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Tweeks: A Three For All: Unboxing June Loot Crates

One thing that Loot Crate, LVL UP+, and Loot Pets is teaching us is that there are A LOT a lot of fandoms out there. How are we to know them all? We can’t possibly. We totally don’t.

Though we found a few winners in these June Dystopia themed crates. (Well Barkley found all of his to be winner in the Dogtopia Loot Pets box, but he’s a better nerd than us). We had hoped a dystopia theme would be full of Katniss and Tris, but alas it’s lots post-war apocalyptic stuff. And stuff from 1980’s movie reboots. Find out what we’re keeping this month and find out what we are giving away to true fans.

That’s right, we’re giving away most of our Loot! But instead of mailing it all to far off locations, we’re hoping you will bring yourself to San Diego Comic Con to pick it up. We can’t get you tickets or anything, but if you already plan on being there make sure to follow us on social media (all of the social media….we’re on everything except LinkedIn and….find us on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, instagram, snapchat) we will let you know when to come meet us at the ComicMix booth for FREE STUFF!

Oh, the exception is the Attack on Titan item. If you want that, watch the Level Up video for Maddy’s instructions and get your debating cap on for this really cool item.

Maddy got to the June Dystopia Loot Crate Level Up box (bag) first and decided to open it up on her own. She what she keeps and find out what she’s giving away to the ComicMix and Tweeks viewers!

June’s Loot Pets was Dogtopia (a play on Dystopia – cute, huh?)

Tweeks Review Lucky Penny from Oni Press

If Penny Brighton didn’t have bad luck, she’d have no luck at all…well, Maddy & Anya have the BEST LUCK EVER because Oni Press sent us this amazing book.  It’s about a girl named Penny who gets fired because of her tattoo, loses her apartment, and gets hired working for a 12-year old.  But then she meets a guy at the Community Center where she uses the bathroom and….well if you want to know if Penny starts to adult-up, then get the book!  You won’t regret it. This is the kind of graphic novel with the kind of characters (and a cute a cat) that make you want to read and re-read it and tell everyone you know about it.  We won’t gush too much, but just watch the review and then go buy this for every one you know who needs some good luck or loves rom coms or is a quirky girl. We recommend this for ages 10 & up!

Tweeks Tonys Predictions

The Tonys are life. They are our Super Bowl. They are our Oscars. And even though no one took us to New York this year to see all the Broadway Shows and so we know nothing, we know enough to fill out our Tony ballots and we’re here to help.

ComicMix Quick Pick: Tweeks 3 Minute Review of X-Men: Apocalypse

ComicMix Quick Pick: Tweeks 3 Minute Review of X-Men: Apocalypse

Okay, we missed a bunch. We didn’t even talk about how cool Nightcrawler was — and he was REALLY cool. But we put on a 2 minute timer on our phone to quickly review X-Men: Apocalypse and just went with what came out (and for us we had to start with Mystique, Storm, Jean Grey, Psylocke & Jubilee). This mini-extra ep clocks out at 3 minutes because, you know intro/outro….and Maddy had to give you the info on Essex Corp just because you need to know that.

Tweets Super*Teen*Topia Review

In Super*Teen*Topia we learn that being a teenager and having super human abilities isn’t really how the other  comic books makes it out to believe. It’s more a DIY kind of thing, indestructible costumes & high-tech gadgets aren’t easy to come by and sometimes you don’t even get to pick your own super hero name.  These four teen super-heroes can only fight crime if they can find a ride and they don’t have to be at school.


Tweeks: May 2016 Loot Crate & LVL UP “POWER” Unboxing

May’s Loot Crate theme is POWER! And so we power up this month’s unboxing with not one, but two Loot Crate openings. We open both the Loot Crate and the Level Up boxes (well, actually Level Up comes in a bag, but still!) and then battle it out with a lemon fight to see who gets the most coveted goods.

And because it is a total power move to share, we’re giving away some of the items from both this months’ Loot Crate & Level Up!

So, watch for free stuff or to hear Anya’s rant on Ender’s Game or Maddy’s feelings about robots or just to see what’s inside.


Tweeks: April 2016 Loot Crate LVL UP Unboxing

Loot Crate’s April LVL UP was themed Quest and in this video, we unbox it. It features stuff from Goonies, The Princess Bride, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, and Star Trek.


And to decided who gets what? There’s rolling down hills and Anya sings the “Little Einsteins” theme (what the what? is the right response).

Tweets: Check, Please! Review

Hi Everyone! This week it’s just me, Maddy! And because it’s just me, I’m going to share with y’all my favorite web comic, Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu.

Eric Bittle is a pie-baking Georgia boy on an ice hockey scholarship at Samwell University in Massachusetts. That’s all you need to know….go read it! Actually, watch the video first, then go read it!

Oh, but wait….for our younger Tweeks fans or those who can’t abide “strong language” — this is about college hockey players, so there’s some questionable vocabulary in the comic and in the video.

Tweets Discuss Captain America Civil War

This week we talk all about Captain America: Civil War. And Anya gets mad about what she calls the 45 minute fight she says is in all Marvel movies…except this one.  We also determine that a Sharon – Steve match up is wrong  because Captain Carter is the OTP of all OTPs, so move over Lizzie & Darcy.  Anya also learns that she can’t talk if she’s sitting on her hands.  We also talk about the Black Widow movie (finally) and critique the pictures in the latest Rolling Stone article about Chris Evans. Yeah, there’s a lot of episode in here!