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Planetary Stories #26


The current Planetary Stories, just put online, contains a Gregory Benford story.


…Well, it is a story about two characters, a wormhole, and a space tug Benford used in two stories … but I wrote the story. It’s new, and set in different surroundings. I sent it to Greg, he liked it, made a couple of very minor suggestions for changes. I made the changes and he gave me permission to use the story.

www.planetarystories.com/Worm-Apple.pdf will let you see for yourself.

Issue 26 also contains work by some quite talented newcomers, a punfest of a story by Rick Norwood, as well as a fantasy by Rick Brooks.

http://www.planetarystories.com will get you there.


New Pulp Author Mark Ellis has announced that his latest novel, The Spur: Loki’s Rock is now available at Amazon and other online booksellers.


From Mark (James Axler) Ellis, writer of Doc Savage, author of Cryptozoica and creator of the best-selling Outlanders series comes The Spur: Loki’s Rock.

The colony world in the Orion Spur known as Loki wasn’t so much lost as forgotten. In the 188 years since a worldwide catastrophe destroyed what passed for civilization there, Loki had become a savage wilderness of strange cultures, as well as being the sanctuary for every bizarre cult, mad sect and outlawed scientific discipline in the Sol 9 Commonwealth. Quentin Crockett, a Colonel in the department of Off World Operations leads a team of specialists to Loki to monitor, catalog, and if necessary, eliminate the myriad societies that sprang up in the wake of the global cataclysm.

In their armored ACP Ambler, the team travels Loki, searching for the lost Terran Enclave, while fighting off not only wild beasts, and the wilder natives but also the ruthless schemes of a mastermind about whom they know practically nothing.

In The Spur: Loki’s Rock, Crockett and his team contend with the bizarre native fauna, but also with resurrected Nazi supermen, flocks of flying piranha, and the denizens of the kill-crazy town of Loki’s Rock, led by the psychotic Django Bonner and his bloodthirsty hench-wench, Pagan.

Ellis, the veteran author of 50 books as well as numerous comic properties, including such classics as: Death Hawk, The Justice Machine and Doc Savage: Man of Bronze, spent 15 years writing novels for Gold Eagle, the action-adventure imprint of Harlequin Enterprises. Under the pen name of James Axler, he created the best-selling Outlanders series, now in its 15th year of consecutive publication, making it the most successful mass-market paperback genre series published in the last 25 years.

Learn more about The Spur: Loki’s Rock here and here.


The brainchild of Richard Kavanagh, Pulp Detective magazine launched on September 27, 2012 at www.pulpdetective.com.

Richard Kavanagh

Pulp Detective Magazine is set in Bay City a fictional 1930’s American City, that’s full of Mobsters, bent Politicians and hard-boiled Detectives. Each issue is based around three short Detective stories that follow the lives of Agent John Munro and PI Henry Reed as they fight crime and solve cases in this crime-ridden city.

Pulp Detective is a magazine based around three illustrated short stories. The stories are all set in a fictional 1930’s American city called Bay City, a city over run with organized crime.

The first story of each issue is in a third person perspective and follows the life of Federal Agent John Munro, as he takes on Bay City’s most notorious criminals. The intention is for the story line to be ongoing through each separate issue, so that the reader always wants the next installment.

This is the same for the second story, which is in a first person perspective (which works well for private detective novels) and follows the life of Private Detective Henry Reed as he goes about Bay City solving his cases.

The third story in each issue will be random each month. Bank robbers, prize-fighters, hit men and other criminals will be the center of these stories all still set in the underworld of Bay City.

Each story is around 14,000 words and intended for a predominantly male readership of around 10 to 18 years of age. An age range which, in our opinion, is currently poorly catered for by the magazine industry.

Learn more about Pulp Detective Magazine here.
Learn more about Richard Kavanagh here.


Altus Press presents Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story. Released on September 23, the book is written by Audrey Parente and features a forward by Theodore Roscoe himself.

About Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story:
The allure of French Foreign Legionnaire Thibaut Corday’s adventures flowed from the pen of Theodore Roscoe. Exotic tales from a dusky outpost unfolded in glossy-covered 10-cent magazines, before television. Hundreds of Roscoe’s yarns, published on cheap pulp paper unraveled mysteries, immortalized hometown heroes and stirred the imagination of a generation. In real life, Roscoe stowed aboard tramp steamers and mingled with locals in far away corners. His intriguing style later echoed in non-fiction works, when he was among the first to view declassified Lincoln assassination documents and when he documented historic American military operations. Journalist Audrey Parente became steeped in American pulp history when she lived blocks away from Roscoe in Ormond Beach, Florida, where she chronicled his life for this book.

Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story is available in paperback from Amazon, in a limited edition (only 100 made) hardcover, and from Mike Chomko Books.


