Critical Services

There are a lot of other things that most people don’t think of when producing a comic. We’ve been there.

Producing, publishing and marketing your project is only the start. ComicMix Pro Services makes certain all your legal bases are covered, you’re not stepping on anybody else’s toes, and that you’re covered when you go into merchandising, licensing, movies and television.

Agency Services

ComicMix Pro Services provides agency services to its clients. If you are looking for representation or simply negotiation advice, we’re here to help. A lot.


Simply putting a © or a ™ on your work doesn’t even begin to give you the protection you need in this litigious world, and if you’re going to be engaged in licensing and media you will need every “I” dotted and every “T” crossed.

When is it appropriate to register your trademarks? How can you protect your project in foreign markets? What do you do when you think somebody had ripped you off? When can you use a celebrity’s likeness or name? How far can you go in commenting on the affairs and actions of others? What constitutes “fair use?” What about people that cross that line when discussing your work? What do you need to do to be assured you are up-to-date as a legal entity, meeting the regulations of the banks and the various government agencies? Do you need to incorporate? Create a partnership? Register under a “doing business as” tax entity?

It’s complicated and it can get ugly – that’s the world we live in. ComicMix Pro Services has the experience and will help you get through the morass of paperwork… and can refer you to the right lawyers for your problem.

Merchandising & Intellectual Property Services

From toys to television, from movies to role-playing games, from books to buttons, from audiobooks to magnets, from video games to vino – there are hundreds of way your intellectual property could be developed. ComicMix Pro Services will help you navigate the mazes and figure out the best ways to make more out of your creations. And we’ll show you how it’s done.

Crowd Funding & Pre-Orders

People have raised a lot of money through various “crowd funding” services, but few are geared to meet the needs and concerns of the cash-intensive business of producing comics, nor does traditional crowd funding services get you wider distribution with wholesalers and retailers. ComicMix Pro Services has the skills to help you put together the best funding package… and we have experts with proven track records to help you get the orders you need to deliver the goods.

Collections, Disbursements, Tax & Payroll

Do you know what to do to make sure all your creators are covered? Do you have your local, state and federal tax bases covered? How do you disburse funds to your collaborators and make certain all legal obligations – both yours and theirs – are will covered? ComicMix Pro Services can help you set up systems and structures so you don’t get blindsided when the tax bill is due.

Similarly, if you’re having difficulty collecting from vendors, licensees, and/or distributors, ComicMix Pro Services can help you resolve these matters as well.

Strategic Planning

All these vital services fit together in a coordinated strategy to maximize your potential for success and to make more out of your project than you can do alone. Whereas we present these services as individual items, ComicMix Pro Services will put together a coordinated, comprehensive program that meets your needs… and your budget.