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New Pulp publisher, Big Pulp has released their June newsletter.

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Big Pulp Newsletter
June 24, 2013
LGBT Collection now in print and for the Kindle!
+ Big Pulp Summer 2013 and APESHIT!

Looking for great fiction? Visit the Big Pulp Store on Amazon!

Every issue of Big Pulp magazine is available for the Kindle for just $2.99!

But there’s more! You can also find links to short stories, novels, and story and poetry collections by our Big Pulp authors, in either print or ebook editions.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of books competing for your dollars on Amazon. Let us help you find the good stuff! Though these collections are not published by us, these authors have all received the Big Pulp thumbs up, appearing at least once in our pages. Why gamble when we’ve gone through the slush pile for you?

Like Big Pulp, our Amazon Store has a wide range of work – SF, adventure, horror, fantasy, mystery, and romance. Check it out! You’ll be glad you did!

Clones, Faires & Monsters in the Closet
Clones, Fairies 
& Monsters in the Closet
Gay warlocks, lesbian warriors, bi-curious neighbors, super-queeroes, prison bitches, freedom fighters, and drag queens occupy this collection of LGBT-themed SF, mystery, horror, fantasy, and romantic fiction! Available now in print and for theKindle on Amazon!

Support our IndieGoGo campaign! 
Big Pulp can’t survive on submissions alone! Check out our newest IndieGoGo campaign to get copies of our Summer 2013 issue, our LGBT book, our upcoming monkey-themed anthology, original art, Jankies, and other goodies! 


Big Pulp Summer 2013: Catskin
The son of a smalltown sheriff takes crime prevention into his own hands, but curiosity may kill the cat, in Arley Sorg’s “Catskin”, the cover feature to the Summer 2013 issue of Big Pulp! This issue has a spooky cateye cover by Phil Good and more than 20 SF, Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery stories and poems! 
Who doesn’t love a monkey? This collection is chock-full of 200+ pages of giant apes, detective chimps, helper monkeys, gun-toting gorillas, occult orangutans, militant marmosets, time-traveling capuchins, zombie fighters, winged servants, astronauts, missing links, ice cream treats and infinite monkeys at infinite typewriters!  

Big Pulp is CLOSED for submissions

Big Pulp’s latest submissions period closed on May 31. We are reading and selecting work for publications scheduled for 2014. If you submitted during this period and haven’t heard from us, be patient! We’re reading and re-reading and making tough decisions from among the great work we received. 

We plan to announce our next themed collections soon! Join ourFacebook page or follow us on Twitter to be sure you get the news! 

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Big Pulp print and ebook editions

Big Pulp is available in print directly from the publisher. Click here for our online store, including links to each issue’s contents and samples stories published online. 

Big Pulp ebooks are just $2.99 – available for the  Kindle from Amazon and for all other ebook formats from Smashwords. 

Are You A Small Press Publisher?

Big Pulp is open to trading ads or web links with other small press publishers. If you publish a fiction or poetry magazine, 
either in print or on the web, and would like to trade ads or links, please contact us at editors@bigpulp.com.  
Big Pulp also is expanding its outreach through small press festivals and genre conventions. If you’d like to share space withBig Pulp at an event, please contact us for details. 

It’s a Brave New iPulp World

New Pulp Publisher, iPulpFiction.com shared their latest press release with All Pulp. iPulpFiction.com proudly presents Neworld Papers.


HELP US CELEBRATE the launch of our new YA science fiction series, Neworld Papers, by downloading the Kindle Book for FREE on June 28th and 29th.

You don’t need a Kindle device to read the book. You can read Kindle eBooks on most computers, tablets, and smart phones using the Kindle App.

About Neworld Papers:
“The treason of these papers is not just in the actions they document, but in their very existence.”

The people of Neworld have no concept of war, or murder, or even love. Theirs is a world without hunger or strife. Yet the world is a fiction — based on lies and omissions. Fallon is a young man with secret talents and the willingness to explore and learn. Pulled from a sheltered life, he becomes a chronicler of discoveries that challenge the very fabric of Neworld’s society.

Is revealing the truth worth the disruption of a society?

