Molly Jackson: Art for the Geeky Masses

Art for the Geeky Masses

This past weekend I went to visit my sister’s family in North Carolina. While I was there, we took a special trip with my now 2-year old niece to the Greensboro Children’s Museum. That was where I saw the most amazing piece of wall art.
This piece you see above is called A Piece For Pop created by Paul Rousso. It was commissioned for the children’s museum in memory of its founder, Jerry Hyman.
Art is meant to evoke emotion in any viewer. When I saw it, I abruptly stopped in my tracks. It struck such overwhelming nostalgia and happiness in me. This sculpture highlights so many things that I love, from childhood to adulthood.
The fact that it is hanging in the children’s museum is perfect. I’m happy that my niece will grow up seeing it and I hope that it will impact her in a positive way. As she gets older, I can’t wait to explain all the different parts that she won’t know to her. This is a great way to share my geekdom and childhood memories with her.
I made a point of checking out Rousso’s other works. He has done some wonderfully geeky pieces but this one is still my favorite.

As comic readers, we are exposed to art on a regular basis. Sometimes I don’t know if we always appreciate what is created for us. Artists are not always recognized and lauded for their work. It is up to us as readers to highlight the work that inspires us in our lives.

Take some time today to enjoy some art. Feel the emotional ride it gives you. Thank the artist for their creation if you can. Share the works that you love with the people in your life. It will be worth it.