Live On Kickstarter: Aer Head #1

We here at ComicMix love the opportunities that crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have given comics creators to get more of their out there. We wanted to highlight a project that hit Kickstarter today, Aer Head #1, by Mindy Indy. She’s worked primarily on her indy comics as well as having been legendary artist Kyle Baker’s assistant and working as a colorist with publishers like Papercutz. This is her first Kickstarter and has to reach a goal of $2,000.

Below is her press release detailing the project with pages from Aer Head #1 at the end. Please check it out and consider supporting this campaign!




AER HEAD Surfer Hero Comic Making Waves on Kickstarter


BROOKLYN, NY, September 2019

Independent cartoonist Mindy Indy has excitedly launched the debut of AER HEAD issue #1 on Kickstarter.  Teen surfer and lifeguard Aer struggles to control his ESP, until he predicts a wave of flame will careen towards Earth.  It’s X-Men at the beach! If you’re into surfing, manga/anime, or love endearing characters, quirky humor, and compelling sci-fi themes, catch the wave of AER HEAD now!


Mindy Indy has been working as a freelance cartoonist in Brooklyn for over 9 years.  Originally from Michigan, she has always loved to draw and wants to inspire others like how manga and anime inspired her as a youth.  AER HEAD delivers humor and a love triangle like Ranma ½ with action like Armageddon.


Aereo Zephyr, nicknamed Aer, loves surfing but doesn’t take himself seriously.  He can sometimes see the future in his dreams but has no control of it. He wishes he could be like his friends who easily use their powers.  Jade contacts Aer via telepathy from across the continent. Vee manipulates the wind for special aerial surf moves. Andy uses his plant powers for pranks.  Aer grows from thinking of how he could use his power for himself to helping others like saving people from disasters. He gets his wish as he predicts a supernatural solar flare will wipe out all of New San Diego and possibly Earth.  Can he use his lifeguard skills to save everyone in time?


If you pledge on Kickstarter now, you can get a digital or physical copy of AER HEAD issue #1, custom art, original page art, or even be drawn in the issue itself!  Ride this indie comic wave before the campaign ends October 10th.


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