Neworld Papers has action, adventure, and romance grounded solidly in thought-provoking science fiction.

Neworld Links:
Available on Amazon with preview here.
Twitter: @iPulpFiction


Keith Shaw
Publisher, iPulpFiction.com

New Pulp Press Takes a Hard Bite Out of Crime

New Pulp Publisher, New Pulp Press has released Hard Bite, a new novel by author Anonymous-9.

From New Pulp Press:
New Pulp Press is thrilled to release our 25th novel in conjunction with Blasted Heath: Hard Bite by Anonymous-9. Hard Bite is wholly unique take on the crime novel, complete with a murderous paraplegic and his vicious monkey side-kick. T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar winner and New York Times best-selling author of says: “Hard Bite is outlandish in every way—a crazed noir excursion into an unprecedented heart of darkness. From the opening line on, it challenges and confronts, attacks and confounds. Violent and sometimes funny, always entertaining.”

About Hard Bite:
Hard Bite is a swirling, rambunctious thriller about a paraplegic man named Dean Drayhart who—with the help of his deadly sidekick, Sid the monkey—seeks out hit-and-run drivers in retaliation for a tragic accident that took everything he had. Dean’s annoying but endearing nurse knows nothing about what he’s up to, and when Sid tears out the throat of a Mexican Mafia member, Marcie gets kidnapped in order to force Dean’s surrender. Armed with nothing but his wits, a monkey, and a sympathetic streetwalker named Cinda, Dean manipulates drug-cartel carnales and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in a David-against-Goliath plot that twists and turns to a heart-pounding finale.

Hard Bite is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound.

Learn more about the author at www.anonymous-9.com/Website_of_Anonymous-9.html
Learn more about New Pulp Press at www.newpulppress.com

Discounted New Pulp at Amazon!

Amazon is having a sale. Many New Pulp books have been discounted.

If you’ve been waiting for a sale to try something New Pulp, now’s your chance.

Captain Future Heads To Kindle

Wild Cat Books has announced that THE CAPTAIN FUTURE HANDBOOK – RELATED MATERIAL, the Fourth and Final Volume of the critically-acclaimed Reference work by Chuck Juzek is now available at Amazon for Kindle. This volume had previously only appeared in a small-press Soft and Hardcover editions, but is now available on Kindle for the first time!

This Volume includes: The Captain Future Bibliography, Under Observation (Selected Editorial Columns from the Original Pulp Magazines), and Farewell, Captain Future!, which brings this brilliant Saga to a close… Be sure to collect them all… This is a true masterpiece and finally available on Kindle for the first time at an affordable price!

Learn more here.


New Pulp Author Joel Jenkins has shared the new that his latest weird book is now available on Amazon.

About Weird Worlds:
From an ancient temple in the icy Martian mountains to a forbidden road haunted by the ghost of an Indian brave, this collection of tales will take you on a thrilling journey.  Meet vampire hunters, a rock musician who takes on the heavyweight champion of the world, the reluctant warrior of the mystical land of Saffronyia, giant Nazi robots, and the Mormon gunfighter Porter Rockwell … as well as a few hungry apes and one very lovely assassin.

Weird Worlds is available at Amazon in both paper and Kindle formats.

Lean more here.


Dark Oak Press’s The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil is now available as a hardcover, paperback, and ebook (Kindle and Nook) at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Created and edited by authors John G Hartness and Emily Lavin Leverett, The Big Bad Anthology features stories from a host of authors (full list below) that includes some familiar names to readers of New Pulp.

Suggested for Mature Readers, The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil is 346 pages and contains 30 stories from some fantastically talented authors.


