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MARTHA THOMASES: Frank Miller Bounceback

There’s been a lot of noise on two areas of the blogosphere that I follow – comics and politics – because Frank Miller recently posted about the Occupy Wall Street movement on his blog. My favorite response, as usual, was on TBogg’s blog, because I love me some snark.

See that photo over there? It’s had an honorable position on my refrigerator since it was taken about 15 years ago at the San Diego Comic Convention. It’s me and Frank, back when he could still walk the floor.

I’ve known Frank since the late 1970s. I met him soon after I met Denny O’Neil, and we hung out a lot when he was drawing the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14. My friend, Legs McNeil <http://www.amazon.com/Legs-McNeil/e/B000APOLAA>,  was (and is) a huge comic book fan. He managed a band, Shrapnel, that was essentially Sgt. Rock set to music. We conspired to put them into an issue of a comic book, a mission that required many trips to CBGBs.

I don’t remember talking politics with him, but its possible that I did. There are a lot of people in comics that I like, but with whom I disagree politically. Dan Jurgens, Larry Hama, Chuck Dixon – we don’t agree, and that’s fine. We also tend to like different kinds of music, movies and books. We have fun conversations.

Our disagreements never led me to boycott their work. And I’ll boycott quite easily. For example, I haven’t bought any Revlon cosmetics since Ron Perelman plundered Marvel.

But I won’t give up something that gives me joy. If my joy is ruined by my disagreement with the owner or creator, then I’ll give it up.

What amused me about this particular kerfuffle is that, once you got away from the comic book sites, the reactions were fairly hilarious. Most people seem to think that Frank Miller, not Zach Snyder, was responsible for the movie, 300. It’s true that Snyder spent a lot of time and energy trying to mimic specific pages of Frank’s work, but he also added a lot of other stuff to fill out the 117 minutes of playing time.

I disagree with Frank on this issue. I think he’s wrong, profoundly wrong. I think he’s far away from this issue, and getting his information from less than reliable sources.

But I don’t think he deserves to be called names. As grown-ups who defend the free exchange of ideas, we can disagree with each other. We should. But it’s bad for the country when we descend into name-calling.

In other words, this.

SATURDAY: Marc Alan Fishman

Preview: 7 Warriors #1

Written by Michaël Le Galli
Drawn by Francis Manapul
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER :Francis Manapul
Diamond Code: SEP110849

From the fan-favorite artist of The Flash and Adventure Comics comes 7 beautiful women, 7 WARRIORS! In 6th century Libya, the capitol of an ancient nation is surrounded by the Persian and Byzantine armies. Seven are chosen to save the heir to the kingdom. Seven Warriors. Seven… sexy, gorgeous women? An exquisitely rendered tale in the vein of 300, written by Michaël Le Galli and drawn by Francis Manapul.

Who Withholds The Watchmen? Bookstores Drop Graphic Novels After Amazon Deal With DC

Who Withholds The Watchmen? Bookstores Drop Graphic Novels After Amazon Deal With DC

Cover of "Watchmen"

Cover of Watchmen

And the argument goes to the mainstream press:

Amazon, seeking to make its coming Kindle Fire tablet as appealing as possible, negotiated a deal with DC Comics for the exclusive digital rights to a hundred popular graphic novels. Among the series: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, the Sandman and Watchmen.

Barnes & Noble, with a tablet of its own to nurture, did not like this one bit. Two weeks ago it removed all the copies of the physical volumes from its 1,300 stores, saying it would not carry any book if it were denied the right to sell the digital version.

Books-a-Million, the third-largest bookseller with 231 stores, followed suit last week, making the same argument.

via Bookstores Drop Comics After Amazon Deal With DC – NYTimes.com.


After netting nearly 300 million dollars worldwide in ticket sales, no one can question the motives behind making the final HARRY POTTER film in 3-D. We talk to the men who guided the movie to the top and the screenwriter who helped bring J.,K. Rowling’s stories to life. Plus we are set fore ComicCon 2011 – are you? No worries, we’ve got your FREE PASS right here.

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ALL PULP (www.allpulp.blogspot.com) , a leading site for news related to Pulp fiction in any medium, announces today a talent search for open staff reporter/reviewer positions.  Started in September, 2010, ALL PULP quickly became the go to site for news, reviews, interviews, and columns related to Pulp fiction, both classic and New Pulp.  Started by a group of New Pulp creators that became known as The Spectacled Seven, All Pulp has strived to provide interesting, current, and topical news and views on a daily basis.   In order to continue the tradition and standards that the site has set for itself, the Spectacled Seven, headed up by Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, have determined that ALL PULP is in need of additional staff to work as reporters, reviewers, and columnists to provide content for the site.

