Production, Printing, & Distribution

This is the tough stuff.

You could have a brilliant story, complex characters, beautiful and dynamic art, and some ideas that would astonish Spielberg and Tarantino, but if your production isn’t up to par, you’ll look like an amateur— and be dismissed accordingly.

ComicMix Pro Services offers you the services of experts in all aspects of production and distribution. No matter how you want to sell your work – in print, online, in comic book stores, book stores or digitally – we’ll show you how to make sure it not only gets seen but attracts those who see it.

First of all, you must decide which media are best for you: e-books, hardcopy, trades, hardcovers, 32 pagers, webcomics, and the like. These are complicated decisions that must fit in with your overall Marketing and Promotion strategy. We’ll show you how to make these critical decisions.

Then you’ve got to produce your project – those critical elements between the creation of the story and the point where the reader sees it in all its glory.


Do you know how to make your artwork look best on the printed page? Why do some comics look so crisp and new while others just lie there? What causes the black line to look weak? Why does the lettering break up or fade? How come your artwork isn’t popping off the page? What are the secrets to looking like a professional? We know all the tricks to making your comics look as good as they can, and we’ll work our magic for you.

Prepress Services

There are hundreds of ways that a comic can go wrong from your pencil to the printed page. We’ll show you the best practices to prepare your work for the page and the screen, and help you create and provide files for your printer and online.


The manufacturing of your comic is a complicated process, balancing time, quality, and cost. We’ll help you find the printers that meet your needs, so you can have the joy of holding your printed comic in your hands.

Doing it wrong is expensive. Let ComicMix Pro Services show you how to do it right.

Fulfillment & Distribution

Getting your project out to its proper audience isn’t exactly a walk in the park on a nice spring day. It requires an enormous amount of effort and it takes a guide to help navigate churning waters. Do you want to do fulfillment – sending out hard copy books to your customers? Do you want a national distributor? One that covers bookstore chains and online marketers such as Amazon? One that covers the comic book specialty store market? We’ll advise you on the tough decisions and show you how it’s done.

Electronic Publishing & Distribution

Turning your project into an e-book requires a skill set that goes beyond traditional production capabilities, and distributing your e-book is a whole ‘nother box of snakes. So is collecting the money due you. We’ll show you the way.