The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

Everybody loves bad guys, and these are some of the baddest of them all. Forget the rules. There aren’t any heroes. No one is going to save you from the wickedness in the darkness. Monster hunters can easily become the hunted. Twisted perverts can find themselves on the receiving end of their own deviant desires. No matter how big and bad someone or something may be, there is always something bigger and badder just waiting. Even the classics like a dragon, werewolf, or supernatural being can fall victim to something even more evil. Take a peek, if you dare, inside the malevolent world of super-villains, monsters, demons and just plain evil folk. Be careful, what you see there might be disturbingly familiar …

The Tales:
A Girl’s Gotta Eat – Sara Taylor Woods
Hell Has the Best Tunes – Brad Carter
The Wicked Witch and the White Knight – Emily Lavin Leverett
Identity Crisis – H. David Blalock
Solomon – Darin Kennedy
The Coyote’s Word – Milo James Fowler
Sovereign – James R. Tuck
Bargains – Ken Lizzi
The Chase – Jay Requard
Das Siebenundzwanzigstes Untier – Jim Bernheimer
Anne of a Thousand Years – Manny Frishberg
The Seventh Trap – Adam Knight
God of Gods – Sarah Adams
Drifter – Nico Serene
Anabiosis – James Isaac
Watchtower – Matthew Oelkers
Fair Play – John G. Hartness
The Last Time You Were Here – Terry Sanville
Any Other Way – J. Matthew Saunders
Lowlife – Bobby Nash
The Con – Kelli A. Wilkins
Wolfy – S.H. Roddey
Forever Lost – Matthew Hance
The Death Bringer – Eden Royce
A Demon’s Guide to Getting into Heaven – Cassandra Mortimer
The Way Gregory Tasted – Angela Bodine
Human – Hunter Lambright
An Essay for Ms. Krimson – Val Muller
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday – Sean Taylor
Real Wild Childe – Selah Janel

The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil is now available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats at the following:
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (Nook)
Amazon (paperback)
Amazon (hardcover)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (hardcover)


CHARLES BOECKMAN PRESENTS JOHNNY NICKLE, recently released from Pro Se Productions, is the first volume in a fantastic, already popular new imprint from the cutting edge Publisher.   The imprint centers on characters created by classic Pulp Author Charles Boeckman in original stories beginningin the 1940s being written in new stories by some of today’s best authors.  CBP PRESENTS JOHNNY NICKLE contains tales by Richard White and Brad Mengel and focuses on a jazz musician with a penchant for getting into trouble and mystery around every corner.   Even more amazing than Boeckman’s wonderfully colorful characters is the fact that Johnny Nickle, as well as others, have their origins in a real musician.  Charles Boeckman himself.
A renaissance man in many ways, Boeckman is a self-taught man of many skills. He taught himself to play his horns, about music theory, to write, and about photography and darkroom work, as well as many other talents.  Knowing a great deal about music theory, Boeckman wrote all the arrangements for his own Jazz band. He used lead sheets. The real Dixie musicians didn’t need them, but he had them for all the instruments in case he had to get a substitute who needed them. 

Boeckman (left) and Pete Fountain
92 year old Boeckman literally wrote the book on Jazz.  “Cool, Hot and Blue’, published in 1968, is a history of Jazz aimed at young readers.  Another book by Boeckman, “And the Beat Goes On,’ has been used as a text book in universities.  He also wrote a novel, THE LAST JAZZ BAND, based on some wacky musicians he knew and played with on bands where he was a sideman before he started his own band.. 

Performing professionally since 1938, Boeckman is remembered as the founder of the 1970s tradition of Sunday evening Jazz marches down Starr Street in Corpus Christi.  According to Charles’ wife, Patti Boeckman, “As a matter of fact, at its height, the Dixie band played in a smoky dive (the perfect venue for Dixieland) in downtown Corpus Christi, and during the evening, the band played The Saints, marched out the door with customers following in a long line, marched to the end of the sidewalk and back, and then finished the tune back in the dive. After a few months, the police noticed what we were doing and said we needed to get a parade permit. So Charles went to police headquarters every week for the permit, until they finally told him not to bother anymore.”

Charles Boeckman’s Band, featuring Patti Boeckman
Boeckman’s band, which Patty was a member of as a Bass player and a Charleston dancer, played in various locations in the area.  According to Patti, “The band played in some of the most prestigious locations in town, the Country Club, the Town Club (for rich folks), in church, etc. We did play other kinds of music. For example, we put on two gospel concerts. We also had two locally promoted concerts with our band and the Jim Cullum band from San Antonio, well known in jazz circles, in a battle of the bands contest.”