Challenger Storm: The Valley of Fear episode 4: “The King’s Tale” by New Pulp Author Don Gates is now live at http://challengerstorm.blogspot.com/2012/09/challenger-storm-valley-of-fear-episode_29.html

NOTE: This serial takes place out of order chronologically with the Challenger Storm novels, which are being written with a definite timeline in mind. “The Valley of Fear” happens after at least book 5 or 6, but this shouldn’t hinder the reading experience. I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, so I make no guarantees in regards to quality or coherence.

A second Challenger Storm novel, The Curse of Poseidon, has been announced for 2013 release.

You can read The Valley of Fear at http://challengerstorm.blogspot.com/
Challenger Storm: The Isle of Blood is still available from Airship 27 Productions.


Ed Catto visits the Book Cave and he’s bringing Captain Action news with him. Ed join hosts Ric Croxton and Art Sippo for another fantastic episode of The Book Cave podcast. You can listen now at http://thebookcave.libsyn.com

Learn more about Ed Catto at www.captainaction.com/about/ed-catto
Learn more about The Bonfire Agency at www.bonfireagency.com
Learn more about Captain Action at www.CaptainAction.com

Visit The Book Cave at http://thebookcave.libsyn.com


Even though the 2013 PulpFest convention, held July 25 – 28, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio, is still ten months away, the convention organizers have shared some of their plans for the event. First up, the convention plans to celebrate the hero pulp revolution, which began 80 years ago in 1933, with the debuts of such popular figures as Doc Savage, The Spider, Nick Carter, Pete Rice, The Lone Eagle, The Phantom Detective, and G-8 and His Battle Aces. 2013 is also the centennial of Sax Rohmer’s Dr. Fu Manchu, who made his American debut in a February 1913 issue of Collier’s Magazine.

For more information on PulpFest 2013, visit them at http://www.pulpfest.com.


The Earth Station One podcast straps real life crime fighter and New Pulp Author Paul Bishop into The Geek Seat and talk about the Fight Card series of pulp novels.

The ESO crew also travels back to Neutral Territory as we complete our look at the groundbreaking television series, Babylon 5 with special guests Josh Wilson and New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico. It was the dawn of the third age of mankind and the beginning of a new era of television. Join the ESO crew for an in-depth discussion of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2012. The place: Earth Station One. Also, get the lowdown on the upcoming Nashville Comic and Horror Convention from convention promoter, Marc Ballard.

Join Earth Station One for the episode they like to call: Traveling back to Neutral Territory to Babylon 5 at www.esopodcast.com.
Direct link: http://erthstationone.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/earth-station-one-espisode-130-traveling-back-to-neutral-territory-to-babylon-5/


Art: George Sellas

New Pulp Author Barry Reese announced the creative line up of writers contributing stories to Tales of The Rook Volume Two, coming soon from Pro Se Press.

Press Release:

The Rook first took flight into the world of New Pulp with the release of his debut story, “Lucifer’s Cage,” in 2006. Since then, he’s starred in six volumes of his own adventures, plus a comic book adventure in All-Star Pulp Comics # 1. The character has become a New Pulp standard-bearer and is recognized both inside and out of the ever-growing field. A favorite of many artists, The Rook has been depicted by the likes of George Sellas, Frank Brunner, Norm Breyfogle, Ed Mironiuk and Anthony Castrillo.

Art: Bob Hall

Earlier this year, Tales of The Rook Vol. 1 was released to great critical and commercial acclaim, debuting at # 1 on the New Pulp Best Seller List. Now comes of the follow-up volume, which will see print in 2013 from the Reese Unlimited imprint of Pro Se Press.

Rook creator Barry Reese says, “All of the authors who took part in Volume One did a wonderful job but I wanted to continue mixing things up, getting different visions of the character and his universe. To achieve that, I only sent out invitations to authors who didn’t take part in the previous book — and I think we’ve got one heck of a lineup!”

Pro Se Editor-in-Chief Tommy Hancock, who took part in the first volume, shares that same belief. “There’s nothing like a great idea. Except when that great idea has enough legs to come around again. Pro Se is ecstatic about Tales of the Rook Volume 2 and the ever-growing collection of writers leaving their stamp on this iconic character.’

Lined up for Volume Two:

Russ Anderson, author of We Keep the Cars Running and the editor of the How the West Was Weird series.

Jim Beard, author of Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker and Captain Action – Riddle of the Glowing Men.

Adam Lance Garcia, author of The Green Lama – Unbound and The New Adventures of Richard Knight.

James Palmer,author of Slow Djinn and the mastermind behind Mechanoid Press.

Sean Taylor, author of The Ruby Files and Gene Simmons’ Dominatrix.

Creator Barry Reese will also be contributing a brand-new Rook story.