“We are looking for,” Hancock states, “3-5 individuals who have either an interest in the Pulp genre/field of writing, a background or interest in journalism, or a combination of the two.   In order to stay on top of all the news that happens in Pulp every day, an amount that is increasing on a weekly basis, ALL PULP needs a dedicated staff of field reporters collecting news releases, conducting interviews, and writing columns and reviews of the latest Pulp available as well as all the classic Pulp available to the public today.  We have the Spectacled Seven and a handful of other contributors who provide content as they acquire it or as they can, but what is needed is a small select group of people providing 3-5 pieces of news a week.  Length is not an issue, it can be a 5,000 word column or a 300 word newsbyte.  ALL PULP is about making sure the news is delivered to its readers consistently, concisely, and regularly.”

Hancock notes that there is currently no monetary compensation for these open positions or any position currently filled at ALL PULP, including his own.  “This is all volunteer at this time, but other benefit do exist.  The opportunity to be a part of known pop culture news site, to interact with publishers, writers, artists, and personalities in the Pulp field, and to expand the coverage ALL PULP already has are all advantages one would gain by being a part of ALL PULP.”

Anyone interested in applying for the open positions can submit a mock interview, review, column or news story (or an actual story written for another publication) to Hancock at allpulp@yahoo.com.

DC Animated Tackling ‘The Dark Knight Returns’? But It’s Already Been Done!

DC Animated Tackling ‘The Dark Knight Returns’? But It’s Already Been Done!

The first issue of Batman: The Dark Knight Ret...

Image via Wikipedia

Bleeding Cool reports from multiple anonymous sources that The Dark Knight Returns by Frank (we are obligated to include Sin City and 300 in his middle name now) Miller and Klaus Janson is in early development at Warner Premiere/WB Animation.

But people seem to be forgetting– the adaptation’s already been done, at least partially, back on The New Batman Adventures in an episode entitled “Legends Of The Dark Knight” which aired on October 10, 1998. Take a look:


Monday Mix-Up: Disney Princesses in ‘Sucker Punch’

Monday Mix-Up: Disney Princesses in ‘Sucker Punch’

You know, I was so proud of Zack Snyder. After doing a George Romero remake (Dawn Of The Dead) and two comic book adaptations (300 and Watchmen) I was happy to hear that he was finally doing an original film, Sucker Punch, before he got started on the next Superman film.

Of course, then I found out that he’s just remaking Disney animation…


Hat tip: Jennifer Heddle.

Win a Digital Download for ‘300’

Win a Digital Download for ‘300’

“We are Spartans!”

Join your voice once more as Zack Snyder’s wonderful 300 invades iTunes with as a digital download with Extras starting today!  Relive the action on your iPad, iPhone, etc…plus see behind the scenes footage and interviews with lead actor Gerard Butler and Snyder.

The Warner Bros. movie is now available for purchase at iTunes.

ComicMix readers, though, can win a a free digital download from our friends at Warner Digital. All you need to do is tell us before Thursday at 11:59 p.m. what you would have done in a similar situation. We’ll judge the answers and select one lucky winner.

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Review: ‘Logicomix’, the Sorrows of Young Bertie, and the Great Quest

Review: ‘Logicomix’, the Sorrows of Young Bertie, and the Great Quest

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth
by Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitriou
Bloomsbury, September 2009, $22.95

Despite the modern framing at the end of this book arguing about whether or not this was a tragedy or a happy ending by bringing computers into the whole thing to support the side of happy, which puts a pimple onto something that is quite near-perfection otherwise, I will say that this is, in the imperfect vernacular, freakin’ awesome.

Being an Aristotelian and Thomist (Thomas Aquinas, 13th C.), mainly an Ethicist and Metaphysician, though I am acquainted with modern philosophies, they are not my favourite dance floor. I am neither adept at nor a fan of analytical philosophy – where they turn premises and sentences into symbols like mathematical equations. So I am absolutely gobsmacked that three Greek guys and one Italian-French chick got a hold of Bertrand Russell (19th-20th C. Logician, Mathematician), and not only made this titled noble Welshman from Cambridge comprehensible, but a sympathetic human character.

How did these wacky geniuses – Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Alecos Papadatos, and Annie DiDonna – manage this great feat in all their fabulous geekitude? Very simply. They went straight to the heart of what makes Philosophy philosophical. It is the human quest. Every Philosopher is on it and always has been for nearly 3000 years.

Philosophers are, as a general lot, idealists. They are insane enough to dare to view the best and then to try to find a way to get there, through the Labyrinth, past the Minotaur, and give us mere mortals a map by which to follow along (maps being symbols of reality). The story is framed by our authors as they try to write this book and get it published and, just like their philosophical hero, they got turned down in their initial efforts, but persevered ‘til you have what is now before you.

The artwork is sweet, gentle, old-fashioned, nostalgic, very well-suited to this story starting in Victorian times and running through both World Wars, in Britain and across Germany, Austria, and Belgium. It’s approachable and easy on the eyes, but never talks down to the reader or the material – this is not Russell for Dummies. This is Russell for honest seekers who really want to understand him and his related colleagues but just aren’t wired for 360+ pages of symbols to indisputably prove that 1+1 = 2.