falksen, Michael Jan Friedman, David Gerrold, Robert Greenberger, Alisa Kwitney, Gordon Linzner, Sarah McGill, Meredith Peruzzi, Mackenzie Reide, Aaron Rosenberg, David Silverman & Hildy Silverman, Ian Randal Strock, Ramón Terrell, Anne Toole, and ComicMix’s own Glenn Hauman as editor.

A mixture of NY Times best sellers, Hugo and Nebula winners, WGA award winners, president of American Atheists, and an editor of the Sandman comics is a sure win. Any anthology that includes the writer of “The Trouble With Tribbles”, a writer of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, and the president of American Atheists is an interesting mix that shouldn’t be missed out on.




From Pro Se Productions-

A handful of months back, Pro Se announed a line of anthologies it intended to do over the next year.  Those anthologies, four in number, are still in play, but a new concept has been added to the pack, one that is an unique take on a couple of genres and will prove to be a fun, exciting playground for writers to work in.

THE SHAMUS DIRECTIVE is a project developed in concept by Tommy Hancock, but is actually founded in historical context.  Just prior to and all during World War Two, The United States government via the FBI as well as members of the Armed Forces, developed dossiers on all licensed Private Investigators in the country.  A list was then comprised of the ones deemed appropriate and ‘good’ and they were then considered to be ‘cleared’ to be used in espionage missions, mostly on the homefront, or missions that regular forces just could not deal with for various reasons.   Several investigators were called on to work on cases due to this list and it even became a popular hook in fiction, especially radio and early television, to have a PI in a show do government work because they were on this list.
THE SHAMUS DIRECTIVE poses the theory that not only was this list compiled, but the people on it were truly the world’s greatest detectives and they were formed into sort of a team to handle major issues in conjunction, even maybe saving major parcels of land and people in the process. 
Pro Se’s plan is this-We are doing an open call of writers to submit a minimum of a page proposal for a detective character to be included in THE SHAMUS DIRECTIVE.  This must be an homage/pastiche character, the writer’s version of an existing type of character (Nero Wolfe, Phillip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes, etc) and the stories will be set in the 1930s-40s.  If a writer’s proposal is accepted, there will be a two story commitment.  The first story will be a case of that writer’s character prior to being put on the Directive list, their greatest case within that time frame.  Those will be collected in a sort of SHAMUS DIRECTIVE prologue anthology.  Then, immediately following will be THE SHAMUS DIRECTIVE VOLUME ONE which will be a series of interconnected stories, almost chapters, involving all the characters in a team up to save the day.  If sales and interest warrant it, we will definitely expand into more volumes.
It must also be noted that six slots are open in this concept.  If you are accepted as one of the six, however, and cannot meet deadlines that will be set, then you will be removed from the concept and the remaining writers involved will continue on.  This project will have reasonable, but firm deadlines.
Anyone interested in submitting or needing more details, please email Tommy Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net   
From Kevin Paul Shawn Broden
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