Charles Boeckman was awarded a star on the SOUTH TEXAS MUSIC WALK OF FAME in 2009.  This honor is the South Texas version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but for musicians, recognizing those who were born in or have lived in Texas and who have made a lasting contribution to music in South Texas.  Boeckman received over 300 nominations for his Star.

Inductees include the likes of Selena, Kris Kristofferson, Freddy Fender, and more. The star is embedded in concrete in the courtyard of a complex called Water Street Marketplace in down town Corpus Christi.

CHARLES BOECKMAN PRESENTS JOHNNY NICKLE is available from Pro Se’s own store at  http://tinyurl.com/c52g4cc and at Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/cz6s2q3for $8.00!  Available for $2.99 for the Kindle at www.Amazon.com , the Nook at www.barnesandnoble.com, and in other formats at www.smashwords.com!

For more information concerning Pro Se Productions, go to www.pulpmachine.blogspot.comand www.prose-press.com.


Mystico the second volume of the Golden Age series by New Pulp Author Jeff Deischer is available at Createspace and Amazon. You can find it here. Jeff posted the first chapter here.

About Mystico:

The Golden Age Vol.1

1940: The Nazis are obsessed with mystical artifacts. Believing one was hidden in America centuries ago by the mysterious Knights Templar, the black wizard Nacht sends a party led by the sorcerer the Baron to find it.

Nacht is as much a mystery to the Nazi hierarchy as he is to the rest of the world. Claiming to be one of the Earth’s “secret masters”, he helped Hitler climb to power after the failed 1923 beer hall putsch, tutoring him in occult ways. He is aided in his quest by Reinhard Heydrich, the infamous “Hangman”, who now controls the dreaded Vril power, becoming Nietzsche’s Ubermensch.

In this exciting prequel to the groundbreaking The Golden Age, the Auric Universe’s mystical heroes must join forces to stop Nazi Germany from gaining one of the greatest prizes of all!

Waebirds of Mars Takes Flight!

Quickdraw Books has released “Warbirds of Mars – Stories of the Fight,” a new pulp anthology based on the popular webstrip by Scott Vaughn and Kane Gilmour is now on sale!


It’s 1948 and WWII never ended! Instead, Earth was invaded by creatures from the stars! One small group of resistance fighters has banded together to hold the line…at all costs!


Bomber pilot Jack Paris. Lounge singer Josie Taylor. Bandaged avenger Hunter Noir. Mysterious hybrid Mr. Mask. Together they will stop at nothing to undermine the Martian occupation of Earth. From daring action in the South China Sea to explosive chaos on the frozen glaciers of Greenland. Watch a man transformed into a vigilante hero, as the world he knows crumbles around him. See an alien-human abomination discover self-worth in the death of a man who extends him kindness. What are the resistance plans for combating the Martian threat? Discover an awakening as two young boys journey from distant farms to the big city, to get in on the life of battle. Just what are the creeping monsters threatening the small southwestern town of Adobe Wells?

Scott P. Vaughn’s vision of a world ruled by three-eyed invaders from the popular webcomic comes to life in this anthology, with fourteen tales of intrigue, horror, and desperate action. The stories run the gamut from the air war, to the horseback of the wild west and the nocturnal alleys of battle-torn 1940s urban America. Brought to you by some of the best names in the horror, action & adventure, supernatural thriller, and comics genres. Relive the glory of the Pulp era with these stories of the fight.

With stories from the following authors:
Sean Ellis
Ron Fortier
Kane Gilmour
Stephen M. Irwin
J. H. Ivanov
David Lindblad
Jeffrey J. Mariotte
Alex Ness
Chris Samson
Megan E. Vaughn
Scott P. Vaughn

Illustrations by the following artists:
Jean Arrow
Andy Carreon
Mike DeBalfo
Bill Farmer
Matthew Goodall
Christian Guldager
Robert Hack
Rob Hicks
John Lucas
Paul Roman Martinez
Nathan Morris
Dan Parsons
Nik Poliwko
Richard Serrao
Doc Vaughn
Jason Worthington

You can find Warbirds of Mars on Amazon.